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Having more than 9 albums behind him, there are hundreds of Ricky Martin songs. After years making us dance, “Tu Recuerdo (Your Memory)” returned Ricky to his origins with the purity of jíbara music (from Puerto Rico) mixed with the flamenco voice of La Mari (singer of the Spanish band Chambao) and the intimacy of MTV Unplugged. The magic was worked.

Ricky Martin new album in 2020 | Pausa (Pause)

| Ricky Martin is back in 2020 with a new EP (Extended Play – shorter album) called “Pausa (Pause), which will have soon a dance continuation called “Play”.

| The album is entirely in Spanish and is full of collaborations with great artists such as: Sting, Carla Morrison, Residente, Bad Bunny, Diego El Cigala, Farruko and Pedro Capó.

| Ricky released a version of the album named “Headphone mix, specially recorded to be listened to with headphones and that includes an extra song with Neha Mahajan.

| The single with Sting singing in Spanish, “Simple” is a comfort. Headphone mix version here.

Trembol | Why among all Ricky Martin songs, Tu Recuerdo (Your Memory) is our favourite?

When there is talent, spontaneity is the key factor for a song to become special.

Do you know how many times Ricky Martin and La Mari sang ‘Tu Recuerdo’ together before doing it life? Only 3! That’s nothing, specially if you take into account that the song was new, just composed by fellow Puerto Rican Tommy Torres (the one sitting next to Ricky in the video) and that it was going to be sung live for the first time.

That first time is magical because of the intimate atmosphere that was created at the MTV Unplugged  stage where it was recorded. Also due to the jíbara music, originated by peasants from the island of Puerto Rico, which brings purity to the song.

And let me specially highlight La Mari, lead-singer of the Spanish flamenco-chill group Chambao. Every time she opens her mouth my hairs stand on end.

Ricky Martin sought to return to his origins, feed off his audience and bring closeness. Surely you agree with me that he hit the nail on the head withTu Recuerdo (Your Memory).


Ricky Martin explained the reason for his MTV Unplugged:

Tu Recuerdo and Ricky Martin songs
Tu Recuerdo and Ricky Martin songs

Image from the video: Ricky Martin – Tu Recuerdo (Live Black & White Tour) ft. La Mari De Chambao


I needed privacy, a return to the child I was, and the album was born in a magical and organic way, betting for simplicity, something that at first seemed like it was going to be very hard, in the end it became easy.


Necesitaba intimidad, volver al niño de hace años, y el álbum nació de forma mágica y orgánica, en una apuesta por lo fácil, algo que en un principio parecía que iba a costar, pero que al final se convirtió en sencillo.

You can’t miss ⭐️ The best parts of Tu Recuerdo

1. Ricky Martin’s voice at the beginning of the song seems to caress you.

2. When La Mari starts singing the world stops and listens to her. You try.

3. The “cuatro” solo (a typical instrument from Puerto Rico) is thrilling.

This is what it says | Ricky Martin Tu Recuerdo Lyrics in English and Spanish



Tu recuerdo sigue aquí, como un aguacero
Rompe fuerte sobre mí, ¡ay! pero a fuego lento
Quema y moja por igual, y ya no sé lo que pensar
Si tu recuerdo me hace bien o me hace mal

Un beso gris, un beso blanco
Todo depende del lugar
Que yo me fui, eso está claro
Pero tu recuerdo no se va

Siento tus labios en las noches de verano
Ahí están, cuidándome en mi soledad
Pero a veces me quieren matar

Tu recuerdo sigue aquí, como un aguacero
Rompe fuerte sobre mí, ¡ay! pero a fuego lento
Quema y moja por igual, y ya no sé lo que pensar
Si tu recuerdo me hace bien o me hace mal

A veces gris, a veces blanco
Todo depende del lugar
Que tú te fuiste, eso es pasado
Sé que te tengo que olvidar

