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After almost 20 years on stage Epica managed to compose their most amazing album yet, ‘Omega (ΩMEGA)’. It’s all thanks to the cohesion of the band, who composed the album closer than ever, developing a collection of larger-than-life epic anthems which melodies will live long inside you.

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Epica Rivers

🎙Epica Omega (ΩMEGA)

Holland | 2021
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  • ‘Rivers’ is without a doubt one of the best songs of EPICA’s long career and of this 2021. It symbolizes the calmness and, at the same time, the uncertainty in life – the ebb and flow, as the band explains. Heartbreakingly beautiful!

  • ‘ΩMEGA’ is the eighth studio album of Epica, a symphonic metal band formed in 2002 in The Netherlands by Mark Jensen. The mezzo-soprano Simone Simons joined the project to be the frontwoman and give the band their characteristic epic sound.

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nueva album EPICA

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  • They presented the album with “Abyss of Time – Countdown to Singularity”, followed by Freedom – The Wolves Within” 🐺, a song based on an old story a wise Cherokee is telling his grandson about the fight within him that two wolves, evil and good, are holding. Of course, as any kid would do, the boy asks: “Which wolf will win?”. The old Cherokee simply answered: “The one you feed the most”. The song and video are just awesome:

Epica Freedom – The Wolves Within

  • The whole album, that features oriental sounds recorded all over the world (just listen to ‘Seal of Solomon’ or ‘Code of Life’), came together naturally as a group effort with each member of the band contributing to song writing. They stated:

For the first time in ages, we were working together in the same room, starting on each other’s ideas as early as never before. This made the album more coherent. For us, it was the only logical way to lift Epica to the next level. We had such a free flow of inspiration that we all agreed we would be extending this stay for the next album.

  • EPICA recorded with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and children’s choir. A really good choice that contributes to the grandeur that Omega radiates. 
  • Another highlight of the album are the oriental sounds, present in songs like ‘Seal of Solomon’ or ‘Code of Life’. They were recorded in different parts of the world by the band 🌏
  • The album is also special because it represents the end of “Kingdom of Heaven” saga. Omega features the third and last part of this monumental story dedicated to Jansen’s grandmother, who sadly passed away before he wrote the first part in 2009. The second part ‘The Quantum Enigma’ came in 2014, but we had to wait until 2021 to enjoy the most touching part, Kingdom of Heaven Prt.3 – The Antediluvian Universe, which was written again after 2 of the members of the band’s grandma’s passed.
  • Mark Jansen, EPICA founder, mused:

Everything happens in circles. The seasons, day and night, our lives, reincarnation, the planetary circles. The Omega Point Theory postulates that after the Alpha, the Big Bang, everything swirls together towards one point. There, at the Omega Point, all consciousness comes together into one point of unification.

Epica Kingdom of Heaven Prt.3 – The Antediluvian Universe

  • I can’t but strongly encourage you to buy an album that is bound to become history of Heavy Metal. I already did 😁

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