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amenra best songs
Ritual, Children of the Eye, The Pain. It Is Shapeless, Ogentroost, A Solitary Reign... Amenra’s concerts are like “masses”, that’s why they call their albums, “Mass”. The atmosphere they create and the energy they give off is hypnotizing, check it out listening to the best Amenra song 🤘
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The 15 Best Songs of Amenra

  1. Ritual I | Mass II, 2005
  2. Ritual II | Mass II, 2005
  3. .The Pain. It is Shapeless. | Mass III, 2005
  4. .From Birth to Grave. From Shadow to Light | Mass III, 20051
  5. Thurifer. Et Clamor Ad Te Veniat (Thurifer. Cry for you) | Mass Iiii, 2008
  6. Dearborn and buried  | Mass V, 2012
  7. Boden (Tierra) | Mass V, 2012
  8. Children of the Eye | Mass VI, 2017
  9. A Solitary Reign | Mass VI, 2017
  10. Ogentroost (Eyebright) | De Doorn, 2021
  11. De Evenmens (The couple person) | De Doorn, 2021
  12. Kathleen | Kathleen, 2022
  13. Voor Immer (For good) | De Doorn, 2021
  14. .Razoreater. | Mass Iiii, 2008
  15. Wear my crown | Alive, 2016
amenra best tunes
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best of Amenra
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YouTube Playlist | Best Amenra Songs

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Spotify Playlist | Best Amenra Songs

amenra best songs
amenra best songs

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