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music lover, probably the same as you. Whether sad or happy, tired, or feeling good, in the car, studying or working, I always need music. It’s like a heartbeat, without which mine doesn’t work.

After a lifetime discovering tunes that make me thrill, it’s time to make you feel the same, it’s time for  Trembol.


PLAYLIST KIDS MUSIC 2 | Children songs to enjoy together, plus their stories behind 👧🏻

(づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ KIDS DANCE SONGS, to enjoy together with the little ones. 13 cool kids tunes. Pop, Rock and Dance in the best PLAYLIST FOR KIDS

Best of JACK SAVORETTI. The Mediterranean in every song

( ̄︶ ̄)↗ The Best Songs of JACK SAVORETTI. 15 tracks with the Mediterranean impregnated that will brighten your day.

PLAYLIST HITS 3 | Greatest Songs of All Time and their stories behind 🏅

Train, Terry Roland, Enanitos Verdes, Stromae, Blur, Shakira, Toto… The story behind 13 of the greatest songs of all time

RAY LAMONTAGNE We’ll Make It Through 🤲 Song for his wife with muscular dystrophy

Ray LaMontagne’s We’ll Make It Through is one of the most beautiful songs we have ever heard. We tell you its meaning and story behind

Top 15 songs by Sash! | The songs that made a generation dance

Encore Une Fois, Stay, Ecuador, Mysterious Times… there are so many songs with which Sash! has made us dance. We’ve compiled the best of DJ Sash for you!

30 Roxette songs that everybody should listen to

The Look, Listen to your Heart, Joyride, It must have been love… ROXETTE SONGS are so good, it was impossible to choose less than 30

THE WEEKND. The best tunes of his CAREER

✅ The Best THE WEEKND songs. All Number Ones and can’t miss B-sides


✨ XMAS【2021-2022】The best compilation of Christmas music ever. Top 50 Best CHRISTMAS SONGS New & Classic

LA QUINTA ESTACION El Sol No Regresa ☀️ Spain and Mexico united by one voice

How did a Spanish group manage to become a great success in Mexico in the ❷⓿⓿⓿s? Discover it with “La Quinta Estación, El Sol No Regresa”.

Beyoncé & Destiny’s Child greatest hits. The voice of the beast released

(づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ From Destiny’s Child to current solo albums, BEYONCÉ’s career is full of SUCCESS. These are the 20 best Queen B songs.

MARC ANTHONY Ahora Quien 🌹 A song cannot convey more passion

(★‿★) There are 2 Versions of the song: Pop and Salsa. We tell you which one is best and why the song is the best of his career 〖MARC ANTHONY Ahora Quien〗

ALICIA KEYS | From the Hell’s Kitchen in New York to her self-discovery through music

Alicia Keys’ story goes from HELL’S KITCHEN in New York, to the PEACE OF HER MUSIC and personal discovery. Everything about her life and music on Trembol!

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN’S story | Albums that have gone down in history

▷ The Story of all BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Albums is the STORY of ROCK and the STORY of AMERICA ◁ 1949 – 2022

BRUNO MARS songs. The best tracks of his METEORIC career

ESSENTIAL PLAYLIST from one of the GREATEST ARTISTS of our time ▷ All the Bruno Mars Songs that you LOVE all together

TAYLOR SWIFT Style 👒 A radiant tune about a stylish guy, but who?

(⊙ˍ⊙) Do you know who Taylor Swift STYLE is about? You’re about to find out, along with all the details of this RADIANT and catchy song.

JOAQUÍN RODRIGO | The blind Spanish composer who translated the soul into music

🥇 LIFE AND BEST WORKS of Joaquin Rodrigo, the MOST FAMOUS Spanish composer, whose blindness did not prevent him from composing life-changing pieces.

The best Operas and Pop song of the great tenor ANDREA BOCELLI

【Andrea Bocelli Songs for Eternity】 The best Operas and Pop tunes by the breathtaking lyric tenor ALL TOGETHER

MANUEL CARRASCO | A poet of the people

ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ MANUEL CARRASCO’s biography is the story of a shy boy from a fishing village, whose passion for music and talent have led him to the TOP

LUIS FONSI Aquí Estoy Yo | One for all and all for one

Story behind AQUÍ ESTOY YO by Luis Fonsi, David Bisbal, Aleks Syntek and Noel Schajris. Discover what Fonsi calls “The Quartet of Musketeers”

HARRY STYLES and ONE DIRECTION | An ever-changing star

HARRY STYLES & One Direction. A story full of anecdotes, tattoos, celebrity partners, love for his family, success and a lot of music.

