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Soldier’s Eyes, Breaking the Rules, Home, Love is on the Line, Who is hurtin Who... each song has a little bit of the European music that Jack Savoretti has been nurturing since he was a child and that he writes in English, in order to reach the widest possible audience.

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15 Best Jack Savoretti Songs

  1. Soldier’s eyes | Between the Minds, 2007
  2. Songs from different times | Harder than easy, 2009
  3. Not worthy | Before the Storm, 2012
  4. Take me home | Before the Storm, 2012
  5. Breaking the rules | Before the Storm, 2012
  6. Ready to call this love ft. MIKA | My Name is Michael Holbrook (MIKA), 2019
  7. Home | Written in Scars, 2015
  8. When we were lovers | Sleep no more, 2017
  9. Candlelight | Singing to Strangers, 2019
  10. Love is on the line | Singing to Strangers, 2019
  11. What more can I do? | Singing to Strangers, 2019
  12. Who’s huring who | Europiana, 2021
  13. Too much history | Europiana, 2021
  14. Each and every moment | Europiana, 2021
  15. War of words | Europiana, 2021
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YouTube Playlist | Best Jack Savoretti Songs

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Jack Savoretti 2021 album

Jack Savoretti's new album, Europiana

So here we are, out of the shadows, a beacon of light emerges. Jack is doing what he does best, music.

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All the albums of this Briton who has only just begun to tell his story.

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Gold Record (Limited Edition)

A picture with the cover of the album ‘Sleep no more‘, commemorating its sales.

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Special 2 CD edition of Jack Savoretti’s best album. Includes the MP3 version of the album for free.

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