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Trembol. Home to the music that makes you thrill

Tired of 4-hour playlists created by a machine that is supposed to know the music you like and compiles the best of heavy, reggaeton or summer? In Trembol we only believe in music that thrills, that’s why our Playlists are handmade, with a mix of genres, music periods and languages, and last the same as a record.

You only have one thing left to do, enjoy them!

Tailored to every part of your life

Songs to enjoy with children, relaxing music to study or work, car music, all-time hits to enjoy with friends…


Listen to them directly on Trembol

You’ll be able to enjoy all Playlists on Trembol or, if you like, go to our YouTube Channel and Spotify Profile.

We tell the story behind every song

If you like a tune in special or you just want to learn more about all the songs, we tell fun facts and details that you’ll love.

🎧 Trembol artists Spotify Playlists

Lara Fabian

Lara Fabian Playlist

Sabaton To Hell and Back | Sílbidos Heavy Metal

Sabaton Playlist

Lo nuevo del Starboy The Weeknd Bliding Lights

The Weeknd Playlist

La Quinta Estación Creo en Mí

Natalia Jiménez Playlist

Alis. La música que escuchan los músicos

Alis Playlist

K391 Ignite

K-391 Playlist

ABC Band Martin Fry Viva Love

ABC Playlist

Simon and Garfunkel the sound of silence, Disturbed version

Disturbed Playlist

Arjen y Marcela en Stream of Passion, Heavy Metal bestial

Stream Of Passion Playlist

Ricky Martin tu recuerdo chords

Ricky Martin Playlist

Concierto Aniversario 25 años de Studio Ghibli

Joe Hisaishi Playlist

Disturbed Sound of Silence de Simon and Garfunkel

Simon & Garfunkel Playlist

Mejor Aria Georges Bizet Los Pescadores de Perlas

Georges Bizet Playlist

Times Like These Foo Fighters of Dave Grohl

Foo Fighters Playlist

Lo nuevo de Bruce Sprinsgteen | Stones

Bruce Springsteen Playlist

Guy Garvey from Elbow

Elbow Playlist

AronChupa Rave in the Grave

AronChupa Playlist


The best songs, full of emotion, selected by Trembol for you. 

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Trembol es el lugar de la Música que te hace sentir.

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Trembol es el lugar de la Música que te hace sentir.

Subscribe to our updates

Welcome! You're already part of Trembol family.