Pero yo le puse una velita a to’ mis santos
Ahí está, pa’ que pienses mucho en mí
No dejes de pensar en mí

Tu recuerdo sigue aquí, ¡ay! como un aguacero
Rompe fuerte sobre mí, ¡ay! pero a fuego lento
Quema y moja por igual, y ya no sé lo que pensar
Si tu recuerdo me hace bien o me hace mal

(Piensa en mí) es antídoto y veneno al corazón
(Te hace bien) que quema y moja, que viene y va
(¿Tú dónde estás?) atrapado entre los versos y el adiós

Tu recuerdo sigue aquí,
Como aguacero de mayo
(Rompe fuerte sobre mí) y cae tan fuerte que hasta me quema hasta la piel
(Quema y moja por igual) y ya no sé lo que pensar
Si tu recuerdo me hace bien o me hace mal

(Tu recuerdo sigue aquí) ¡Le-lo-lay-le-lo-le-lo, uooh!
(Rompe fuerte sobre mí) pero que rompe, rompe, el corazón
(Quema y moja por igual) sé que te tengo que olvidar
Si tu recuerdo me hace bien y me hace mal

Englihs lyrics


Your memory is still here, like a downpour
Crashes strong on my, oh! but on a slow burn
Burns and gets wet alike, and I don’t know what to think anymore
If your memory does me good or makes me feel bad

A grey kiss, a white kiss
It all depends on the place
That I left, that is clear
But your memory doesn’t leave

I feel your lips on summer nights
There they are, taking care of me when I’m alone
But sometimes they want to kill me

Your memory is still here, like a downpour
Crashes strong on my, oh! but on a slow burn
Burns and gets wet alike, and I don’t know what to think anymore
If your memory does me good or makes me feel bad

Sometimes grey, sometimes white
It all depends on the place
That you left, that is past
I know that I have to forget you

But I lit up a candle to a all my saints
There it is, so that you think a lot about me
Don’t stop thinking about me

Your memory is still here, like a downpour
Crashes strong on my, oh! but on a slow burn
Burns and gets wet alike, and I don’t know what to think anymore
If your memory does me good or makes me feel bad

(Think about me) it is antidote and poison to the heart
(It does you good) burns and gets wet, it comes and goes
(Where are you?) caught between the verses and goodbye

Your memory is still here,
like a downpour,
(Crashes strong on my) and it pours so hard that it even burns my skin
(Burns and gets wet alike) and I don’t know what to think anymore
If your memory does me good or makes me feel bad

(Your memory is still here) ¡Le-lo-lay-le-lo-le-lo, uooh!
(Crashes strong on my) but it breaks, breaks, the heart
(Burns and gets wet alike) I know I have to forget you
If your memory does me good or makes me feel bad

How does Trembol write the lyrics, translation and meaning or story behind?

Translations in Trembol are handmade with a lot of care and love, because we want to explain you the real meaning of the song and the story behind it, with the author words and in different languages. For this reason, we do not use automatic translators, which translate word by word, without understanding the background of the lyrics. In Trembol we believe in emotions and spreading music, that is why we also translate manually all lyrics to Spanish, like this tune from Ricky Martin and La Mari from Chambao and Tommy Torres, Tu Recuerdo. Click on the box of the language you want to see, and it will open. If your screen is large enough (typically a PC) you will be able to view the two lyrics in parallel, the original and the Spanish translation at the same time. Cool, isn’t it!

Songwriters: Tomas Torres | Background Image: Eva Rinaldi from Sydney Australia / CC BY-SA

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Did you know...?

Ricky Martin is an ambassador for UNICEF and was named “Person of the Year” in 2006, the same year he sang “Tu Recuerdo”, for his humanitarian work.

This is what he said when he started MTV Unplugged performance:

I want to dedicate this song to all children living in conflict around the world

Ricky Martin achieved worldwide impact thanks to this performance at the MTV Awards in 1999: The Cup of Life.