The complicated story of the band MAGO DE OZ | 30 years of legendary songs

✅ DISCOGRAPHY and STORY of the band Mago de Oz. Their complicated BRICK ROAD from Spain to Mexico [1988-2022]

MÄGO DE OZ La Costa Del Silencio 🐚 The cry of the sea in a Rock song

How to express the MOANING OF THE SEA in a ROCK SONG? The answer is 〖Mago de Oz LA COSTA DEL SILENCIO〗 It tells of a tragedy that you should know about

MARC ANTHONY biography and music | The King of Salsa who didn’t speak Spanish nor sing Salsa

(★‿★) Did you know that the Salsa King didn’t know Spanish or Salsa before his 1st album? This is the surprising MARC ANTHONY Biography plus his AMAZING MUSIC

The Story of SABATON | The band that invented the War Heavy Metal genre

(►__◄) Discover the biography and story of SABATON, the Swedish Heavy Metal band that invented its own history genre, CAN YOU GUESS WHAT IT IS?

The best ARONCHUPA songs. Get ready to DANCE!

From ‘I’m an Albatraoz’ to ‘Trombone’, here are all 【AronChupa Songs】 that must be part of your PARTY. Only AronChupa & Little Sis Nora Greatest Hits!

Best Alicia Keys Songs. Rhythm & Blues by a piano prodigy

▷ ALICIA KEYS SONGS ◁ The 15 best songs of her entire career: Empire State of Mind, Fallin’, No One, Girl on Fire, My Boo, Underdog…

| Why did the singer of Strange World disappear?

KÉ was known for STRANGE WORLD, a wonderful song with a powerful message. What made KÉ successful? where is KÉ now? Find out

All RICKY MARTIN HITS. His best songs

The ESSENTIAL PLAYLIST of one of the greatest latin artists ever. The BEST Ricky Martin SONGS ⏫

Greatest Mustafa Ceceli Songs | A Turkish star you need to listen to

MUSTAFA CECELI’s songs are a hit in Turkey. It’s time for you to discover his greatest tunes: Mühür, Al Götür Beni, Rüyalar Sor, The Way of Love…

GUSTTAVO LIMA Songs are the are the best representation of the fantastic Brazilian music

【The BEST GUSTTAVOL LIMA SONGS】 A compilation of the best Brazilian music in the voice of one of its greatest artists (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

BRUNO MARS Moonshine 🥃 A ballad dedicated to… a girl or a liquor?

‘Moonshine’ could refer to a night when you are with you’re loved one staring at the moon, but BRUNO MARS HAD A PARTY and the result is…【BRUNO MARS Moonshine】

All hits by DJ JAX JONES. Let’s break the dancefloor!

Best JAX JONES songs ◁▷ His greatest HITS since the beginning of his career until today, handpicked for you in an exclusive Playlist. Time to dance!

The best MICHAEL KIWANUKA tunes. Soul & Folk from the roots

⏫ The ESSENTIAL PLAYLIST of one of the Soul & Folk artist with a brighter present and future. 〖The BEST Michael KIWANUKA SONGS〗

RICKY MARTIN is Livin’ La Vida Loca | Biography and music of the Latin Pop King

▷ Ricky Martin Livin’ la Vida Loca ◁ Discography and Life updated 2022, including all his hits: The Cup of Life, Private Emotion, Nobody Wants to be Lonely…

BEYONCÉ Best Thing I Never Had 👰🏽 What goes around comes back around

(。_。) In the video of BEST THING I NEVER HAD Beyoncé gets married, but the story of the song is very different, find out!

THE WEEKND | Life and music of the Starboy

✅ DISCOGRAPHY and STORY of the Starboy THE WEEKND [1990-2022]. From shoplifting to becoming the biggest pop start today. His albums and life all in one place.

THE CRANBERRIES Dreams ☁️ A story of first times

DREAMS by The Cranberries, is the first song written by the Irish band. Their singer, Dolores O’Riordan, tells us something very personal, do you want to what?

Best DISTURBED songs. EVOLVED Heavy Metal

✅ Down with the Sickness, The Sound of Silence, Stricken, all the BEST SONGS BY DISTURBED, to discover or remember one the greatest Heavy bands ever.

