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Best Phil Collins Songs | The biggest Pop artist of the 80s

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phil collins songs
In the air tonight, You can’t hurry love, Sussudio, Easy lover, Against all odds… Phil Collins’ songs are on another level. It’s been difficult, but we’ve selected the 20 best of his career in a once in a lifetime playlist. Time to enjoy!
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Top 20 Phil Collins Songs

  1. In the aire tonight | Face Value, 1981
  2. You know what I mean | Face Value, 1981
  3. You can’t hurry love | Hello, I Mus t Be Going, 1982
  4. The West Side | Hello, I Mus t Be Going, 1982
  5. Sussudio | No Jacket Required, 1985
  6. One more night | No Jacket Required, 1985
  7. Don’t lose my number | No Jacket Required, 1985
  8. Separate lives ft. Marilyn Martin | Separate Lives, 1985
  9. Two hearts | Buster OST, 1988
  10. A groovy kind of love | Buster OST, 1988
  11. Something happened on the way to heaven | But, seriously, 1989
  12. I wish it would rain down | But, seriously, 1989
  13. Another day in paradise | But, seriously, 1989
  14. Easy lover ft. Philip Bailey | Chinese Wall (Philip Bailey), 1985
  15. Both sides of the story | Both Sides, 1993
  16. You’ll be in my heart | Tarzan OST, 1999
  17. Dance into the light | Dance into the Light, 1996
  18. Testify | Testify, 2002
  19. Can’t stop loving you | Testify, 2002
  20. (Love is like a) Heatwave | Gonig Back, 2010
the best of Phil Collins

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YouTube Playlist | Best Phil Collins songs

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Spotify Playlist | Best Phil Collins Songs

phil collins songs
phil collins songs

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