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Andrea Bocelli Biography [1958-2022] The fascinating life of the tenor who was on the verge of not being born

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Andrea Bocelli’s life is an example of fight. From doctors advising his mother to abort because he was going to be born disabled, to his loss of voice, to almost throwing in the towel and going into law. How did he overcome it all? Will his son Matteo Bocelli continue the lineage of The Music of Silence? Find out everything with us 🙂

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3 Songs to know Andrea Bocelli


Time To Say Goodbye

Con Te Partirò (as it is called in Italian) is one of the best-selling singles of all time.

Andrea sings the popular English version with Sarah Brightman.


The Prayer

The combination of Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion’s voices is magical.

The song can be found in the soundtrack of the animated film “The Magic Sword“.



Released in 2020, the album is packed with cuts that are very personal to Bocelli. He described it thus:

The concept behind ‘Believe‘ is based on three words: faith, hope and kindness.

Andrea Bocelli Trembol Card

  • 🗿 Name: Andrea Bocelli (no surprises 😜)
  • 🎂 Year: He was born on September 22, 1958 in an Italian village called Lajatico (Pisa).
  • 👫 Genres: Opera, Classical music and Pop mainly.
  • 🎙️ Voice range: Andrea Bocelli is a lyric tenor. For those of you who like technical details, his voice reaches 3 octaves (C#2 – D5).
  • ✍🏽 Signature:
Andrea Bocelli autograph
  • 🎻 Instruments: Andrea Bocelli can play piano, saxophone, flute, harp, trumpet, trombone, guitar, percussion and accordion. Can you believe it?
  • 💿 Discography: Although he didn’t start very young, he has been enormously prolific:
    • Pop albums:16 (some in several languages)
    • Operas: 11
    • Classical albums: 11
  • 🔗 Official Website:
  • 🗣 Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube

What I most want and hope to achieve is to communicate with the public, to make them feel the same way my favorite singers made me feel in my childhood.

They made me cry and dream.

Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli short bio

Andrea Bocelli Facebook Image

Andrea Bocelli discography

Andrea Bocelli (SUSUMU TAKAHASHI Image)

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Andrea Bocelli | Biography and music

Although doctors advised her to have an abortion, Andrea Bocelli’s mother gave birth in 1958 to a child with very little vision. He became totally blind at 12 but found his way into music until he became voiceless at puberty. He decided to study law and was going to practice when he met maestro Franco Corelli with whom he found his voice again.

Pop, opera, classical music, nothing can resist this Tuscan who has sold more than 90 million records and continues to thrill the world at every concert. This is his complete story, inspired by what Andrea Bocelli calls music of silence‘.

Chapter1 | A nearly blind boy who was soothed by music

Andrea Bocelli story

Andrea Bocelli as a kid (Facebook Image)

Andrea Bocelli was born in an Italian village in the region of Pisa called Lajatico 🏘️

The mere fact of being born was already a big achievement for him, as doctors advised his mother to abort on the grounds that he would have some disability.

  • His mother was brave and on September 22, 1958, Andrea was born, with congenital glaucoma, or in other words, with very little vision.

When he was only 3 years old, he was being treated for his eyesight in a hospital and there was no way to calm him down, the child cried and cried, until suddenly he heard in a nearby room an opera that another patient had played.

Immediately he calmed down awakening something in him that still remains, his passion for music 🎶

Andrea Bocelli mother

Andrea Bocelli as a kid with his mother (Facebook Image)

Bocelli attended a school for blind children. As he excelled in the choir his parents decided that he should start studying piano. He would also learn flute, saxophone 🎷 and other instruments.

  • At the age of 12, he was playing a soccer game with his friends and the ball hit him in the eyes. The damage was definitive for his sight, leaving him totally blind.
  • He went through a very difficult period, but with great willpower he kept going by focusing more and more on music.

Did you know that Andrea Bocelli is an expert horseman?

That’s right, he started riding as a child with his father. He is really good at it.

Andrea Bocellli riding a horse

Andrea Bocelli riding a horse (Facebook Image)

Chapter 2 | Practicing law until Pavarotti arrived

In 1972, when he was just 14 years old, he won his first young talent contest. Everything was going well, until puberty, when he lost his voice 🗣️

Little by little he recovered it, but he had also lost his confidence, so, despite continuing part-time playing and singing in bars and clubs, he focused on his studies and got a doctorate in law.

  • His life would change in 1986, at the age of 28, when she was introduced to the man who would become his teacher, Italian tenor Franco Corelli.
  • Franco touch Andrea what the music of silence was. A technique in which you remain silent as much as you can to take care of the voice so that it is at rest when it’s the teim to sing.
  • Andrea Bocelli called his autobiography ‘The Music of Silence‘, which will become a film later.

In 1992 Andrea Bocelli married Enrica Cenzatti, whom he met years before when he played the piano in Pisa. They had 2 sons, Amos and Matteo Bocelli. They would divorce in 2002 💔.

Andrea Bocelli's family

Andrea Bocelli with Enrica Cenzatti and his sons (Source: Rino Petrosino Mondadori via Getty Images)

Andrea Bocelli & Zucchero Miserere

That same year (1992), Italian rock star Zucchero composes a song called ‘Miserere (Mercy)‘ together with Bono of U2.