SIMON & GARFUNKEL essential songs. The biggest FOLK duet

✅ The Sound of Silence, Mrs. Robinson, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Scarborough Fair, Cecilia, Condor Pasa… GREATEST HITS, all the best Simon & Garfunkel songs

The best of Harry Styles | Songs with their own style

Sign of the Times, Ever since New York, Golden, Watermelon sugar, As it was, Late night talking… BEST HARRY STYLES SONGS

WORKOUT PLAYLIST 2 | Motivational songs for your next race or training session and their stories behind 🚵

O(∩_∩)O GYM & WORKOUT MUSIC. 13 tracks to run, train or play any sport. MOTIVATING SONGS and the Stories Behind Them

MARC ANTHONY FT. ALEJANDRO SANZ Deja Que Te Bese 💋 A fresh and flamenco masterpiece

2 Latin Music Masters united in a Fresh and Flamenco tune. Discover the story behind 【Marc Anthony and ALEJANDRO SANZ Deja Que Te Bese】

TERENCE TRENT D’ARBY (SANANDA MAITREYA) songs that are part of your LIFE

(˘・_・˘) THE BEST COMPILATION of TERENCE TRENT D’ARBY songs. All his 90s No.1 and amazing new tunes under his new name SINANDA MAITREYA


These are the BEST WORKOUT SONGS OF ALL TIME 🚀 The strenght you need to exercise at home, running or at the gym.

JACK SAVORETTI | An Italo-British troubadour with a raspy voice that captivates

(*^_^*) JACK SAVORETTI Biography. Life and albums of an English artist with ITALIAN BLOOD, who carries the Mediterranean in his heart and his melodies

BON JOVI These Days 🗓️ They never sounded more real and heartfelt

BON JOVI These Days. The story behind their most real and heartfelt song. The change from a Heavy band to a Pop-Rock group

SABATON To Hell And Back ☢️ Historical Heavy Metal Whistle

Power Metal has some of the coolest and most powerful music melodies. ⚡️ Like Sabaton To Hell and Back whistle song. One of the best Heavy Metal tunes ever.

GEORGES BIZET | Carmen and all the works of a short life

⭐️ Learn about the LIFE and WORKS of a unique composer who changed Opera forever and gave us an eternal gift 【GEORGES BIZET Carmen】

LADY GAGA A Star Is Born ✨ Behind the music of the film that gave her an Oscar

The Story Behind ‘A Star is Born’ soundtrack【Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga movie】 Special attention on ➨ LADY GAGA I’ll never love again

MAGO DE OZ tunes. MINDBLOWING Spanish Rock

✅ The best tunes by the best Spanish Hard Rock Band. MAGO DE OZ Songs from all their albums to discover a group that YOU CAN’T MISS

JAX JONES | The DJ that has found his path to deep joy

〖DJ Jax Jones〗 says he has discovered ABSOLUT HAPPINESS. ¿Do you want to know his transformation path and GREATEST HITS?

ROBE Mayeutica 👅 A 43-minute song that defines my life

→_→ ROBE’s latest album, Mayeutica, is a CLASSIC WORK disguised in a 43-minutes Rock song ¡The STORY BEHIND is MESMERIZING!

NATALIA JIMENEZ & LA QUINTA ESTACION Greatest hits. Mexican flavor

(❁´◡`❁) NATALIA JIMENEZ and LA QUINTA ESTACIÓN They carry Mexico in their hearts, as evidenced by their greatest hits, which you can’t miss.

LEONARD COHEN vs ENRIQUE MORENTE First We Take Manhattan 🌆 2 versions, 2 stories, 1 meaning

Leonard Cohen FIRST WE TAKE MANHATTAN tells a fascinating story about terrorism, so much so that the flamenco genius ENRIQUE MORENTE covered it on his album OMEGA


✅ The best compilation of NEW Christmas music by current artists. 20 NEW CHRISTMAS SONGS + 1 SPECIAL TUNE

MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS Can’t Hold Us ⏫ The raise of two I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T white rappers

🙌 Put your Hands UP, like the ceiling can’t hold us. Ryan Lewis & Macklemore CAN’T HOLD US ft. Ray Dalton, encourages us to chase our dreams

ROCKY Eye Of The Tiger (Survivor) 🥊 The most motivational song ever written

SURVIVOR wrote for ROCKY Eye Of The Tiger in 1982, forty years later it still delivers an unparalleled energy rush. This is the story of the EYE OF THE TIGER

PHIL COLLINS & GENESIS | Personal and musical story

Phil Collins and Genesis biography. The complete story of the 2nd richest drummer: unexpected singer, divorced 3 times, great songwriter, frustrated father…

PLAYLIST ROCK METAL 2 | Sheer energy in 13 of the best Heavy Metal songs 💪

13 of the best HEAVY METAL songs, with the STORIES THAT INSPIRED THEM. Enjoy the most powerful Rock Metal and discover what it means (►__◄)

WET WET WET & MARTI PELLOW | When success leads to disaster

The complete story of WET WET WET and its singer MARTI PELLOW: Beginnings, Fame, Conflicts in the band, Current Events and above all, a lot of Music.

