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Tino Casal Eloise | Barry Ryan, Meaning and the legend of Tino Casal


The legend of Eloise endures to this day. An iconic, explosive, essential song that defines the great Tino Casal. Find out what Eloise means, who is the original singer and what happened to Tino Casal.

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Trembol | The origin of Eloise

‘Eloise’ was written by Paul Ryan and sung in its original language, English, by his twin brother Barry Ryan in 1968. It had a strong orchestration, a powerful voice and beautiful dynamic throughout the song.

The truth is that it did very well for Barry selling 3 million copies and reaching the Top 2 of the British singles chart also entering charts in multiple countries, which encouraged Ryan to make a version in Italian.

In 1969 there were many artists who covered it in all languages (Finnish, Czech, French, Spanish…).

After that it fell into oblivion until 1985 when The Damned made a version reaching number 3 in the UK. Although The Damned are one of the precursors of punk, for our taste their version is far below the original.

That 1985 many versions of doubtful quality and originality would be made. At least it all that virality helped the song reaching Tino Casal’s ears.

original Eloise singer

Barry Ryan ‘Eloise’ single cover

The Damned Eloise cover

The Damned (Google Image)

Eloise meaning

Tino Casal (Facebook Image)

story behind Eloise
who is tino casal?

Tino Casal (Facebook Image)

How did Eloise reach Tino Casal?

In 1985 Tino Casal was convalescing after having suffered a sprained ankle in a concert, which did not heal well suffering a necrosis that made him fear for his life.

During those long months in bed Tino Casal did not stop talking with his producer and friend Julián Ruiz about returning to the music scene in style. In one of those talks came the idea of covering ‘Eloise’, but with new lyrics and rhythm.

They convinced the record company that it would be a success and obtained a budget of 12,000 euros to go to London to record it at Abbey Road with the 90 members of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the arrangements of the popular Andrew Powell.

Tino Casal would write a totally different lyric to the original one, closer to the madness of the 80’s movida 🪩, adding also a techno-pop base to the song.

Finally ‘Eloise’ was released in 1987 as part of Tino Casal’s comeback album, ‘Lágrimas de cocodrilo (Crocodile tears)’.

  • It was No. 1 in Spain for several weeks in Spain, being the second best-selling album in 1988 after ‘Descanso dominical (Sunday rest)’ by Mecano.

‘Eloise’ is a Spanish pop classic and one of the most remembered songs of Tino Casal’s popular discography.

What is the meaning of Eloise?

Eloise’ is a Greek word that alludes to a warrior 🦹‍♀️, as well as meaning ‘the chosen one’ in French. Beyond the etymology, for Tino Casal Eloise is a femme fatale, a woman who attracts you desperately, but who is highly destructive.

Some of the phrases Tino uses to describe her show just that:

She’s a professional hurricane… annihilating in her comes naturally.
Pain in your caresses… I’ll remain your faithful dog
So many nights I wish you, so many nights I’ll curse you
Without you my life is empty and nothing else

You know, don’t be near Eloise! 😉

story of Eloise song

Tino Casal (Facebook Image)

You can’t miss⭐️ The best parts of Eloise

1.- Initial scream, techno base and the melody comes in, here we go!

2.-En tiempo de relax empolva su nariz, Eloise (In relaxing time powder your nose, Eloise)“, legendary sentence.

3.- Apotheosic ending with impossible high notes and the techno base dropping “haaaa”, “amm”… beautiful!

What happened to Tino Casal? | A sad end to an icon

Born in Asturias in 1950, Tino Casal was a singer, composer, producer, fashion designer, painter and sculptor, an artist in all his dimensions.

Known for his extravagant dress and a style ahead of his time, he lived for a while in London and fell in love with Glam.

His first album, ‘Neocasal’, saw the light in 1981, although the great success would come with the song ‘Embrujada’, belonging to his 1983 album, ‘Etiqueta Negra’.

After his sprain and a few years out of the spotlight he returned in style with Eloise in 1987. He would release his last album, Histeria, in 1990.

In 1991, when he was making preparations to bring The Phantom of the Opera to the theater, he would have a tragic car accident 🚗. Tino was not driving, but as he was not wearing his seat belt, he suffered a severe blow that ended his life at the age of 41.

Since then Tino Casal would become a legend of Spanish music.