It is the official song of the Soccer World Cup held in France in 1998.

The performance was watched by more than 1 billion viewers from 87 countries.

In 2002 he founded the “Ricky Martin Foundation” with the project “People for Children”, to fight against the trafficking and sexual exploitation of children.

Years later, in 2019 he received the Nobel Peace Prize in Mexico, due to the social movement generated by his fight for the rights of the LGTB+ community.

🤔 Google most searched questions about Ricky Martin

Did Ricky Martin sing in Menudo (Latin boy band)?

Yes, he did, although he was already modeling and participating in advertisements at the age of 12, his musical career didn’t begin until 1984 when he replaced a member of the children’s group “Menudo (Loose Change), which was one of the biggest Latin boy bands in history.

He was in the band for 5 years.

If you are curious, here is a video singing “Oh my Love”, a bit geek wink!

How old is Ricky Martin?

Ricky Martin is 48 years old (in 2020).  He was born on December 24, 1971 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

By the way, just in case you are wondering if Ricky Martin is his real name, well! it is. His full name is Enrique Martín Morales

Does Ricky Martin have children? and, who is Ricky Martin's husband?

Valentino and Matteo Martín, Ricky Martin’s kids were born in 2008, they were conceived through artificial insemination and later implanted in a surrogate. This is a photo of Ricky Martin and his kids:



Since 2016 he has been on a relationship with Jwan Yosef, a Syrian artist whom he secretly married in 2017.

Later, in 2018, Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef announced the birth of their daughter, Lucia Martin-Yosef and in 2019, they had Ricky Martin’s fourth child, Renn Martín-Yosef.

Has Ricky Martin been on Glee (American series)?

Glee” is a famous American series about a high school choir. They cover songs by multiple artists in all episodes. If you have not seen it, I recommend it.

Back to Ricky Martin, he participated in an episode of the third season called “The Spanish Teacher”, singing some songs with Glee cast like La Isla Bonita (The Beautiful Island) or Sexy and I Know It.


Ricky Martin on Glee

Ricky Martin on Glee

Much more | Autobiography, Making of, Fanclubs…

  • We’ve found Ricky Martin MTV Unplugged Making of  and one of the few Tu Recuerdo” rehearsal (both in Spanish).
  • Ricky Martin is a very versatile artist, in addition to being a world-renowned singer and his philanthropic side, he has acted in series, including Les Miserables on Broadway in 1996. But that’s not all, in 2013 he wrote a book for children, “Santiago the Dreamer in Land Among the Stars, which is a big success.

Technical Note about Ricky Martin | Tu Recuerdo

  • The song is in C minor key and uses the following chords four times in the chorus: Cm – B♭/D (B flat chord 1st inversion: D – F – B♭) – E♭ – A♭ – G
  • Tu Recuerdo (Your Memory)” has a purity atmosphere provided by jíbara music, traditional from Puerto Rico. The song is a variation of a “aguinaldo (Christmas gift)”, which is a typical style of this music. Its instruments are pretty unusual like: cuatros, tiples, bordonuas, guitars, güiro scrapers or bongos.
  • In the video, there are incredibly special moments when an instrument similar to a mandolin or small guitar plays a solo. The instrument is a “cuatro”, like the one in the image.
Ricky martin songs

What is the technical equipment used to record MTV Unplugged?

Ricky Martin MTV Unplugged counted on more than 20 musicians and was broadcasted to over 100 countries. To make it possible, MTV engineers used:

  • 96 audio channels.
  • 2 Pro Tools systems, primary and backup.
  • 8 high-definition cameras.
Ricky Martin tu recuerdo chords
Ricky Martin tu recuerdo chords

What did La Mari think when she was told that Ricky Martin wanted to sing with her?

I thought they were teasing me. I went to the sound check “nervous wad”. It was the most surreal moment of my life.

La Mari from Chambao (María del Mar Rodríguez)

ricky martin songs
ricky martin songs

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