One Direction Top 15 Hits | You know and love them all

What makes you beautiful, Story of my life, Night changes, You & I, Drag me down. The definitive playlist with the best songs of ONE DIRECTION

TCHAIKOVSKY | The story of the greatest Russian composer

The biography of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky hides family secrets, homosexuality, patrons and above all, a lot of music. Discover it!

ABC Viva Love 🤵 The iconic 80s band, like good wine, gets better over time

An 80s SONG in 2016? ⊛ The iconic British band ABC and his lead singer Martin Fry ⊛, release a NEW album, including this amazing tune, Viva Love!

The best JOAQUÍN RODRIGO works. ETERNAL melodies

✅ Concierto de Aranjuez Adagio, Fantasía para un Gentilhombre, Concierto Andaluz… BEST WORKS JOAQUÍN RODRIGO. All his compositions

ELTON JOHN Tiny Dancer 🩰 Who is the girl that inspired the song that rocketed Elton to stardom?

TINY DANCER by Elton John, hides a love story for a Californian girl. We tell you all about the song that rocketed Elton John to stardom.

GARTH BROOKS Standing Outside the Fire 🔥 Inspiration to see life in a different way

*_* Garth Brooks STANDING OUTSIDE THE FIRE *_* The inspirational story behind one of the best Country songs. You’ll see life differently!

MICHAEL KIWANUKA | Music and story of a black man in a white world

This is the Story and Music of a black man in a white world【MICHAEL KIWANUKA】A great British musician of Ugandan descent who has Soul IN HIS VEINS


Do you know Kids United? These children and many others are part of PLAYLIST KIDS 1. Kids Rock, Pop, and Dance Songs. 🎈 ENJOY IT WITH YOUR LITTLE ONES 🎈


Without a doubt, THE BEST MUSIC 2020 🥇 Each Week had 1 EXCITING Tune. We’ve compiled them in【The 53 Best Songs 2020】

The Best of Robe and Extremoduro. Extreme and delicate songs that define Spanish Rock

┗|`O′|┛ SPANISH ROCK is defined by ROBE and Extremoduro songs. We’ve compiled the best tunes of their entire career. EXTREME and DELICATE!

ARONCHUPA Rave In The Grave ⏫ They troll us well, but it’s 100% fun

AronChupa & Little Sis Nora likes trolling ➜ Make the acid test with ARONCHUPA Rave in The Grave, you will feel your head suddenly nodding, kids moving around and you’ll all end up DANCING

THE WEEKND Blinding Lights ⭐️ He goes back to the 80s and conquers the world, but how?

If you haven’t listened to THE WEEKND Blinding Lights song, tell me WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN lately? It’s the deserved worldwide number ☝ in ❷⓿❷⓿, but, do you know why? 80s + Max Martin + TikTok, we unveil everything.

BRUNO MARS biography and music | Is he the new Michael Jackson?

He started imitating Elvis and Michael Jackson at age 4, now everybody imitates him ▷ BRUNO MARS Biography ▷ Is he the new king of Pop?

LA CABRA MECÁNICA and MARÍA JIMÉNEZ La Lista de la Compra 🛒 Dose of reality and honesty to the rhythm of a rumba

Maria Jimenez and La Cabra Mecanica made a song that is Spanish Pop History (★‿★) Find our the story behind ‘La Lista de la Compra (The Shopping List)’

Best of POWERWOLF. Power Metal howling

╰(‵□′)╯The 15 best POWERWOLF songs. The Army of the Night is ready to HOWL TOGETHER to the rhythm of Power Metal.

