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Bruce Springsteen Born to Run

What words can be used to describe one of the greatest rock songs? Just this: Born to Run.


Bruce Springsteen Stones

In his 2019 album, Western Stars, you can find a jewel. Stones, Bruce Springsteen best recent song.


Bruce Springsteen Letter to You

Bruce Springsteen’s new album in 2020, Letter to You. He is back with The E Street Band and fabulous songs like “Ghosts”.

If you are a fan of The Boss or want to give something away, you’ll find the most original and best-selling Bruce Springsteen items at the end of the article.

Do you want more Rock n’ Roll? Here is the Playlist with the best Bruce Springsteen songs of all time.

bruce springsteen albums

Springsteen has sold more than 135 million records, has earned 20 Grammy Awards, 2 Golden Globes, 1 Academy Award, and 1 Tony Award, was inducted into the Songwriters  and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and yet he is and will be remembered for the brutal honesty of his music. We tell you the story of The Boss.

Bruce Springsteen Trembol Card

  •  🗿 Name: Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen
  • 🎂 Born: September 23, 1949
  • 👫 Genres: Bruce is Rock and Roll and some Folk.
  • Nickname: The Boss. He used to divide the profits between the band members at the end of every concert, hence the name.
  • 💿 Discography: 20 studio albums in 2020.
  • 🕴 Band: Most part of his career, except from a few albums, he’s been with The E Street Band. The most popular member of the band is Steven Van Zandt (guitar)
  • 🔗 Official
  • 🗣 Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify.

I spent most of my life as a musician measuring the distance between the American Dream and American reality.

Bruce Springsteen at Barack Obama’s campaign (2008)

bruce springsteen albums

Bruce Springsteen Facebook Image

Bruce springsteen biography

Bruce Springsteen Facebook Image

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The story of all Bruce Springsteen albums | Songs, images, fun facts and videos

Bruce Springsteen New Jersey

It was the year 1971, Bruce was around 23, but despite his youth he had an experience of almost 10 years playing with different bands in multiple places in New Jersey.

  • No one knew him yet, but he wanted to take over the world, he had a great group of musicians behind (the future E Street Band) and what he called a magic trick, which for us is his honest way of portraying reality.

Bruce Springsteen Blinded by the Lights

1973. First album, Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.

  • It was not a commercial success, but the critics praised it.
  • It includes the song “Blinded by the Lights”. That name was used for the great film of 2019 with Bruce Springsteen songs as a leitmotif and soundtrack.
Bruce Springsteen Blinded by the Lights

1973. The Wild, the Innocent & the E Street Shuffle

  • 2nd album with a slight shift from Folk to R&B.
  • As part of the tracklist, “Rosalita”, one of the most played and acclaimed songs in his live shows. You can see it in the video.

Bruce Springsteen Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)

Bruce Springsteen Born to Run

1975. Born to Run, first success

  • Believe it or not, the album didn’t reach No. 1, however, its namesake song is The Boss’ most emblematic tune 🎸
  • Guitarist Van Zandt (famous for The Sopranos and always wearing a headscarf, like in the picture) joined the band. He added the unmistakable guitar line to “Born to Run” song.
  • The album includes tremendous Rock & Roll classics such as: Jungleland or Thunder Road.

Bruce Springsteen Hungry Heart

1978. Darkness in the Edge of Town meant a turn towards political issues

  • On the tour of this album Bruce began his characteristic long concerts 😎

1980. The River was Bruce’s first No.1 with masterpieces like ‘Hungry Heart‘ or ‘The River‘.

Bruce Springsteen The River

1982. Nebraska

  • The album wasn’t a sales success but received many praises, even though it was Bruce’s most depressed period.
Bruce Springsteen Born in the USA

1984. Born in the U.S.A.

  • Is one of the best-selling albums of all time with a clear message of support for the American working class

Bruce Springsteen Born in the U.S.A.

  • Born in the U.S.A. is a song against the Vietnam War that has a very special story behind:
    • Back in the 80s, Bruce was 30 years old, he was driving near a small town in Phoenix, stopped at a gas station and saw a book called “Born on the 4th of July” by Vietnam veteran Ron Kovic.
    • He stopped for a few days at a nearby hotel and saw a man in a wheelchair, who turned out to be Ron Kovic himself. Ron shared his experience with Bruce and visited a veterans center with him.
    • That experience, together with that of friends of The Boss who perished in the war, inspired Born in the U.S.A.

Bruce Springsteen Dancing in the Dark

  • Dancing in the Dark was the most successful of the 7 singles from Born in the U.S.A. album
    • The video for the song shows a young Courteney Cox (Mónica on Friends series) dancing on stage with Springsteen. That helped launching her actress’s career.
  • This is Bruce’s most successful era
    • All his albums were reissued in the UK and they all hit the charts
    • He also released a fivefold album called ‘Live/1975-85′ selling 13 million copies. Can you imagine that happening currently? A five-record box set! 💿💿💿💿💿

Bruce Springsteen Brilliant Disguise

1987. Tunnel of Love is a less vindictive album focused on love. It includes my favourite song, “Brilliant Disguise”.

1988. Bruce gives a concert in Germany to 300.000 people, cited by the local press as “the most important rock concert of all time”.

Bruce Springsteen live

The 90s. It’s the less prolific time of The Boss

  • In 1989 The E Street Band was dissolved.
  • In 1992 Bruce releases 2 albums at the same time “Human Touch” and “Lucky Town”.
  • In 1995, he would release his 2nd Folk album followed by an acoustic tour without great repercussion, “The Ghost of Tom Joad”.

