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Chica Sobresalto (Startled Girl) sings about the tropical climate that she feels between her legs. We love this first single and the way Maialen (lead singer) expresses herself. Attention, something big is coming!

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🎙Chica Sobresalto Fusion del Nucleo (Core Fusion)

Spain | 2020
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  • Maialen is a young woman from Spain, who has been composing as a way of expressing herself since she was 14 years old.
  • She succeeded on a music TV show in 2020, which has given more visibility to her character, Chica Sobresalto (Startled Girl).
Maialen Operación Triunfo

Chica Sobresalto (Maialen) Twitter Image

  • In 2017 she released a first album with her band called “Sobresalto ”, but her emergence as an artist is coming now, with this single “Fusion del Nucleo (Core Fusion)”, in which she tell us her feeling in confinement, while introducing subtle female sexual liberation lyrics, as she is 😉
  • As we are sure you can’t wait to hear the album that will come in 2021, we bring you another rock song from Chica Sobresalto “Oxitocina (Oxytocin).
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