best workout songs of all time

Are you looking for some running songs or gym music that inspire and accompany you while training? 🚀 You’re in the right place! We carefully designed this Playlist with the best workout songs of all time. 2020 tunes and classic dance songs that will make you sweat: David Guetta, KSHMR, Scooter, Culture Beat…



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Best Workout songs of all time

Sigma ft Paloma Faith Changing YouTube Video Screenshot


UK | 2014

| Sigma are a British duo consisting of Cameron James and Joseph Aluin. Their music is known as “drum and bass”, which is a sort of electronic music born in the 90s in England characterized by its strong bass line and accelerated breaks. The perfect song for spinning.

|Changing” was the second consecutive No.1 on the UK charts for Sigma, after their hit “Nobody to Love”.

| The voice is provided by Paloma Faith, a British actress and singer with an incredibly special style. You will also find her in the Playlist with the best 2020 Songs with her lastest single “Better than this”, don’t miss it!

Gym Music and Running songs 2020

KSHMR & JAKE REESE | Carry me home

USA & HOLLAND | 2018

| KSHMR is an American musician whose father is Indian. Hence his name, which is an abbreviation for “Kashmir”, a state of India.

| Before starting his career as a DJ, KSHMR (Niles Hollowell-Dhar) produced multiple commercial hits for artists like Selena Gómez, Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull, 50 cent or Snoop Dogg, whose song “Sweat” is included in our Playlist Car Music, .

| Jake Reese, winner of The X Factor in Holland, wrote the lyrics and is also the singer of “Carry me home”, a song that takes you back to the time when you were a child and everything was easier. Great exercise music.


NORWAY & USA | 2019

| This is the best workout music you can find, because of its joy and rhythm. We owe it all to Kygo, famous Norwegian DJ, and a 30-year-old unreleased recording of Whitney Houston.

| “Higher Love” is the first song that features Whitney Houston’s voice after her death. When Kygo was commissioned to compose music for the song, he said:

I was proud when Whitney Houston heirs reached out and offered me the opportunity to work with one of the greatest female vocalists of all time.

| Listen carefully to the end of the song. Kygo included all the improvisations that Whitney did in the original recording, adding some cuts to her voice. It sounds awesome.

workout music gym music

SCOOTER | Hyper Hyper

GERMANY | 1994

| The song begins “I want to make you sweat”, so you know, time to go for a run wink.

| Hyper Hyper was one of the greatest dance hits in 1994. When you listen to the song, you’ll hear 30 names, they are all famous DJs at the time.

| Scooter celebrated in 2018 their 25th anniversary as one of the most successful techno acts of all time, thanks to his lead singer, H.P. Baxxter, who is still active. Their best recent single is “God Save the Rave”.


SUPERMODE | Tell me why

SWEDEN | 2006

Tell me why” is a song I always use when I run. It has a constant base that helps me keeping the pace 🏃‍♀️

| Axwell y Steve Angello, 2 of the 3 members of the popular electronic band “Swedish House Mafia”, formed Supermode just to release this song, so it’s the only tune of the band ever.

| Funnily enough the song is a mix of two tunes by the 80s band Bronski Beat: “Smalltown Boy” and “Why?”. Axwell and Steve convinced the original singer of the band, Hal Ritson, to  sing in this song as well. For those of you who love the 80s like me, this is the link to Bronski Beat (Jimmy Somerville) greatest hits vinyl.

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EDUN | Put ’em up


| Alice Edun is a singer born in Russia to a Nigerian father and living in Italy. What a cool combination!

| Although she started singing in a gospel choir and still is into gospel, she had an inclusion in dance music with “Put ’em up”, which didn’t become successful until 2 years after it was released.

| When you watch the video, tell me if you notice Edun dancing at a different rhythm than the song. It’s because she went so nervous listening to her own song while recording that the director decided to play other tunes for the shooting laughing

train songs




|Flames” is the 7th out of 8 times that the French DJ, David Guetta, and the singer songwriter, Sia, have worked together until 2020.

