Ayreon Transitus. The new album in 2020

| Transitus is the new Ayreon album in 2020 by the mastermind of Arjen Lucassen (founder of Stream of Passion). It’s a rock opera based on a gothic ghost story in the 19th century.

| As a fun fact, the story is narrated by Tom Baker, from the famous series Doctor Who. Marcela Bovio from Stream of Passion is part of it as well.

2 CDs plus a comic book (which you can download here) to tell the story of Abby and Daniel. It’s a perfect record for those who love this genre.

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Marcela Bovio Through Your Eyes. The new album in 2020

I honestly can’t imagine putting on a show without involving Marcela… she’s simply the best!

| This is the way Arjen Lucassen describes Marcela Bovio, his bandmate in Stream of Passion.

| Through Your Eyes is Marcela Bovio’s new solo album. It contains 11 songs inspired by themes provided by her fans from different parts of the world.

| We’ve selected the best song from the album, “The Silence before the Storm”. The classic piano is a delight.

Marcela Bovio Through Your Eyes Cover Image

Trembol | Why Stream of Passion heavy metal fusion is so good?

I still remember in 2006 when i was a trainee and a colleague, who is a Heavy Metal passionate, told me about Stream of Passion. I was lucky enough that, just that year, they published “Out In The Real World”.

The song has lived in my head ever since, and now that I have decided to analyze it in depth, to share it with you, I know the reason why.

In the Heavy Metal world there are many songs sung by lyrical voices, accompanied by very powerful guitars. What sets this song apart is the fusion: The unrivaled progressive metal of Northern Europe, brought by the group’s founder, the Dutchman Arjen Lucassen, along with the Latin passion of the Mexican singer, Marcela Bovio.

By the way, in order to be precise, although Stream of Passion can be considered as a Progressive Metal band (specially in their latest albums), “Out In The Real World” is Gothic Symphonic Metal. I confess it, it’s my favourite.

Not everything could be good news, so let me tell you that the band broke up in 2016, after an 11-year career.

This song will live in your memory for a long time, as it has happened to me, so make up some space for it and turn to it when you need that touch of PURE ENERGY!


Marcela Bovio explains when Arjen Lucassen proposed her to take a leading part in Stream of Passion:


In the beginning I was a bit stressed! He gave me a lot of opportunity to collaborate in a big part with the writing of the songs, which is a great honor but also felt like a big responsibility to me.

We both didn’t know what to expect in the beginning, but things just started happening and ideas began to flow; we both got more and more excited with the way the songs began to evolve, and we ended up sharing a lot of wonderful moments with the band.


¡Al principio estaba un poco estresada! Él me dio la oportunidad de colaborar en una gran parte, con la escritura de las canciones, lo cual fue un gran honor, pero a la vez una gran responsabilidad.

Ninguno sabíamos que esperar al principio, pero las cosas simplemente empezaron y las ideas fluyeron; Ambos nos emocionamos más y más con la manera de evolucionar de las canciones, y terminamos compartiendo un montón de momentos maravillosos en la banda.

You can’t miss ⭐️ The best parts of Out in the Real World

1. When it begins singing in Spanish and the chorus.

2. The piano melody and Marcela’s vocals.

3. Loop-listen the ending of the song. Hack! 

This is what it says | Lyrics and Spanish Translation of Stream of Passion, Out in the Real World

Arjen and Marcela in Stream of Passion, beastly Heavy Metal


(Out the real world You are waiting to take my hand I’ll be looking for answer That leads me back) I’ve hidden wishes for so long Buried deep inside, Keeping them secret from a world That’ll never realize The way I dream Puedo ver esos ríos de luz [I can see those rivers of light] escapar de mi piel, hacia la fantasía [Flee from my skin, to fantasy]
Out the real world You are waiting to take my hand I’ll be looking for answer That leads me back
I lack the will to face my fears I’m running from it all And all the painful memories They haunt me once again I’m giving up…
Out in the real world You are waiting to hear my call, Through a river of illusions You saw me fall Out in the real world You are waiting to take my hand I’ll be looking for answer That leads me back
Outside, back in your arms
Out in the real world, you are waiting to hear my call. (Puedo ver esos ríos de luz) Through a river of illusions, you saw me fall (escapar de mi piel, hacia la fantasía) Out in the real world, you are waiting to take my hand (Hay en mí tanto temor) [There is so much fear in me] I’ll be looking for an answer that leads me back (Tanto mal que ocultar) [So much evil to hide]
Stream of Passion Lyrics


(Afuera en el mundo real
tú me esperas para tomar mi mano,
estaré buscando una respuesta
que me guíe de vuelta…)

He escondido deseos por tanto tiempo,
enterrados muy adentro,
ocultándolos de un mundo
que nunca se dará cuenta
de cómo sueño.

Puedo ver esos ríos de luz
escapar de mi piel, hacia la fantasía

Afuera en el mundo real
tú me esperas para tomar mi mano,
estaré buscando una respuesta
que me guíe de vuelta

Me falta la voluntad para enfrentar mis miedos,
huyo de todo ello.
Y todos los dolorosos recuerdos,
me persiguen una vez más.
Me rindo…

Afuera en el mundo real
tú esperas mi llamada.
A través de un río de ilusiones
me viste caer.

Afuera en el mundo real
tú me esperas para tomar mi mano,
estaré buscando una respuesta
que me guíe de vuelta

Afuera, de nuevo en tus brazos.

Afuera en el mundo real, tú esperas mi llamada.
(Puedo ver esos ríos de luz)
A través de un río de ilusiones, me viste caer
(escapar de mi piel, hacia la fantasía)
Afuera en el mundo real, tú me esperas para tomar mi mano,
(Hay en mí tanto temor)
estaré buscando una respuesta, que me guíe de vuelta
(Tanto mal que ocultar)

How does Trembol write the lyrics, translation and meaning or story behind?

