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abc best songs

The Look of Love, When Smokey Sings, Viva Love, Poison Arrow, All of my Heart, Be Near Me, The Flames of Desire, Ten Below Zero... these are the greatest hits of ABC and its singer Martin Fry, not to be missed!

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Best of ABC

  1. The Look of Love, Pt.4 | The Lexicon of Love
  2. Poison Arrow | The Lexicon of Love
  3. All of my Heart | The Lexicon of Love
  4. The Look of Love Pt.1 | The Lexicon of Love
  5. Overture | The Lexicon of Love
  6. Say it | Abracadabra
  7. Be Near Me | Classic
  8. When Smokey Sings | Alphabet City
  9. The Night You Murdered Love | Alphabet City
  10. King Without a Crown | Alphabet City
  11. The Flames of Desire |The Lexicon of Love II
  12. Singer Not The Song |The Lexicon of Love II
  13. Ten Belwo Zero |The Lexicon of Love II
  14. Viva Love |The Lexicon of Love II
  15. Viva Love Reprise |The Lexicon of Love II
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YouTube Playlist |Best ABC Songs

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Spotify Playlist |Best ABC Songs

abc best songs
abc best songs

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