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Georges Bizet best Aria is from The Pearl Fishers | It goes straight to the heart

aria from the pearl fishers

Among Bizet’s Operas, you surely know Carmen, but what about George Bizet’s best Aria from The Pearl Fishers (Les Pêcheurs de Perles)? “I believe I hear it yet”, also called “Nadir’s Aria”. Alain Vanzo’s lyric version sneaks into your soul.

Georges Bizet The Pearl Fishers (Nadir’s Aria – I Believe I Hear It Yet)

Trembol | Why Georges Bizet’s Aria from The Pearl Fishers is so good?

There are some opera pieces that just dig into my heart. At the beginning of 2020, Les Pêchers de Perles (The Pearl Fishers), jumped out at me, and i listened to this Aria called, Je crois entendre encore (I believe I hear it yet), also known as “Nadir’s Aria”. It’s from the well-known author of the Opera Carmen, Georges Bizet, who composed it in 1863.

It’s taken me a really long time to discover and share it with you!

This tenor aria from The Pearl Fishers got me obssesed and i listened to all its versions. I particularly fell in love with the lyrical interpretation of the tenor Alain Vanzo, with the Paris National Opera Orchrestra, conducted by Georges Prêtre.

In Trembol we believe it’s Bizet’s best Aria. This is the story behind the Opera:


George Bizet’s The Pearl Fishers synopsis. The story behind:

Mejor Aria Georges Bizet Los Pescadores de Perlas

Étienne Carjat / Public domain


A love triangle that occurs in the exotic Ceylon (Sri Lanka). In the past, Nadir, a young fisherman (the play’s main character and the singer of our Nadir’s aria) and Zurga, the chief pearl fisherman, fell in love with a beautiful priestess named Léïla. Both decided to ignore that love and keep their friendship. One day, the priestess returns to Nadir and Zurga’s town.

When seeing her, Nadir confesses that he still loves Leïla despite the time and sings “I beleive I hear it yet (Je crois entendre encore)”. Leïla and Nadir are finally together, but Zurga discovers it, rages and tells the High Priest, who decides to condemn the lovers to death.

Later Zurga realizes that Leïla saved his life time ago. At dawn, when the fishermen go to kill the couple, Zurga stops them and free the lovers, so they ran away. When the high priest returns and discovers Zurga’s plot, he orders his death.


The best songs. Discover more tunes and their insights.

You can’t miss ⭐️ The best parts of Nadir’s Aria

1. Take a deep breath and listen to the middle part. You’ll float.

2. The violins are so beautiful, like “Je crois encore la voir” 

3. The divine ending by woodwind instruments (clarinet..)


This is what it says | Lyrics and Translations of Bizet’s best Aria, Je crois entendre encore

French Lyrics


Je crois entendre encore,
Caché sous les palmiers,
Sa voix tendre et sonore
Comme un chant de ramier!

O nuit enchanteresse!
Divin ravissement!
O souvenir charmant!
Folle ivresse! doux rêve!

Aux clartés des étoiles,
Je crois encore la voir,
Entr’ouvrir ses longs voiles
Aux vents tièdes du soir!

O nuit enchanteresse!
Divin ravissement!
O souvenir charmant!
Folle ivresse! doux rêve!

Charmant souvenir!

Lyrics in English


I believe I hear it yet,
Hidden beneath the palms,
Her voice, tender and resonant
Like the song of a dove!

Oh, enchanted night!Divine rapture!
Oh, charming memory! Maddening euphoria! Sweet dream!

In the illumination of the stars,
I believe I see her yet,
Her long veils opening
To the tepid winds of evening!

Oh, enchanted night!Divine rapture!
Oh, charming memory! Maddening euphoria! Sweet dream!

Charming memory! 

Spanish Lyrics


Creo oír todavía,
Oculto baja las palmeras,
Su voz tierna y sonora
¡Como un canto de paloma!

¡Oh noche hechicera!
¡Éxtasis divino!
¡Oh recuerdo encantador!
!Loca embriaguez! !Dulce sueño!

En la claridad de las estrellas,
Todavía creo verla,
Entreabrir sus velas largas
¡En la brisa tibia de la tarde!

¡Oh noche hechicera!
¡Éxtasis divino!
¡Oh recuerdo encantador!
!Loca embriaguez! !Dulce sueño!

¡Recuerdo encantador!

Composition: Eugène Cormon / Georges Bizet / Michel Carré | Background Image: Giovanni Zuccarelli (1846–1897), set designerAntonio Bonamore (1845–1907), illustrator / Public domain

George Bizet Best Compositions 🥇

1. The duet that made The Pearl Fishers very popular, “Au fond du Temple Saint (In the Sacred Temple)“. Magical music by Jussi Björling (tenor) and Robert Merrill (baritono)
2. The most famous song from Bizet’s repertoire, La Habanera from Carmen, sang by a splendid María Callas live in Hamburg in 1962. A real treat for the ears, make sure don’t miss it!

3. One of Alain Vanzo’s most outstanding performances is “Pourquoi me réveiller“, from the opera Werther by Jules Massenet. His torrent of voice will not leave you indifferent.

Did you know...?

Nadir’s aria “Je crois entendre encore”, is played in the last episode of Smallville Season 3, when the character, with a terminal illness, tries to commit suicide.

Bizet believed that his play Carmen would be a big fail and died of a heart attack, 3 months after the premiere, without knowing that it would be an spectacular and lasting success. Nor he could imagine the popularity that The Pearl Fishers will reach.

Much more | Bizet’s Biography, complete The Pearl Fishers opera sheet…

Alain Vanzo canta la mejor aria bizet

Technical Note of George Bizet’s Aria from Les Pêcheurs de Perles

  • Bizet’s score provides for the use of: piccolo, 2 flutes, 2 oboes, English horn, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 4 horns, 2 pistons (piston horns), 3 trombones, bass tuba, timpani, bass drum, cymbals, drum, triangle, tamboril, tam-tam, 2 harps and strings. Easy peasy 🙂
  • You’ll find the complete free score in IMSLP, or if you’d rather try the sheet for voice and piano, Score Exchange provides a paid version.

Nadir’s Aria, sung by the best Tenors

1. Plácido Domingo

2. Michael Spyres

3. Rolando Villazón


4. Alfredo Kraus

aria from the pearl fishers
aria from the pearl fishers

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  1. Svanhild Øye

    This is one of my favourites too, since I first heard it almost 70 years ago, when I was a little girl.
    At the moment my favourite version is with Håkon Kronstad, singer and saxophone player, from Norway.
    You will find it on Spotify, called Je Croix Entendre Encore, on the album Tenor Battle.
    I love it!

    Greetings from Norway

    • JC Trembol

      Thanks for your comment and the suggestion, Håkon’s version is awesome

  2. Ronald

    Alain Vanzo is excellent, but Alfredo Kraus is my favorite


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