Translations in Trembol are handmade with a lot of care and love, because we want to explain you the real meaning of the song and the story behind it, with the author words and in different languages. For this reason, we do not use automatic translators, which translate word by word, without understanding the background of the lyrics. In Trembol we believe in emotions and spreading music, that is why we also translate manually all lyrics to English, like this Out in the Real World, the best heavy metal tune by Marcela Bovio and Arjen Lucassen in Stream of Passion. Click on the box of the language you want to see, and it will open. If your screen is large enough (typically a PC) you will be able to view the two lyrics in parallel, the original and the Spanish translation at the same time. Cool, isn’t it!

Written and Composed by Arjen Anthony Lucassen and Marcela Bovio | Background Image: Stream Of Passion – First UK Gig (for the Classic Rock Society at the Oakwood Centre, Rotherham. By Tim Ellis. On Flickr

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Did you know...?

Stream Of Passion members lived thousands of miles away, so they decided to compose the songs for their debut album, Stream of Passion Embrace the Storm , over the Internet.
The main recording, mixing, and producing, took place in Arjen’s studio in the Netherlands. The drums at Fendal Sound studios in the Netherlands by Hans van Vondelen. The vocals in Mexico by Alejandro Millan. The lead guitars in Sweden and the final master at Fine Tune by Peter van ‘t Riet.
In 2007, one of the founders of the band, Arjen Lucassen, left the group, as planned from the beginning, along with his girlfriend, the guitarist Lori Linstruth.

🤔 Google most searched questions about Marcela Bovio and Arjen Lucassen (Stream of Passion)

Where is Stream of Passion from?

As its founder Arjen Lucassen is Dutch, we can say Stream of Passion band is a Dutch group.

Although, as we have said, he left the group very soon and his Mexican singer Marcela Bovio took the lead. That’s why Mexicans can also claim that the band has Mexican blood.

How tall is Arjen Lucassen?

I’m always surprised by the kind of things we search for about bands and its members surprised

In Arjen Lucassen case, a musician, composer and founder of multiple bands, many people just ask about his height.

Truth is that, although he doesn’t play basketball, he is 2.02 meters tall (around 6’7″).

Who is Marcela Bovio's husband and who is her sister?

Marcela is not married now (2020). In the past she was married to Johan van Stratum, Stream of Passion’s bass player.

Marcela has a sister called Diana, who is an actress and singer too. She took part in the band’s choir at the first concerts.

Much more | Official Web sites, interviews to Marcela Bovio and Arjen Lucassen…

Stream of Passion is Arjen Lucassen and Marcela Bovio

Technical Note of Stream of Passion | Out in the Real World

  • The chorus follows these chord wheel: Dm – F – C – Gm – A – Dm – F – C – Dm.
  • All the instruments used in the song are: Vocals and violin by Marcela Bovio, Keyboard and guitar by Arjen Lucassen, electric guitar by Lori Linstruth, bass by Johan van Stratum, piano by Alejandro Millan and drums by Davy Mickers. There also more violins and celli.
  • The “Pre-chorus” (Puedo ver esos ríos de luz escapar de mi piel, hacia la fantasía [I can see those rivers of light, flee from my skin to fantasy]) are sung in Spanish, giving that special fusion touch.
  • If you want to play it, you’ll find chords for guitar, piano and ukulele, thanks to Ultimate Guitar.
stream of passion
stream of passion

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Stream of Passion best songs 🥇

1. Stream of Passion, Embrace the Storm: Deceiver ” is a jewel from their first record. The song has a hypnotic atmosphere that will envelop you. We selected a powerful live version with a final surprise.

2. Niña de manos blancas, calma la tempestad y líbranos de todo mal [White handed girl, calm the storm and free us from all evil]”. This is Stream of Passion’s message in its great tune “Monster ”.

3. In Trembol we couldn’t resist the temptation to introduce you another amazing song: “Passion ”. Guess from which famous Opera they borrowed part of the melody. Phantom of the … 🙂

Most famous tunes by Marcela Bovio and Arjen Lucassen from Stream of Passion

We bring you Stream of Passion, Memento. Their last album recorded live, including all his greates hits such as: In The End, I Have a Rigth, Street Spirit, The Curse, A War of Our Own or When You Hurt Me The Most.

To listen to the full album you need a free Spotify account.

We also share a link to their YouTube Music Channel. It’s the page with the best organization of the whole Stream of Passion discography and it’s completely free. Well! you might see some ads from time to time.

Arjen Lucassen musical projects



It is Arjen’s first band, after his first solo album and his early steps with Bodine and Vengance. In Ayreon, he simply makes the music he loves, without categories or genres. Tends to Rock Opera style.



It’s a side project to Ayreon with the singer, Astrid van der Veen, who was 14 years old in 2001, when it was recorded. It focuses on ambient instrumental sounds and with the warm touch of Astrid’s vocals.

Star One


As a reaction to Ambeon’s soft sound, Arjen decided to create this metal project, which already has 2 published records. It includes great voices, such as Floor Jansen, the lead singer of our beloved Nightwish.

Guilt Machine


In 2009 Arjen started another side project with the Belgian singer, Jasper Steverlinck. Lyrics came by her partner and ex-Stream of Passion guitarist, Lori Linstruth. It is as dark and metal as melodic.



Arjen has so many projects that is overwhelming. In 2011 he published another solo album, called “Lost in The Real World”. In 2015 he formed The Gentle Storm, along with the singer, Anneke van Giersbergen; and in 2020 he released with Ayreon, “Transitus”. As you can imagine, our favourite is still Stream of Passion with Marcela.


The best songs, full of emotion, selected by Trembol for you.