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historia de la banda Mägo de Oz

Mago de Oz Biography [1988-2022] The complicated story of the band that treasures 30 years of legend

story of the band mago de oz

Singer and musicians leaving the band, lawsuit for plagiarism, on the verge of separation… nothing has been a simple and yellow brick road for this Celtic Hard Rock band from Spain. Have fun getting to know the life and music of an essential band, Mägo de Oz (yes, the -ä- is written with diaresis, Spaniards are crazy 😉)

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3 Songs to know Mägo de Oz


Mägo de Oz Fiesta Pagana

The band’s flagship and most loved song. It’s history of rock sung in Spanish.


Mägo de Oz La Costa del Silencio

Dedicated to a big catastrophe. Discover the story behind La Costa del Silencio (The Coast of Silence).


Mägo de Oz Bandera Negra

Their latest albumMägo de Oz “Bandera Negra (Black Flag). A very positive appetizer for 2021: Tu Madre es una cabra (Your mother is a goat).

Trembol Card Mägo de Oz

  • 🗿 Founder: Txus di Fellatio (drummer)
  • 🎂 Year: The band was formed in 1988
  • 👫 Genres: The band is an amalgam of styles: Celtic Music, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Folk Metal, Celtic Metal, Hard Rock…
  • Icon: The witch, designed by an artist called Gaboni
Mago de Oz biography
  • 💿 Discography: 14 studio albums until 2020
  • 🙋 Original members: Jose Andrea (lead singer), Carlitos (guitar), Frank (acoustic and rhythmic guitar), Salva (bass), Mohamed (violin) and Txus di Bellatio (drummer).
  • 🙋‍♂️ Current members: Javier Dominguez Zeta (lead singer)Txus di Fellatio (drummer), Mohamed (violin), Patricia Tapia (Choirs and secondary voice), Josema (transverse flute, whistle, Spanish whistle and bodhran), Fernando Mainer (bass), Javi Diez (keyboard, synthesizer, accordion and MorphWiz), Víctor de Andres (guitar), Manuel Seoane (rhythmic guitar)
  • 🔗 Official Websitemagodeozoficial.com
  • 🗣 Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify.

We’ve spent our lives loving that magical woman who holds our hearts captive and caresses our souls, the music

Txus di Fellatio (Mägo de Oz)

txus di fellatios

Txus de Fellatio Mago de Oz Facebook Image

jose andrea from mago de oz

Jose Andrea Mago de Oz

javier dominguez zeta

Javier Domínguez Zeta de Mago de Oz | Premsa Ajuntament de Torrent, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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Story of the band Mago de Oz | Albums, photos, fun facts and videos

Mago de Oz first album

1994. Mägo de Oz first album

  •  Txus di Fellatio leaves Real Madrid soccer team and founds a band called Transilvannia666. After some ups and downs, they release their first album called Mägo de Oz and sell 150 records. Hard beginnings.

Mägo de Oz Mägo de Oz

1996. They release their first Rock Opera Jesús de Chamberí (Jesus from Chamberi)

  • It would define their heavy style, which they retain to this day.

1998. The success comes for Mägo with La Leyenda de la Mancha (The Legend of La Mancha) and the song fans love Molinos de Viento (Windmills).

Mago de Oz first album

Mägo de Oz Molinos de Viento

Mägo de Oz La Danza del Fuego

Mägo de Oz Hasta que el cuerpo aguante

2000. Finisterra

  • Based on a novel written by Txus di Fellatio (the founder of the band), it represents the raise of the band with tunes such as: Fiesta Pagana (Pagan Party), La Danza del Fuego (The Fire Dance) or Hasta que el Cuerpo Aguante (Until the Body Holds Out).

2003. After a live album (Folktergeist), comes the best album of Mägo de Oz ‘Gaia’, which includes our favourite song, La Costa del Silencio (The Coast of Silence).

  • Gaia is the Greek goddess of the earth. The hypothesis of Gaia is a theory of James Lovelock and Lynn Margullis that speaks on the balance that takes place between the atmosphere and the surface of the Earth thanks to the life that inhabits it, without which the biosphere would not be maintained.
  • Mägo de Oz was the first Spanish band to bring spectacular sets to their concerts. In Gaia Tour they had a cathedral on the stage. It required 2 trucks to transport it and moreover, it broke down several times. It cost them a fortune to take it to South America, being only able to use it for 2 concerts in Mexico 🙁

Mägo de Oz La Rosa de los Vientos

Gaia Tour

2005. Gaia II, conflict with the Catholic Church.

  • After a covers album (Belfast), a live record (Madrid Las Ventas) and a compilation (A Costa da Morte) they release the 2nd part of Gaia. It was labeled as satanic and was very criticized by the Catholic Church at the time.

