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MANUEL CARRASCO Corazón y Flecha | Story behind each song

Manuel Carrasco’s 20 years in music have gone by like an arrow, singing songs that always go straight to the heart. ‘Corazón y Flecha (Heart and Arrow)‘ is the name of the Spaniard’s new album, which once again expresses his feelings openly.

Who does is the album dedicated to?

There are 3 key people to whom ‘Corazón y Flecha’ is addressed:

  • Lolito: This is how Manuel was called as a child. Much of the album is reminiscent of that little kid.
  • Gael: His second son, to whom he dedicates a beautiful song.
  • Almudena: His wife, to whom Manuel highlights as the most important figure in his journey.
Manuel Carrasco 2022 new album

Manuel Carrasco ‘Corazón y Flecha’ album cover

Manuel Carrasco is the Spanish solo artist who has gathered the largest audience at a concert. 74,435 people in Seville 🏟️

Story behind Corazón y Flecha (Heart and Arrow)

Manuel Carrasco’s ninth album is full of personal stories, origins and a promising future:

  1. Corazón y Flecha: The album opens with an excerpt from the aria ‘Un bel di vedremo‘ from Giacomo Puccini’s ‘Madame Butterfly’. Manuel is an opera lover and Madame Butterfly in particular has all the ingredients of Corazón y Flecha: love, heartbreak and a lot of passion.
  2. Eres: In Carrasco’s words: “Eres is a poisonous song, addictive like love. It has a popular melody, where rumba and funk come together”.
  3. Fue: A song that only Manuel can do. Beautiful lyrics with a flamenco rhythm. A beautiful way of describing the break-up: “Fue la vida idílica de los otros (It was the idyllic life of the others)“.
  4. Hasta por la mañana: A party song, one that Manuel doesn’t want to end because he is with his girl living the moment to the fullest.
  5. Coquito: A tribute to his son Gael, as he did with his first daughter Chloe in ‘Mi única bandera (My only flag)‘. Both appear in the video of the song.
    significado disco Manuel Carrasco

    Manuel Carrasco

  6. Ayer Noche: Manuel sings to his younger self whom he doesn’t want to disappoint. Did you know that at the beginning of the song you can hear his father singing in a home video 😆?
  7. Vamos a contar mentiras: The heartbreak song of Corazón y Flecha. It tells the story of a couple who are not doing well, but whose chemistry keeps them coming back again and again.
  8. Volviste: Nerves and more nerves is what we feel when the one we love but still don’t have comes to see us.
  9. Que Importa: A song about loneliness, the one you feel in the hotel after a concert, when you have no one to share your special moments with.
  10. Hay que vivir el momento:Like everyone else, the pandemic has hit Carrasco, hence this song in which he shouts out the urgent need to seize the moment. A signature song 😎
  11. Y Soy: Dedicated to his homeland Isla Cristina (Huelva), the song recalls Manuel’s childhood among family and friends.

Have I reached the top? I don’t think about it, but about the fact that there is still a lot to do. It’s true that there’s not much left to do in terms of the public. But I can leave my soul in an album like this to make better and better songs. In that sense, the ceiling is infinite, there is no ceiling.

Manuel Carrasco

Video | Manuel Carrasco Eres (You are)

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