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This Playlist, Car Music 1 is specially designed to be listened to while driving, as loud as you can, singing along the best road trip songs at the top of your lungs. This will be your drive soundtrack:聽mexican rap, 90s and modern dance, indie music, boybands, british pop, lyrical music, etc.



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USA & FRANCE | 2011
Remix version that David Guetta (famous French DJ) made in 2011 of the hip hop song, “Wet” by Snoop Dogg | Snoop recorded the song especially for Prince William’s wedding party | Turn on the air conditioning, because the song is going to make you sweat.
Playlist Car Music | Dover - Dannay谩

DOVER | Dannay谩

SPAIN | 2010
Dannay谩” was a radical change in the sound of Dover, a Spanish alternative rock group that sings in English | Dannay谩‘ means ‘Trust’ in bambara, which is one of the languages spoken in various West African countries and is used in the song too | The song is energy in its purest form.

HARD-FI | Cash Machine

UK | 2005
There are 3 versions of the video, each one made with a higher budget as the song became more popular | The lyrics towards the very end of the song are: “There’s a hole in my pocket! My pocket! My pocket!“. It refers to the folk song,聽鈥There’s a Hole in the Bucket鈥. You will find here the video by our friends from Sesame Street, a bit geek, i know.
Playlist Car Music | Il Volo - A chi mi dice

IL VOLO | A chi mi dice

ITALY | 2019
鈥淎 chi mi dice (To those who tell me)鈥 is an adaptation of the song by the boyband Blue, called “Breathe Easy| The song was more than 8 months leading italian sales music charts, being the second most sold single in 2004聽| Il Volo, that started in 2009, consists of 1 baritone and 2 tenors, all of them astonishing: Gianluca Ginoble, Ignazio Boschetto and Piero Barone.


USA & UK | 2016
It is a song as much loved as criticized by fans of One Republic and Peter Gabriel (Genesis lead singer). In Trembol we belong to the first group |聽 Peter Gabriel was always One Republic’s dream collaboration. After having dinner with Peter and sending him the song, he finally accepted to work together and they composed ‘A.I.’ | Pay especial attention to the instrumental part from minute 3. Masterly!
Playlist Car Music | Phil Collins - You can't hurry love

PHIL COLLINS | You can’t hurry love

UK | 1982
After Peter Gabriel, we couldn’t help but including this Phil Collins (Genesis drummer) version of 鈥You Can’t Hurry Love鈥. It’s a 1966 song originally recorded by “The Supremes” on the Motown label | Phil Collins always wanted to keep the original sound, most of all the rough drums, making a remake rather than an interpretation. He did it so well, that the song reached UK charts top 1 and became an essential part of his amazing discography.


MEXICO | 2017
The three mexican bands are from Santa Catarina (Nuevo Le贸n) and play rap and Aztec hip-hop| Babo, lead singer of Cartel de Santa went to prison for accidentally killing one of his friends. The band then released a compilation album, Cartel de Santa: Greatest Hits, to raise funds to take him out of prison. Babo was released 9 months later.
Playlist Car Music | The Real Thing - You to me are everything

THE REAL THING | You to me are everything

UK | 1976
They were one of 70s soul band that sold more albums in the United Kingdom, achieving great international success |聽There is a fascinating story behind the group, unbeknownst to many, the Amoo brothers (main group members) composed the British black ghetto anthem, “Children of the Ghetto“, which would later make Mary J. Blidge and Phil Bailey (Earth, Wind and Fire) very popular.

VETUSTA MORLA | Te lo digo a ti

SPAIN | 2017
Vetusta Morla is the most successful indie group in Spain |Who do you think “Te lo digo a ti (I’m telling you)” is aimed at? An ex-partner, a politician … whoever it is, Vetusta’s first and only quasi-punk song, is aggressive, reinvidicative and invites to scream in the middle of some traffic jam.
Playlist Car Music | W&W - Caribbean Rave

W&W | Caribbean Rave

HOLLAND | 2016
W&W (Willem & Wart) are a Dutch duo, representatives of big room (heavy kick drums, supersaw synths and melodic drops) | Both DJs run a parallel projet focus on Trance musci called NWYR | Turn up the volume and you will feel in the Caribbean.

TAKE THAT | Rule the world

UK | 2007
They released this song when they were only 4 members (without Robbie Williams), for the ‘Stardust‘ movie, even though the song is not part of the original soundtrack, curiosities of life | It’s a beautiful ballad, perfect to sing along with the lead singer, Gary Barlow, and enjoy the piano chords and the sweeping strings, on the way.
Playlist Car Music | Carlos Santana & Steve Tyler - Just Feel Better

ian / Public domain


USA | 2005
What combination! It is impossible not to enjoy Santana and his guitar, but if you add the voice of Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), only something as good as this song can come out |Carlos Santana has sold more that 100 millon records in his career and is considered one of the best guitarists in history. Don’t you think so too?
Playlist Car Music | Carlos Santana & Steve Tyler - Just Feel Better

ian / Public domain

IAN VAN DAHL | I Can’t let you go

BELGIUM | 2003
We couldn’t think of a better way to end the trip than with this great dance song from 2003| Ian Van Dahl was: DJ and producer, Peter Luts, and singer, AnneGrace. She is still active singing her Eurodance and House songs at festivales. Enjoy the ride!


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car music
car music

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