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From his beginnings as an underground artist with 3 mixtapes (self-produced and free albums) to being the world No. 1 in 2020 with the songs from his album “After Hours”, there is a career full of amazing songs. We have compiled the best The Weeknd songs for you.

If you want to discover the story and discography of the greatest pop artist in the last decade, visit ‘Starboy The Weeknd, life and albums’.

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Top 15 The Weeknd Songs

  1. I Feel it coming | Starboy, 2016
  2. Can’t feel my face | Beauty Behind the Maddness, 2015
  3. High for this | Trilogy, 2012
  4. Belong to the world | Kiss Land, 2013
  5. Call out my name | My Dear Melancholy, 2018
  6. Power in power | For the Throne, 2019
  7. The Hills Beauty Behind the Maddness, 2015
  8. False Alarm | Starboy, 2016
  9. Hardest to Love | After Hours, 2020
  10. The Birds Pt.1 | Trilogy, 2012
  11. In the night | Beauty Behind the Maddness, 2015
  12. Love to Lay | Starboy, 2016
  13. In Your Eyes | After Hours, 2020
  14. Starboy | Starboy, 2016
  15. Blinding Lights | After Hours, 2020
The Weeknd best tunes

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The best songs by The Weeknd

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the weeknd songs
the weeknd songs

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