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The best of Harry Styles | Songs with a personal style

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Sign of the Times, Ever Since New York, Watermelon Sugar, Adore You, Golden, As It Was, Late Night Talking... every Harry Styles song oozes style, one that only he has, one that has made him one of the biggest stars of our time
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Top 15 Harry Styles Songs

  1. Sign of the Times | Harry Styles, 2017
  2. Two Ghosts | Harry Styles, 2017
  3. Sweet Creature) | Harry Styles, 2017
  4. Ever Since New York | Harry Styles, 2017
  5. From the Dining Table | Harry Styles, 2017
  6. Watermelon Sugar | Fine Line, 2019
  7. Golden | Fine Line, 2019
  8. Adore you | Fine Line, 2019
  9. Lights Up | Fine Line, 2019
  10. Falling | Fine Line, 2019
  11. Fine Line | Fine Line, 2019
  12. As It Was | Harry’s House, 2022
  13. Late Night Talking | Harry’s House, 2022
  14. Daylight | Harry’s House, 2022
  15. Daydreaming | Harry’s House, 2022
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YouTube Playlist | Best Harry Styles Songs

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Spotify Playlist | Best Harry Styles Songs

harry styles SONGS
harry styles SONGS

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