Bruce Springsteen Human Touch

1999. Bruce returns with his band, The E Street, and released in 2002 “The Rising”, centered on the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Bruce Springsteen The Rising

2005. Devils & Dust

  • Bruce did not have a good relationship with his father, who was, as The Boss said: “Someone I used to see around”.
  • Before having his first child, his father came to visit him and asked Bruce not to make the same mistakes as him.

“It was the best moment I ever had with my father”, said Bruce dedicating this song to him:

Bruce Springsteen Long Time Comin’

From 2006 to 2009 he released a folk album dedicated to Pete Seeger, “We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions”, a good album, “Magic” and an album in memory of Danny Federici, member of the band died of cancer, “Working on a Dream”.

Bruce Springsteen Wrecking Ball

2012 Wrecking Ball

  • It became Springsteen’s tenth number one album in the United States.
The boss tour

2014 High Hopes is a covers album that ushers in the era of profitable world tours for Bruce Springsteen.

  • The River 2016 Tour’ was his highest grossing tour with 1.1 million tickets sold and more than 268 millon revenue.

Bruce Springsteen Sundown

2019 Western Stars is a wonderful record, played with an orchestra, which includes songs like “Sundown”, “Hello Sunshine”, or what for us is the best recent song by Bruce Springsteen, Stones.

2020 Letter to You Bruce Springsteen new album in 2020 marks his return with The E Street Band.

the story of all bruce springsteen albums

Bruce Springsteen is Rock n’ Roll history and has inspired and accompanied generations with his strong and close lyrics. We love you Bruce!

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🤔 Google’s most searched questions about Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springer or Bruce Pristing, how do people search for The Boss?

These three names: brus sprinter, bruce springer y bruce pristing, are the most common mistaken and funny ways in which people look up for Bruce Springsteen on the Web. As you can see, the name brings less confusion than the last name. “Brus” is the way the name sounds in Spanish. This is the list of ways Bruce Springsteen is called when searching on Google:
  1. Brus Sprinter
  2. Bruce Springer
  3. Bruce Pristing
  4. Bruce Sprinstin
  5. Bruce Espristin
  6. Bruce Esprinter
  7. Bruce Bruce Springsteen
  8. Blues Springsteen
  9. El bos
  10. The bosse
For the sake of curiosity, his complete name is Bruce Frederick Joseph Springsteen. Imagine that we had to search for that 😊 The name is the least of it, what matters is Bruce’s wonderful new and old music, write it as you please.

How old is Bruce Springsteen?

Bruce Springsteen is 71 years old, well, only if you read this article in 2020 (when it was first written), otherwise, you’ll need to do the subtraction: he was born on Septembre 23, 1949.

Despite his age, he keeps impressively fit and carries on to give amazing 4-hour rock concerts. I guess that’s why people are so curious about Bruce’s age.

By the way, just in case you are wondering where Bruce Springsteen was born, of course, it was in United States, in the state of New Jersey, more concretely in Long Branch.

Is 'Blinded by the Light' film based on Bruce Springsteen?

Maybe when reading the question your thoughts turned to the marvelous song by The Weeknd, Blinding Light or to Manfred Mann, Blinded by the Lights. Nothing like that, we are talking about a film that tells the story of a British-Pakistani Muslim teenager whose life changes radically when he discovers The Boss tunes.

The movie is not based on Bruce’s life, the meaning behing Blinded by the Light is just what inspiring Springsteen’s music is to the main character. Of course, there are tons of Springsteen songs in Blinded by the Light Soundtrack.

Mi favourite part of Blinded by the Lights is when the only other Muslim in the high school approaches the main character and gives him 2 records from The Boss, saying:

Bruce Springstten is the direct line to all that is true in this shitty world.


Why is Bruce Springsteen called 'The Boss'?

The nickname comes from 1972, his early years in the band, that wasn’t called “The E Street Band” yet. He was in charge of the money at that time. After the show, he would get the money and then distribute it among his band mates.

Since then, his band mates began to call him “The Boss”, the one who manages the money.

Bruce Springsteen on Broadway songs and facts

“Bruce Springsteen on Broadway” was a series of 236 concerts that Bruce gave in Walter Kerr theater in Manhattan from 2017 to 2018.

It was not the typical concert but a show, in which The Boss, between songs, used to tell his own story, his early days, the way he became a rock star and much more, in an intimate and special environment.

Springsteen on Broadway songs include solo live versions of classic Springsteen tunes, with compelling spoken commentary. It was by turns funny and deeply moving.

“Springsteen on Broadway” is the name of the album of music and stories by Bruce Springsteen, and the soundtrack to the Netflix film of the same name.

The complete tracklist with all Bruce Springsteen tunes sang in New York is:

  1. Growin’ Up
  2. My Hometown
  3. My Father’s House
  4. The Wish
  5. Thunder Road
  6. The Promised Land
  7. Born in the U.S.A.
  8. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
  9. Tougher Than the Res (with Patti Scialfa)
  10. Brilliant Disguise (with Patti Scialfa)
  11. Long Walk Home
  12. The Rising
  13. Dancing in the Dark
  14. Land of Hope and Dreams
  15. Born to Run

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Bruce Springsteen Autobiography. A bestseller

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Born on the 4th of July

The book that inspired 'Born in the U.S.A.'

Ron Kovac’s book, a Vietnam war veteran Bruce met and inspired Born in the U.S.A.

The Story Behind Every Track by The Boss

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bruce springsteen albums
bruce springsteen albums

I always talk, it’s your turn 🙂

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