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15 Garth Brooks songs that have made a mark on Country music

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garth brooks songs

The Thunder Roll, Callin’ Baton Rouge, Standing Outside the Fire, If Tomorrow Never Comes, Burning Bridges, The Storm, Shallow… more than 30 years in music goes a long way, especially if you’re the greatest country artist in the world. These are the 15 best songs by Garth Brooks.

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Garth Brooks 15 Best Songs

  1. If tomorrow never comes | Garth Brooks, 1989
  2. The River | Garth Brooks, 1989
  3. The Thunder Rolls | No Fences, 1990
  4. Burning Bridges | Ropin’ the Wind, 1991
  5. That Summer | The Chase, 1992
  6. Face to face | The Chase, 1992
  7. Callin’ Baton Rouge | In Pieces, 1993
  8. Standing Outside the Fire | In Pieces, 1993
  9. The Old Stuff | Fresh Horses, 1995
  10. Do what you gotta do | Sevens, 1997
  11. The Storm | Scarecrow, 2001
  12. When you come back to me again | Scarecrow, 2001
  13. Cold Like That | Man Against Machine, 2014
  14. Man Against Machine | Man Against Machine, 2014
  15. Shallow ft. Trisha Yearwood | Fun, 2020
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Spotify Playlist | Garth Brooks Live in Germany 1995

Garth Brooks music catalog is only available on Amazon Music, so this time we bring you the only album you can find of Garth on Spotify

garth brooks songs
garth brooks songs

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