MICHAEL KIWANUKA Cold Little Heart 🥶 Behind ‘Big Little Lies’ theme song

10 hypnotic minutes make up ‘Love & Hate’ album 1st song and ‘Big Little Lies’ series theme song | Discover Michael Kiwanuka COLD LITTLE HEART Meaning

The 2 Ga-Ga: Pop queen and Intimate singer | LADY GAGA’s albums and life

THERE ARE 2 GA-GA, The Queen of Pop and The Intimate Singer with her piano ⚡️ We tell you the REAL Story of Lady Gaga ALBUMS and the life of a living WORK OF ART

The BEST of the best. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN songs

All THE BOSS’ Hits together. The Best Bruce Springsteen Songs from now and forever. American and Rock n’ Roll history you can’t miss ❤


We analyze the Best Tunes of the Biggest Music Party, or what is the same EUROVISION 2021 【ESC 2021】Who will win Eurovision Song Contest 2021?


✨ Do you want to kickstart the party with your friends? Our Party Music Playlist guarantees a happy mood ✅ 13 Best PARTY SONGS

LA QUINTA ESTACION ft. MARC ANTHONY Recuerdame 💭 Fight of voices

La Quinta Estacion ft. Marc Anthony RECUERDAME ▶ The story behind one the best Latin music duet ever. A FIGHT OF VOICES

FOO FIGHTERS Times Like These 😷 A hope and compassion tune used against Covid-19

A tune about HOPE, LOVE and COMPASSION. ✅ Recorded in 2002, in 2020 comes alive again to fight against COVID-19【FOO FIGHTERS Times Like These】

GEORGES BIZET The Pearl Fishers 🎻 His best Aria. Straight to the heart

➤ Geroge Bizet’s best ARIA is from THE PEARL FISHERS. Nadir’s Aria sung by Alain Vanzo will go straigth to your heart 💗

ELBOW One Day Like This ✨ A music anthem

Elbow, ONE DAY LIKE THIS, manages to describe a tiny moment of happiness ✌️, so that we all visualize and feel it. An ANTHEM.

Best Genesis Songs | A rich sound experience

Invisibel Touch, I Can’t Dance, That’s All, Supper’s Ready, Snowbound, Anyway … and all the greatest Genesis songs handpicked in their essential playlist

TAYLOR SWIFT’s biography | The artist of the decade in battle against the music industry

The story behind all TAYLOR SWIFT ALBUMS and her fight against the record label. Taylor biography is a 【SUCCESS & FIGHT STORY】

15 GARTH BROOKS songs that have made a mark on Country music

Enjoy the best County music in the Playlist with Garth Brooks greatest hits, the highest representative of the genre. o(*^▽^*)┛

15 most powerful FOO FIGHTERS songs. ROCK for everybody

After 10 albums and more than 25 years of career, we have compiled the BEST FOO FIGHTERS SONGS ▷ A must-have compilation ◁

GEORGE MICHAEL | The person behind the great star

The Story of GEORGE MICHAEL and Wham! Biography of one the greatest music stars: Icon, Homosexual, Philanthropist, Musician and Insecure.

THE CRANBERRIES and DOLORES O’RIORDAN | A unique voice. A very hard life

The Cranberries’ story is the one of their singer Dolores O’Riordan, a unique voice with a very hard life.

Dua Lipa 15 greatest hits

Despite her short career, it is difficult to select the 15 best songs of Dua Lipa. In Trembol we have dared, Find which ones we’ve chosen and whether you agree ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

JAX JONES Breathe (ft. Ina Wroldsen) 🌬️ It’ll leave you breathless

Ready for a mesmerizing beat? This is BREATHE, Ina Wroldsen gives voice to the best dance song by JAX JONES (づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ

TAYLOR SWIFT songs with more than 100 MILLION views

(◡‿◡) Taylor Swift songs is a collection of hits with tons of views on YouTube and streams on Spotify. Discover her TOP 15 tunes ◁

ANDREA BOCELLI & CELINE DION The Prayer 🙌🏽 One of the best duets ever

ANDREA BOCELLI & CELINE DION The Prayer -_- The story behind one of the BEST DUETS ever + Lyrics + Meaning + Fun facts

TERENCE TRENT D’ARBY died in the Olympus of music, giving way to SANANDA MAITREYA, an independent artist

(˘・_・˘) The STORY of TERENCE TRENT D’ARBY’s meteoric rise and terrible fall to be REBORN as SANANDA MAITREYA, an independent artist.

Best of Amenra | Extreme and atmospheric Metal

Best songs of AMENRA, the Belgian extreme metal band that creates a magical atmosphere in their compositions

DUA LIPA life & music | How did she become the biggest female pop star in 4 years?

