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Óskar Logi, the singer and founder of The Vintage Caravan has been playing crushing guitar riffs since he was 12 years old, driven by his love of classic rock, which he has been able to modernize by forming a band that leads Retro Rock.

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The Vintage Caravan Dark Times

Who are The Vintage Caravan? | Biography

The Vintage Caravan is an Icelandic rock band formed in 2006 by 2 boys named Óskar Logi Ágústsson (guitar and vocals) and Guðjón Reynisson (drums), when they were both only 12 years old. It would be 3 years before they got more serious and self-produced a first album named after themselves, which would allow them to start playing being hardened 💪

quién es The vintage Caravan

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As the band commented, playing live is the best exercise a musician can do, that’s why they spent a lot of time from one stage to another.

When they came of age, they signed their 1st record deal. They would also be joined on bass by Alexander Örn Númason, releasing in 2014, ‘Voyage (Travel)’, with its first video clip ‘Expand Your Mind‘, in which one of the trio’s hallmarks, psychedelic trips, began to sprout:

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It was very well received (more than 400,000 views), which allowed them to sign with a bigger company, Nuclear Blast, and start playing festivals like Hard Rock Hell or Wacken.

Their third album, Arrival, came in 2015 with a change of drummer for Stefán Ari. The band was still evolving and expanding horizons, from their native Iceland to the rest of Europe. They were also improving their sound, which was even more noticeable on their next album in 2018, Gateway.

It was the band’s most successful album up to that point, helping them consolidate what makes them different, a commitment to classic 60s and 70s hard rock, with a modern twist.

To continue their growth, they signed with Napalm Records, which led them straight to The Vintage Caravan’s last and best album, Monuments, released in 2021.


quién es The vintage Caravan

The Vintage Caravan (Facebook Image)

The Vintage Caravan Monuments | New album in 2021

Do you know why they decided to call the album ‘Monuments‘? They explained it this way:

Each song is like a monument, a specific time and place in our lives.

It is an album without complexes, where we can find songs like “Forgotten” where they mix the voice of Óskar Logi with synthesizers, “Crystalized“, where you can hear them knocking on doors, or “Said & Done“, where they copy a Billie Eilish trick with a fading end of the song, so that everyone applauds live 👏🏾

Monuments is a flawless piece of work. It is the definition of what retro rock means, demolishing guitar riffs, rhythmic bases like steamrollers, a seventies sound and a masterful production. In addition, all this is seasoned with a voice, which has led The Vintage Caravan to maturity as a band, and that augurs a very promising future.

There is a new generation of Rock and Roll and The Vintage Caravan looks set to be at the forefront.

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