  • Zucchero wants Luciano Pavarotti to sing it with him. To convince him he decides to record a demo with another tenor.
  • Andrea Bocelli goes to the casting and is selected 👌🏽
  • Listening to the demo, Pavarotti tells Zucchero:

Who’s that singing? You don’t need me! I couldn’t do it better than him!

Pavarotti would record Miserere with Zucchero achieving a spectacular success.

  • It was a very tough time for Andrea Bocelli. Despite having done the demo, he was waiting for an opportunity to sing it in concert and finally make himself known.
  • He spent his days by the phone ☎️, waiting for a call. Finally, it rung, and it was Zucchero inviting Andrea to join him on his European tour.

The tour was sold out. By the end of it Luciano Pavarotti finally met Andrea Bocelli, asking him to join the 2nd edition of “Pavarotti & Friends“.

Andrea Bocelli Pavarotti

Andrea Bocelli & Luciano Pavarotti (Facebook Image)

Chapter 3 | Conquest of San Remo and leap to world fame

None of the criticism Andrea Bocelli suffered in the past claiming that he would never become a recognized lyric singer stopped him. Indeed, in 1993 he signed his first record contract.

1994 would be his year 👆🏽.

  • He won the prestigious Italian festival of San Remo, with the highest score to date, singing ‘Il mare calmo della sera (The calm sea of the evening)‘.
  • That would be the title of his 1st album, which includes wonderful versions of Caruso and E lucean le stelle (And the stars shone), from Puccini’s opera Tosca.

Andrea Bocelli Il mare calmo della sera (San Remo 1994)

His popularity was spreading like wildfire, and it became even wider in 1995 thanks to his 2nd album, ‘Bocelli‘, which included memorable tunes like:

  • Con te Partirò (we’ll tell you the story behind the song shortly): The English version featuring Sarah Brightman, ‘Time to Say Goodbye, would be part of Bocelli’s next record, ‘Viaggio Italiano‘. It is one of the best songs ever.
  • Vivo per lei (I live for him): Although the song was not very successful at first, its Spanish version with singer Marta Sanchez, Vivo por ella‘, is already a classic in Spanish-speaking countries ❤️
  • Per amore (For love): A gorgeous hidden gem in the album.

Andrea Bocelli & Marta Sanchez Vivo por ella

Andrea Bocelli opera

Andrea Bocelli performing an opera (Facebook Image)

In 1996 Andrea Bocelli released his first international album, ‘Romanza‘, selling more than 16 million copies worldwide 🌏.

  • Andrea would record with Cecilia Bartoli and Myung-Whun Chung in 2 albums: An Hymn for the World and Voices from Heaven.
  • As the great lyric tenor that he is, in 1998 Bocelli plays his first role in theater, in Puccini’s La Bohème. A dream come true!

Andrea Bocelli was named one of the 50 most beautiful men by People magazine 🧔🏽 and in 1999 he became the first classical artist to be nominated for a Grammy for Best New Artist.

Chapter 4 | Bocellimania!

In the 2010s the world goes crazy with Andrea Bocelli. His 2000 album ‘Sacred Arias’ became the best-selling classical music record by a solo artist in history. He then went on a world tour.

  • He also released an album singing Verdi and another of La Boheme (Puccini), his first complete opera, with maestro Zubin Mehta conducting. Later he would record Verdi’s Requiem ⚰️
  • That unforgettable year he also sang with Celine Dion the mega-hit ‘The Prayer‘.

Unfortunately, not everything could be happiness, Alessandro Bocelli, Andrea’s father, dies one day before he was to sing to Pope John Paul II in Rome. His mother, Edi Bocelli, insists him to fulfill his commitment. He did so.

  • In July 2000 he performs a concert in the Statue of Liberty, dedicating the song ‘Sogno (Dream)‘ to his father.

Andrea Bocelli Sogno

Andrea Bocelli El lucevan le stelle (Puccini’s Tosca)

andrea bocelli music

Andrea Bocelli (Facebook Image)

In 2001 Andrea Bocelli returns to Pop with ‘Cieli di Toscana’. An album that takes him on a new series of concerts from China to Madison Square Garden in New York, stopping for a one-time show in the pyramids of Egypt.

  • In 2002, Andrea recorded the album ‘Sentimento‘ and sung again with his dear friend  Pavarotti.
  • He also takes up opera again and returns with 2 major productions: Tosca and Il Trovatore 🎭.
  • At the end of 2003, his beloved maestro Franco Corelli passes away.

2000 is the year ofAndrea‘, a new Pop album with magnificent songs such as: L’Attesa (The Waiting), Sempre o mai (Always or Never) and Dell’ amore non si sa (We don’t know about love).

In 2005 he performs his first concert with Latin composers music and also releases Massenet Werther and Aria, two classic albums where, among other arias, Bocelli sings the famous duet of The Pearl Fishers (you’ll find the story behind this opera in the link).

