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Piano Man, Just The Way You Are, She’s Got a Way, Honesty, Uptown Girl, Goodnight Saigon…these are the 15 best songs by the legendary New York artist Billy Joel. A walk through the history of American music.

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15 Best Songs of Billy Joel

  1. She’s Got a Way | Cold Spring Habor, 1971
  2. Piano Man | Piano Man, 1973
  3. Say Goodbye to Hollywood | Turnstiles, 1976
  4. New York State of Mind |Turnstiles, 1976
  5. Movin’ Out | The Stranger, 1977
  6. Just The Way You Are | The Stranger, 1977
  7. She’s Always a Woman |The Stranger, 1977
  8. Honesty | 52nd Street, 1978
  9. My Life | 52nd Street, 1978
  10. Goodnight Saigon | The Nylon Curtain, 19824
  11. An Innocent Man | An Innocent Man, 1983
  12. Uptown Girl | An Innocent Man, 1983
  13. We Didn’t Start The Fire | Storm Front, 1989
  14. State of Grace | Storm Front, 1989
  15. The River of Dreams | River of Dreams, 1993
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YouTube Playlist | Best Billy Joel Songs

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Spotify Playlist | Best Billy Joel Songs

billy joel songs
billy joel songs

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