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I’m an Albatraoz, Trombone, Rave in the Grave, Little Swing, Llama in my Living Room… just by reading the titles of AronChupa and Little Sis Nora’s singles, you can tell that these are tracks made for partying and having a good time!

Find out more about AronChupa and how much he likes trolling us 😃

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Top 15 AronChupa & Little Sis Nora Songs

  1. I’m an Albatraoz | 2014
  2. The Woodchuck Song | 2020
  3. (Don’t Fight It) Feel It | La Vida Nuestra Soundtrack (Our Life Soundtrack), 2017
  4. Thai Massage | 2020
  5. Hole in the Roof | 2019
  6. Llama in my Living Room | 2017
  7. She Wants me Dead ft. CAZZETTE & The High | 2016
  8. Little Swing | 2016
  9. Trombone | 2021
  10. Ho Ho Ho | I’m the Santa Claoz, 2020
  11. What Was in that Glass | 2020
  12. Drop in the Ocean ft. OMI | Me 4 U (album by OMI), 2015
  13. Rave in the Grave | 2018
  14. Bad Water ft. J & The People | 2016
  15. Yeh Mi Na ft. Emil Ernebro | 2017
Aron Chupa Songs

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aronchupa songs
aronchupa songs

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