Mägo de Oz Hoy Toca Ser Feliz

2006. The Best Of Oz, brought the biggest problem in Mägo de Oz career, plagiarism!

  •  Fernando Ubiergo author of “Cuando era agosto 21 (When it was August 21)” sued the band for plagiarism for the song “Para ella (For her)”, which is identical. The band has always declared that it was not intentional, that a friend gave them the lyrics and they never checked if it was really his. The author asked for compensation greater than all the money Mägo de Oz had, but thanks to their lawyers they reached an agreement and gave all the rights of the song to its original author.
Mägo de Oz satanic

2007. La Ciudad de los Arboles (The Trees City) is their softest album.

  • The record company pushed them to record a new album at a time when the band members weren’t taking to each other.
  • A highlight, the song “Y Ahora Voy a Salir (And Now I’m Going Out)”. A tribute to their beloved Mexico.

Mägo de Oz Y Ahora Voy a Salir

Mägo de Oz Gaia III Atlantia

2010. Gaia III Atlantia (Atlantis). The band about to split up

  • After a live album (Barkaldo DF), they release the last part of Gaia trilogy. Like Atlantis, Mägo de Oz was about to be swallowed by the sea. Txus di Fellatio said in an interview on RockFM:

Mägo de Oz was still in a coma. It’s a record that shouldn’t have come out, but we either record the album or split up. I woke up one morning with the decision to announce the breakup as I didn’t want thing to get worse.

2011. Jose Andrea, lead singer of Mägo de Oz leaves the band

  • In order to avoid the dissolution of the group due to the bad coexistence of its members, a large part of the group was renewed, including a new singer, Javier Dominguez Zeta, who stated:

I do not intend to replace Jose Andrea in your hearts, as he is one of the best singers in the world. I simply want, little by little, to earn your respect and affection.

2012. Hechizos, Pócimas y Brujería (Spells, Potions and Witchcraft)

  • Among compilations, live and B-sides albums (Gaia Epilogo, Love and Oz, Celtic Land, Celtic Lanz of Oz) they released the first album with Zeta as new frontman.

2014. Illusia a “Circus-Steampunk” album, according to them 🙄

Mägo de Oz Hechizos, pócimas y brujería
Mägo de Oz Illusia

2015. Finisterra Opera Rock

  • Coinciding with the 15th anniversary of Finisterra, Mägo de Oz recorded the album again, with their new lead singer, Zeta.

2017. Diabulus in Opera, live in Mexico with a Symphony Orchestra

  • It reached No. 1 in Mexico and No. 4 in Spain, which was a resurgence of the band.

2019/20. After a compilation album to celebrate their 30 years in 2018, wow! (30 años 30 canciones – 30 years 30 songs), came their latest record, Mägo de Oz Ira Dei.

  • Ira Dei will be a new trilogy, so there’s a lot of Mägo de Oz left! In the meantime, after the pandemic year, they release in 2021 an album full of optimism “Bandera Negra (Black Flag)
  • Guess what! the story will continue to be convulsive. In fact, in 2020 their guitarists Carlitos and Frank left the band, according to statements to Mariscal Rock magazine, because Txus di Fellatio registered the name of the band behind their backs.

In 2021 and 2022 the band toured the United States, Latin America, Spain and several European countries such as Italy and Germany on its ‘Al Abordaje (On Boarding)‘ tour.

Mägo de Oz Te traeré el Horizonte (ft. Ara Malikian)

Still in 2022, Magö de Oz continued their good streak by signing a new contract with their record label ‘Warner Music’ for the recording of 5 new albums.

  • The first one would come in the form of a ballad compilation ‘Love and Oz II‘, presented with ‘Nos han robado la primavera‘, a song that talks about a man about to die from COVID-19.

In 2023, to celebrate their 35 years of career, they will make the 2nd part of their famous concert ‘Diabulus in Opera II‘, going on an anniversary tour in Spain and Latin America in the ‘Hasta que el cuerpo aguante Tour 2023′.

Mägo de Oz Nos han robado la primavera (They have taken the spring from us)

Mägo de Oz Ira Dei, new album

Mägo de Oz has reached all kinds of audiences, remaining what it has always been, a Heavy metal band.

If you want more of their music, here is the Playlist with the best Mago de Oz songs

story of the band mago de oz
story of the band mago de oz

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