EMELIE HOLLOW tells us there’s no right way to break a heart | New Album 2021

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Emelie Hollow should be listened to in silence, alone, in the dark. This way her sweet voice fills the space with beauty. She is releasing a new album in 2021 called “Half the Story”, where she tells us that there is no kind way to break someone’s heart.

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Emelie Hollow ft. Ruben Break it Right

🎙Emelie Hollow Half the Story

Norway | 2021
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  • Break it Right”, the cut that Emelie sings with Ruben, also Norwegian, describes the feeling that you have when someone that you love breaks up with you. At that moment, no matter how kind, sincere, or understanding the person is, it hurts, right? This verse from the song expresses it all:

But when you’re breaking a heart
There’s no way you can break it right

  • Emelie Hollow, 22, has released her 2021 album in 2 parts called “Half the Story (Chapter One and Chapter Two)”, featuring wonderful songs like: Break it Right, Monster, Don’t leave me now, Trust You or Healed.

Emelie Hollow Don’t Leave Me Now

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