▷ Dua Lipa biography ◁ How did she become the biggest female pop star in 4 years? A walk through his life and music

The best of Wet Wet Wet & Marti Pellow. The most important songs of the Scottish band

Wishing I Was Lucky, Sweet Little Mistery, Julia Says, Love is All Around… the best tunes of Wet Wet Wet and Marti Pellow’s solo career.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Stones 🎙️ His best song of the 21st century

STONES Bruce Springsteen best recent song ✨. The Boss keeps on exciting us with amazing lyrics and classic Rock songs like ‘Stones’. Discover it

WET WET WET Love Is All Around 🥰 The love song of a generation

WET WET WET Love Is All Around is the love song of a generation and the soundtrack of ‘4 weddings and a funeral’. Their greatest hit that also destroyed the band


LOST FREQUENCIES Rise | We had a tough year and now we are going back

The latest release of LOST FREQUENCIES Rise is a smash hit, on par with their ‘Are you with me’ and ‘Reality’ songs. It’s TIME TO RISE AGAIN ( ノ ゚ー゚)ノ

HAEVN Throw Me A Line | Ascend to heaven with their music

【HAEVN】Be moved by the melodies and voices of this Dutch band that turns SIMPLICITY into BEAUTY with “Throw Me a Line” ⏫

TOMMEE PROFITT The Birth Of A King | The best 2020s Christmas album. Classics turned into epic tunes

✅ THE BEST 2020s CHRISTMAS ALBUM. Cinematic and epic musicality in classic Christmas songs. 【Tommee Profitt ‘The Birth of a King’】

WILL YOUNG Crying on the Bathroom Floor | An exquisite album with 10 covers of powerful women

(´。_。`) The new album of Will Young CRYING ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR, contains 10 awesome versions of AUTHENTIC WOMEN, revealing excellent music taste!

DEMI LOVATO Holy Fvck | Back to her roots, 15 years later

Demi returns to her rock roots with Holy Fvck, after 15 years in the industry. Do you want to know all the details of the album?

ALLIE X Glam! | What she does is not just Pop, it’s an unstoppable evolution

(x_x) ALLIE X Cape God album is an IMPARTABLE evolution of the artist who made us fall in love with Catch and Downtown, consolidating in her latest single GLAM!

BENJAMIN INGROSSO En Gång I Tiden | The most important male artist in Sweden today

( ̄︶ ̄)↗ The most important male artist in Swedish Pop, BENJAMIN INGROSSO. His new album ‘En gång i tiden’ and the single SMILE are a TREASURE to be discovered.

EMELIE HOLLOW Half The Story | There’s no right way to break a heart

✨ EMELIE HOLLOW’s sweet and beautiful voice sings BREAK IT RIGHT together with RUBEN on her new album in 2021 ‘Half The Story’. You can’t miss it

ED SHEERAN = (Equals) | The new album in 2021 of ‘The Joker’

(づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ ED SHEERAN = (Equals). The story behind each song of Ed’s new album in 2021. His new life told in a new record.

MAGO DE OZ Bandera Negra | A big rock party

✅ Mago de Oz BANDERA NEGRA, new optimistic and hooligan album in 2021. To highlight his song with La Pegatina ‘Tu Madre es una Cabra’. Pirate rock and great fun

LOVA Grown-ish | Do you like Pop music? Then you must listen to this new Swedish talent

LOVA, LOVA, LOVA, I repeat it so you remember the name. When you listen ▷ GROWN-ISH ◁ you will be a fan of their fresh Pop and personal lyrics.

CHICLE Angel / Envenenado | Fresh and powerful air in Spanish Rock

CHICLE is a powerful Spanish Rock band whose members keep themselves hidden, they just want to expose what matters, their music. Find out who Chicle band are

BATTLE BEAST Circus of Doom | Best Heavy Metal Album of 2022

With CIRCUS OF DOMM Battle Beast consolidates its leadership in Power Metal in 2022. Discover everything about their new album.

JOEL ADAMS Papercuts | He defines his music as a soap opera, I reckon it’s the 1st part of a great saga

( •_•) JOEL ADAMS has released ‘Goodbye’ and ‘Papercuts’ in 2021, 2 small jewels of a diamond in the rough that we discovered for you on Trembol

VOLBEAT | Metal Rockabilly that triumphs, and rightly so

(ㆆ_ㆆ) Volbeat IS KILLING IT thanks to their cover of Metallica, Don’t Tread on Me, and their album, Rewind, Replay, Rebound 【BIOGRAPHY + NEW ALBUM】

