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Best Alicia Keys Songs | Rhythm & Blues by a piano prodigy

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Empire State of Mind (New York), No One, Fallin’, Underdog, Doesn’t Mean Anything, Girl on Fire, My Boo… 20 years of career goes a long way, especially if you have an innate talent for the piano and you don’t mind baring your soul in every song you compose. Enjoy the best of Alicia Keys

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15 Best Songs by Alicia Keys

  1. Fallin’ | Songs in A Minor, 2001
  2. A Woman’s Worth | Songs in A Minor, 2001
  3. If I Ain’t Got You | The Diary of Alicia Keys, 2003
  4. No One | As I Am, 2007
  5. Superwoman | As I Am, 2007
  6. Empire State of Mind ft. JAY-Z | The Blueprints 3 (Jay-Z’s album), 2009
  7. Empire State of Mind II (Broken Down) | The Elements of Freedom, 2009
  8. Try Sleeping with a broken heart | The Elements of Freedom, 2009
  9. Doesn’t Mean Anything | The Elements of Freedom, 2009
  10. Brand New Me | Girl on Fire, 2012
  11. Girl on Fire | Girl on Fire, 2012
  12. In Common | HERE, 2016
  13. My Boo ft. Usher | Confessions (Usher’s album), 2004
  14. Underdog | ALICIA, 2020
  15. Show Me Love ft. Miguel | ALICIA, 2020
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YouTube Playlist | Best Alicia Keys Songs

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Spotify Playlist | Best Alicia Keys Songs

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New album Alicia Keys

ALICIA. New Alicia Keys album

Alicia Keys’ latest album is the most personal of her career.


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Alicia Keys albums

All Alicia Keys

Records, vinyls, posters, clothes? anything you can imagine from Alicia Keys.

Alicia Keys book

Alicia Keys: More Myself

Written by Alicia herself, the book is an intimate and revealing look at an artist’s journey from self-censorship to full expression.

Alicia Keys best album

Alicia Keys best album

‘Elements of Freedom’ is Alicia Keys’ best album, full of legendary songs by the New York artist.

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alicia keys songs
alicia keys songs

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