Do you know the titles of all 8 songs by David Guetta & Sia?
  1. Let’s Love
  2. Flames. This one was easy, wasn’t it :-)?
  3. Titanium
  4. She Wolf
  5. Wild One Two
  6. Bang My Head
  7. The Whisperer
  8. Helium

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| With all these songs there is no excuse not to exercise 🚵

best workout songs of all time

Monocle-1000, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


UK | 2004

| It was the most successful club hit of 2004 in Australia.

| It’s also the British duo’s biggest hit.

| It was hard for them to find the right vocalist for the song, until they met Cookie, a gospel singer, then chemistry emerged.

| By the way, the name of the song, “Lola’s Themeis dedicated to the wife of one of The Shapeshifters, Simon.

best workout songs of all time

Monocle-1000, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Gym Music and Running songs 2020

AnnCatrin Blyckerts, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

MOHOMBI | Bumpy Ride

CONGO | 2010

| Do you know that dancing is a great exercise? Mohombi invites us to do it with his “Bumpy Ride”.

| This half Congolese, half Swedish artist, conquered the world with this song, peaking disparate charts like the Dutch, Slovak or Peruvian.

| Just for your knowledge, you are going to train with a dancehall song, which is Jamaican popular music.

music to run



GERMANY | 1993

| Do you want me to define 90s dance music? The answer is easy, “Mr. Vain”.

| If you are on your thirties, I’m sure you will have dance this song, otherwise, now it’s time. Its rhythm will accompany you while you exercise.

| And since music is that great, one of the song’s original composer, Nosie Katzmann, decided years later to turn it into a country song 🤠.

music to run


best train songs 2020

Sularu, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

DELAPORTE | Ni un beso

SPAIN | 2019

| This Italian-Spanish duo started uploading covers on YouTube. I promise they are going to attract great attention.

|Ni un beso (Not a Kiss)” is that kind of song that gets into your head and plays on repeat. The perfect song to hit the bike or run some time.

| Sandra Delaporte and Sergio Salvi tell us the story behind the song:

It reflects that time when something is ending, but it is difficult to leave. It explains the specific moment in which you end up deciding that it is over, that you are not going to give him another kiss and that if he writes you, you will not answer him again.

train songs

Tiësto & KSHMR feat. Vassy | Secrets


| Tiësto, whose name is an alias he was given a child, joined KSMHR (of whom we have already written) and the Australian singer Vassy, in this song perfect for weight training 🏋️‍♀️

| Tiësto was the first DJ to play in the Olympics, it was in Athens 2004, you can watch a fragment here.

| In the summer of 2007 he made more than 250,000 people dance on the beaches of Ipanema, Brazil, for what is one of the largest concerts in history.

| Tiësto has his own radio show, Tiësto’s Club Life. He plays live every Friday.

best workout songs ever

Mauro Picotto Press Image


ITALY | 2000

| Mauro Picotto is an ambassador of techno. He fulfils many roles, from DJ to producer, having his own label.

| He is the first Italian DJ to tour the world and has been for many years resident DJ (plays every day in summer) in Privilege club in Ibiza.

|Komodo”, in addition to being the longest lizard in the world surprised is, together with “Proximus” and “Iguana”, Mauro Picotto’s greatest hit. There is no better tune to end up your workout session today.


YouTube Playlist the Best Workout Songs of All Time

Would you like to watch all the videos together while you train? Double motivation to ride a stationary bike, exercise with children or simply if you want to watch videos of classic dance tunes and the latest from the most powerful DJs this year.

In some mobile devices the Playlist doesn’t automatically change the song. If this is your case, and you want to listen to them without interruptions, go to our YouTube channel and watch the Playlist directly there.


Spotify Playlist Running Songs & Gym Music

The songs in this Playlist are electronic music, EDM, dance, trance and electro-pop hits of all time.

Whether you want music to run or gym songs, you will love the mix of tunes that we have carefully selected to squeeze every drop of energy you’ve got. Go for it!

Remember, to listen to the playlist you need a free Spotify account

best workout songs of all time
best workout songs of all time

How did your training go? Did you enjoy the songs? Tell us 💪


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