JAVY RAMIREZ Lo Que Nunca Te Pude Contar | 1 in a million new Spanish Pop talent

❤️ JAVY RAMÍREZ is one in a million. His songs ‘La Frase’ and ‘Quién robó tu luz’ aanticipate a spectacular album in 2021 〖DISCOVER HIM〗

APOLLO LTD Nothing is Ordinary. Everything is beautiful | About resilience and resolve

〖APOLLO LTD〗 Brief biography and best songs of a band that carries the resilience and resolve as flag, encouraging us to come together =)

PALAYE ROYALE Fever Dream | Fashion Art Rock

PALAYE ROYALE Fever Dream. Everything about the new album by the most powerful Indie Rock band of the moment. PLUS: Their Origins, Their Secrets, Their Life…

SMITH & THELL Pixie’s Parasol | Stories told to the rhythm of the best Pop

Goliath, Hotel Walls, Forgive me Friend, Nangilimia… life stories told to the rhythm of MIND-BLOWING POP 🎙️ That is SMITH & THELL Pixie’s Parasol album

LORD HURON Long Lost | The band that sounds like no other you’ve listened to before

(⊙ˍ⊙) LORD HURON Long Lost is an album to get lost in while driving to nowhere. Find out this SPECIAL BAND is and their MYSTERIOUS MUSIC.

TOM GRENNAN Evering Road | A soulful raspy voice that has magnetic power

THERE ARE VOICES THAT ENGAGE with their magnetism. This is the case of Tom Grennan EVERING ROAD, his new album in 2021. Listen to his music and you will love it as much as we do ✅

THE WEEKND In Your Eyes | The tune was already good, but with KENNY G is amazing

✌️ THE WEEKND In Your Eyes ft. Kenny G. How was this AMAZING duo created? What does the song mean? Versions… we tell you everything

INA WROLDSEN Matters Of The Mind | One of the best songwriters in the world

(。_。) Ina Wroldsen is one of the best songwriters in the world. She spent a long time behind the spotlight, but now we can see her in the front line with MATTERS OF THE MIND

WELSHLY ARMS | A diehard Cleveland band

Blues, Soul, Gospel, Rock, all these genres conjugate WELSHLY ARMS, a traditional band that is fresh air in current musical panorama. This is their MUSIC and STORY

KACEY MUSGRAVES Star-Crossed | An immersive narrative of the stages of her divorce

(´。_。`) STAR-CROSSED, Kacey Musgraves’ new album in 2021, tells the story of HER DIVORCE with a totally immersive music. We tell you all about it!

THE WEEKND & ARIANA GRANDE Save your tears (Remix) | A collaboration against the Grammys

Abel Tesfaya does it again, he gives NEW LIFE to a fantastic track through a collaboration no one expected 【The Weeknd Ariana Grande SAVE YOUR TEARS (Remix)】

KEIINO Unbreakable | The band that popularized the Joik singing at Eurovision is back

ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ KEIINO is a Norwegian band that smashed EUROVISION 2019 mixing Dance with traditional Sami music, Joik. Discover their MESMERIZING MUSIC!

ALFRED GARCÍA | Music in the veins

Alfred García’s new album 1997 shows once again that this young Spanish musician has music in his veins, but who is Alfred?

JUBËL Weekend Vibe | The beach vibe duo you need to know

【JUBËL Weekend Vibe】 is the latest single from this Swedish duo that blew us away with their album STRAWTOWN, get ready to go to the beach with their summer-tinged sound!

RINA SAWAYAMA Hold The Girl | The Japanese girl who conquers the British charts with her new pop music

In HOLD THE GIRL, Rina Sawayama tells her story as a pansexual Japanese girl growing up with her single mother in the UK.

EPICA Ωmega | An album of unity, friendship and the best symphonic Metal

Do you want to listen to the BEST SYMPHONIC METAL? EPICA Omega, is the new album in 2021 of a band determined to give us thrilling heavy music ☢️ ΩMEGA ☢️

AGNES Magic Still Exists | Disco music will set you free

Remember Agnes and her Release Me? Now she’s back with MAGIC STILL EXISTS. We tell you the story of Agnes and her great new Disco album

MAISIE PETERS You Signed Up For This | Sponsored by Ed Sheeran, following in the footsteps of Taylor Swift

(◡‿◡) MAISIE PETERS is the new promise of British Pop. Blessed by Ed Sheeran, predestined to follow in Taylor Swift’s footsteps. Time to discover her!