This is what it says | Eloise original lyrics and Tino Casal’s version

english lyrics


Every night I’m there
I’m always there
She knows I’m there
And heaven knows
I hope she goes

I find it hard
To realize that love was in her eyes
It’s dying now
She knows I’m crying now

And every night I’m there
I break my heart to please

You know I’m on my knees, yeah
I said please
You’re all I want so hear my prayer
My prayer

My Eloise is like the stars that please the night
The sun that makes the day
That lights the way

and when that star goes by
I’ll hold it in my hands and cry
Her love is mine
My sun will shine

Every night I’m there
I break my heart to please
Eloise (da-da-da-da-da)

You’re all I want, you’ve got to hear my prayer

My Eloise
I’d love to please her, I’d love to care
But she’s not there
And when I find you
I’d be so kind you’d want to stay
I know you’d stay

And as the days grow old (doo-doo-doo)
The nights grow cold (doo-doo-doo)
I want to hold her near to me, yeah (aah-aah)
I know she’s dear to me (aah-aah)
And only time can tell (doo-doo-doo)
And take away this lonely hell (doo-doo-doo)
I’m on my knees (aah-aah)
To Eloise (aah-aah)

And every night I’m there
I break my heart to please
Eloise (da-da-da-da-da)

You are my life so hear my prayer
You are the prize, I know you’re there
You’re all I want, so hear my prayer
Yeah, yeah
You’re all I need and I’m not there
You know I’m not there
No, no, no, no
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
My Eloise, I’ve got to please her, yeah
She knows I love her, love her, love her, love her, love, love yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
My Eloise, I’ve got your love for me, so please, yeah
My Eloise
She knows I love her, love her, love her, love her, love, love yeah

spanish lyrics


Es un huracán profesional
Que viene y va buscando acción
Vendiendo solo amor

Pasar por encima del bien y el mal
Es natural, en ella es natural

En tiempo de relax
Empolva su nariz

Eloise dolor en tus caricias
Y cuentos chinos
Yo seguiré siendo tu perro fiel

Mas Eloise es rápida como la pólvora
Serpiente en el Edén
Siempre va a cien

Donde quiera que va
La bomba de Hiroshima está
A punto de estallar, peligro no tocar

Sus pechos goma dos
Y nitroglicerina

Eloise dolor en tus caricias
Y cuentos chinos
Yo seguiré siendo tu perro fiel

Mi Eloise
Amar deprisa
Amar de pie
No se porqué
Me ocultas algo
Tu doble riesgo
Me perderé

La fiebre y el placer, que puedo hacer
Se convirtió en sucio polvo gris
Quién me lo iba a decir

Con tanta actividad
Me mortifica sin piedad
Y ya no puedo más, tímida luz de gas

Sus pechos goma dos
Y nitroglicerina

Tantas noches como te deseé
Tantas veces te maldeciré

Yo fui atrapado en mi propia red
Como una araña en cautividad
Ya no podré escapar

Mi Eloise
Sin ti mi vida está
Vacía y nada más

Mi Eloise
Sin ti mi vida está

Songwriter: Paul Ryan | Lyrics Eloise © Warner Chappell Music, Inc
| Background Image: Tino Casal Facebook image

Did you know...?

Tino Casal spent 8 days recording only his voice for Eloise. The song was very high in tessitura and he wanted it to be perfect.

Tino Casal bought a jacket in London costing almost 5.000$ to wear while presenting Eloise on TV. As it turned out, he didn’t wear it, wearing instead a jacket with blue sequins that he had sewn himself 🤵‍♂️

Much more | Best versions of Eloise

There are many artists who have covered ‘Eloise’, curiously close in time to the two high points of the song.

In 1969, after the original publication of Barry Ryan, there where many covers:

In 1985, after The Damned popular version a new bunch of covers showed up:

  • One with the magnificent voice of the most famous Italian singer, Mina.
  • Mino Reitano, also Italian, would do the same that year, but this time in his native language.
  • Robin McAuley released what he called the “bombastic version” of Eloise in the same year 85.

From 2000 onwards, there would be sporadic cover versions of Eloise like:

  • Italian singer Spagna recorded it in 2001.
  • Leningrad Cowboys and their giant tupes sang it live in 2003 in a very good version.
  • Howard Kaylan would do the same in 2005.
  • Australians Art vs. Science did in 2011 one of the most psychedelic versions, so much so that they changed the lyrics and title to ‘With Thoughts’.
  • The Spanish heavy metal band Stravaganzza would cover Tino Casal in 2014.

Technical Note | Tino Casal ‘Eloise

✔️ Barry Ryan’s original song and Tino Casal’s have some key elements in common: the orchestra, the melodramatic voice and the interlude.

✔️ The arrangements of Tino Casal’s version of Eloise were done by Andrew Powell, who was responsible for achieving a very rich and vital sound, along with the 90 musicians with whom he recorded the song.

✔️ Tino Casal recorded Eloise at a higher pitch than his own so that the treble would shine more. At the time of presenting it on television, as at the time only playback was done, he had no problem, in concerts it was another thing 😅

🎼 The song was composed in A minor, the main chords being: Dm – A – Dm – A

tino casal album eloise

Tino Casal ‘Eloise’ (Single cover)


Which version of Eloise do you like best? Tell us about it! ♥️


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