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The best Michael Kiwanuka songs | Soul and Folk from the roots

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michael kiwanuka songs

The essential playlist of the British Soul and Folk artist with the brightest present and future. We have compiled the best Michael Kiwanuka songs for you. A bunch of tunes that will become music classics.

Top 15 Michael Kiwanuka Songs

  1. Tell me a Tale | Home Again, 2012
  2. Cold Little Heart | Love & Hate, 2016
  3. Hero | Kiwanuka, 2019
  4. I’ll Get Along | Home Again, 2012
  5. One More Night | Love & Hate, 2016
  6. Piano Joints | Kiwanuka, 2019
  7. Home Again  Home Again, 2012
  8. Black Man in a White World | Love & Hate, 2016
  9. Solid Ground | Kiwanuka, 2019
  10. Waiting Around to Die | You’ve Got Nothing To Lose, 2014
  11. The Final Frame | Love & Hate, 2016
  12. Love & Hate | Out Loud! (RSD 2018/Live), 2018
  13. Light | Kiwanuka, 2019
  14. Always waiting | Home Again, 2012
  15. You Ain’t the Problem | Kiwanuka, 2019
the best of Michael Kiwanuka

Michael Kiwanuka Facebook Image

Michael Kiwanuka best songs

Michael Kiwanuka Facebook Image

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Playlist YouTube The Best Michael Kiwanuka Songs

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Kiwanuka first album

Kiwanuka 1st album

A wonderful record, either in MP3, CD or Vinyl, you must have it

Play music on e-chords

Learn how to play like Michael Kiwanuka

Piano, Ukulele, Guitar… on E-CHORDS you’ll find millions of songs to learn to play like Michael Kiwanuka

Michael Kiwanuka best album

Michael Kiwanuka 'Love & Hate'

His 2nd album with already classics like ‘Cold Little Heart’ or ‘Love & Hate’. The fan favorite.

Kiwanuka Big Little Lies

'Big Little Lies' Soundtrack

The soundtrack of the series that made “Cold Little Heart” so popular. Packed with lots of good music, you’ll see.

Kiwanuka new album

KIWANUKA, Praised by critics

When all critics say it’s one of the albums of the decade, it’s for a reason. We also recommend it, especially the vinyl.

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Customizable music box

Do you want an original gift? A music box with a melody to choose or to make it yourself with a tune by Michael Kiwanuka.

michael kiwanuka songs
michael kiwanuka songs

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