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Who hasn’t been a fan or had a friend, child or partner who was crazy for a boy band! If it was in the 2000s, their fetish band was probably Blue. For all of you we have compiled Blue best songs and added his most succesful member, Simon Webbe, solo career greatest hits.

Fancy a smile? If so, we suggest you check out Simon Webbe’s article. You will discover Simon and Blue’s story plus Webbe’s anti-depression song 😃

Top 15 Blue & Simon Webbe Songs

  1. Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word [ft. Elton John] | Blue, One Love, 2002
  2. All Rise | Blue, All Rise, 2001
  3. If You Come Back | Blue, All Rise, 2001
  4. Breathe Easy | Blue, Guilty, 2003
  5. One Love | Blue, One Love, 2002
  6. Casino Royale | Simon Webbe ft. BATE, Casino Royale, 2020
  7. No Worries | Simon Webbe, Sanctuary, 2005
  8. Lay Your Hands | Simon Webbe, Sanctuary, 2005
  9. Seventeen | Simon Webbe, Grace, 2006
  10. My Soul Pleads for You | Simon Webbe, Grace, 2006
  11. First to the last kiss | Simon Webbe, Smile, 2017
  12. Nothing Without You | Simon Webbe, Smile, 2017
  13. Never mind | Simon Webbe, Smile, 2017
  14. Flashback | Simon Webbe, Smile, 2017
  15. Coming Around Again | Simon Webbe, Grace, 2006
the best of Blue

Simon Webbe Facebook Image

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Lo mejor de Blue

All Blue records

Here you’ll find the comple Blue discography, including their Greatest Hits album 💿

Simon Webbe Grace

The best Simon Webbe album

Grace is Simon Webbe’s best album. Moreover, it includes our fave track, Coming Around Again 🌟

último disco Simon Webbe

Simon Webbe latest album 'Smile'

His fans say: “It is an amazing album. Every track is fabulous. No album fillers. All hits!” 😍

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blue best songs
blue best songs

Tell us, do you like it, would you add or remove any? We are listening 🙉


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