Andrea Bocelli Bésame mucho (Kiss me a lot)

In 2006 his great friend Luciano Pavarotti died. He sang Mozart’s Ave Verum Corpus in the Cathedral of Modena in his honor.

Two new operas are published, Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci, as well as successful Pop albums:

  • Amore (2006): It includes those songs he used to sing in bars when he was unknown.
  • Incanto (2008): An album of classic Italian songs 🛶.

In 2009 he releases a Christmas songs record called ‘My Christmas‘. Of course, it’s on our list of best Christmas songs.

Chapter 5 | New wife and famous duets era

Andrea Bocelli is invited to sing at the opening ceremony of Expo 2010 in Shanghai, delighting the world with ‘Nessun Dorma‘.

  • The following day, he takes part in a concert at the Shanghai stadium in front of 80,000 people 🏟️.

2011 is another good year as he releases ‘Notte Illuminata‘, performs a unique concert called ‘One Night at Central Park‘, and creates his own foundation, ‘ABF Andrea Bocelli Foundation‘.

Andrea Bocelli Nessun Dorma

Andrea Bocelli & Jennifer Lopez Quizás, quizás, quizás (Maybe, maybe, maybe)

Framed in his 2013 album, Passione, Andrea Bocelli performs one of his most famous duets with Jennifer Lopez, ‘Quizás, quizás, quizás (Maybe, maybe, maybe)‘.

In 2013 he also releases a beautiful live album called ‘Love in Portofino‘.

  • A year later came the operas: Manon Lescaut by Puccini, directed by Placido Domingo and Turandot.

In 2014 Andrea Bocelli marries Veronica Berti 👰🏽 From that union, Andrea’s third child, Virginia Bocelli, would be born.

Cinema‘ is the name of the album that in 2015 got Andrea Bocelli and Ariana Grande together for the delicate ‘E piu ti penso (And more I think of you)‘.

  • Bocelli, who processes a deep Catholic faith, starts a new tour to propagate the mission of the family according to the Church, on behalf of Pope Francisco ⛪.
  • The album Cinema, dedicated to film songs, includes a breathtaking version of the main theme of Gladiator, ‘Nelle Tue Mani (Now we are free,
Andrea Bocelli wife

Veronica Verti, Virginia Bocelli and Andrea Bocelli (Facebook Image)

Chapter 6 | Duet with Ed Sheeran and song with son Matteo Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli & Matteo Bocelli Fall on me

In 2018, one of Andrea’s best work, ‘Sí (Yes)‘ is released. In it we can find:

  • The first song his son Matteo Bocelli, ‘Fall on me‘. Its Spanish version is called ‘Ven a mi‘ and it belongs to the soundtrack of Disney’s film ‘The Nutcracker and the Four Realms‘ 🌰
  • A track together with Dua Lipa, ‘If Only‘.
  • Special guests like Josh Groban and soprano Aida Garifullina.

Andrea Bocelli & Ed Sheeran Perfect Symphony

In this amazing ‘‘ Andrea surprised us with his 2nd collaboration with Ed Sheeran, following the huge hit that their first track together, Perfect Symphony, represented.

Andrea commented:

It was a beautiful experience. My children love Ed Sheeran and when he came to my house, my whole family was very happy 😃.

For the first time in his career, he placed at the top of the Billboard 200.

2020 is the year of Andrea Bocelli’s last album so far, ‘Believe‘.

  • In December of that year Bocelli gave an emotional concert called ‘Music for hope‘, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Already in 2021, we find Andrea on the soundtrack of ‘Fatima‘, performing the fantastic original theme ‘Gratia plena‘.

Andrea Bocelli Gratia plena

blind italian opera singer

Andrea Bocelli (Facebook Image)

Critics told Andrea Bocelli that he would only be an unsuccessful blind Italian opera singer. It seems that they were the ones who couldn’t see beyond. Bocelli has become a legend, both for his voice and for his incredible pop and opera repertoire.

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Who is Andrea Bocelli's son?

Andrea Bocelli has 3 children, 2 boys from his first marriage, Amos (1995) and Matteo (1997), and a girl from his current one, Virginia Bocelli (2012).

Andrea Bocelli’s best-known son is Matteo Bocelli, as he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps (find out more here).

andrea bocelli virginia bocelli

Andrea Bocelli sons: Amos Bocelli, Matteo Bocelli and Virginia Bocelli (Facebook Image)

Who is Andrea Bocelli's wife?

Andrea Bocelli has been married twice. His first marriage took place in 1992 with Enrica Cenzatti. They later divorced in 2002.

It would not be until 2014 that Andrea Bocelli would marry again, this time to Veronica Berti, whom he knew from years ago and who is 26 years younger than him. Veronica accompanies him almost everywhere he goes.

andrea bocelli veronica berti

Andrea Bocelli current wife, Veronica Berti (Facebook Image)

Is Andrea Bocelli a blind man?

As we tell in his biography, Andrea Bocelli was born with congenital glaucoma, which means that he could see, but very little and blurred.

At the age of 12, playing soccer with other blind children, he was hit in the head by a ball and this caused damage that would leave him completely blind.

andrea bocelli
andrea bocelli

You tell me, I always do the talking 🙂


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