LIL NAS X Montero | The story behind the new world star

ㄟ( ▔, ▔ )ㄏ The Story behind LIL NAS X and his latest album MONTERO. The world’s new Pop and Hip-Hop star has a lot to say, find out!

FLAVIO | You have not heard a voice like this

FLAVIO, after his time in a music TV contest, has released his 1st album ‘Flavio’, and in 2022 the incredible single ‘Quiero que seas feliz’ Discover it!

RICKY MARTIN Pausa | New 2020 album with a revolutionary audio technology

〖Ricky Martin PAUSA〗His latest ablum in 2020 with NEW AUDIO TECHNOLOGY ✅ and featuring great artists: Sting, Carla Morrison, Bad Bunny…

PATRICK DRONEY State of the Heart | A new classic artist

>”< Patrick Dorney STATE OF THE HEART. A classic artist in the body of an almost thirty-year-old with a TALENT THAT WILL WIN YOU OVER.

SARCASTIC SOUNDS Change Ur Mind | Melancholic and emotional Lo-Fi

▷ LO-FI MUSIC IS ON TREND ◁ This is confirmed by tracks like ‘Change Ur Mind’ by SARCASTIC SOUNDS. You’re going to love it!

CHICA SOBRESALTO Sinapsis | Get startled by the synapse of this new Spanish band

(❁´◡`❁) CHICA SOBRESALTO Sinapsis. The Spanish band led by Maialen, who after succeeding in a music TV show, introduces her ‘Fusion del Nucleo’, her Excitement and her promising future

RAYE Euphoric Sad Songs | After writing cuts for Beyoncé, John Legend… she jumps on scene with her bitter sweet album

⏫ RAYE Euphoric Sad Songs. 1st album of this British girl who writes for Beyoncé, Charlie XCX… and features in Dance hits with David Guetta, Jonas Blue… Pop with a BITTERSWEET STORY

MICHAEL PATRICK KELLY | 6 years as a monk, 30 years as a musician

MICHAEL PATRICK KELLY was born to music from The Kelly Family to BOATS, his last solo album, although his faith led him to retire to a monastery.

BEN PLATT Reverie | From Broadway to Netflix and then Spotify

…(* ̄0 ̄)ノ From Broadway to Netflix and to Spotify with his latest album in 2021, REVERIE. BEN PLATT’s biography is that of an all-rounder – don’t miss it!

SILK SONIC An Evening With Silk Sonic | Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak’s new venture is full of soul

ALL ANSWERS: Why did Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak form SILK SONIC? How did they pick the name? Who is Ricky Regal? When will they release MORE MUSIC?

GRETA VAN FLEET The Battle at Garden’s Gate | Watch as their world has begun

Their time has come, here is GRETA VAN FLEET The Battle at Garden’s Gate ▷ HEAT ABOVE is already a Rock CLASSIC of the 21st century ◁ And the album has much more

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Letter To You | New album in 2020 with a lot to say

The Boss doesn’t stop. In his LETTER TO YOU Bruce Springsteen new album in 2020, he returns with The E Street Band and a handful of GREAT ROCK songs ✅

DISTURBED If I Ever Lose My Faith In You | A Heavy version of STING’s legendary song

☢️ DISTURBED If I Ever Lose My Faith In You. 2020 version of the legendary Sting’s tune, by an American heavy metal band MASTERS IN COVERS.

ZOE WEES Golden Wings | A dark but hopeful album from a German rising star

(˘・_・˘) Zoe Wees GOLDEN WING, discover the MEANING OF EACH SONG. Hope shrouded in Darkness from a new German talent with a hard story behind

LAURENNE / LOUHIMO The Reckoning | The surnames that give name to the new duo of Metal divas

╰(‵□′)╯ LAURENNE / LOUHIMO. Classic 80’s metal combined with today’s rock metal and 2 voices that blow up your mind in THE RECKONING. A must!

SEBASTIAN YATRA Dharma | Love, heartbreak, punishment or reality, what is Dharma?

The new album in 2022 by Sebatian Yatra DHARMA, hides very good music and a secret, the one with its name, discover it!

CAMILA CABELLO Familia | The end of the love story with Shawn Mendes

What is FAMILIA hiding? CAMILA CABELLO’s new album in 2022 tells the end of her love story with Shawn Mendes and much more…

THE VINTAGE CARAVAN Monuments | The Icelandic trio that makes classic rock sound contemporary

\^o^/ THE VINTAGE CARAVAN has just released in 2021 MONUMENTS, the album that consecrates them as leaders of RETRO ROCK and a band to follow.

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