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Debuting at No.1 on the American Billboard with 5 consecutive albums is a dream for any musician. This is the story of David Draiman, a boy who went to an audition for a Heavy band in sandals and shorts and became the frontman of one of the most successful groups in history, Disturbed.

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Disturbed Down with the Sickness

The band’s most famous song belongs to their debut album. What a way to start their career, composing a Heavy classic tune.


Disturbed The Sound of Silence

Discover whether Simon & Garfunkel like Disturbed Sound of Silence cover and the analysis of this eternal song.


Disturbed If I Ever Lose My Faith In You

The latest single in 2020, Disturbed If I ever lose my faith in you. A cover of Sting that is bound to surprise you.

Disturbed Trembol Card

  • 🗿 Founders: David Draiman, Dan Donegan, Mike Wengren and Steve Kmak.
  • 🎂 Year: The band with David Draiman as their singer and Disturbed as their name, began in 1996. 
  • 👫 Genres: Disturbed started with nu-Metal style and has turned to Hard Rock, but we can say they are mainly a classic Heavy Metal band.
  • Icon/Mascot: The Guy. The drawing of a distorted smiley face became the symbol of Disturbed.
The Guy disturbed
  • 💿 Discography: 7 studio albums in 2020.
  • 🙋 Original Members: David Draiman (vocals), Dan Donegan (guitar), Steve Kmak (bass) y Mike Wengren (drums).
  • 🙋‍♂️ Current Members: David Draiman (vocals), Dan Donegan (guitar), John Moyer (bass) y Mike Wengren (drums).
  • 🔗 Official Websitedisturbed1.com
  • 🗣 Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify.

When Music is the weapon, no one is safe, we are all indestructible, every fist has a voice, you must believe in the cause, a world army unites and the sickness is the cure.

Documentary – Decade of Disturbed –

Disturbed Band

Disturbed Facebook Image

David Draiman Disturbed lead singer

David Draiman, Disturbed singer (Razvan Orendovici, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

Disturbed albums

Disturbed by Stefan Brending

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Disturbed band Story | Albums, images, fun facts and videos

Disturbed heavy metal band

1996. David Draiman joins the band

  • The story begins with a boy rebelling against his extremely religious family and seeking his way as a Metal singer.
  • A young group called ‘Brawl‘ whose singer leaves them and open auditions to find a new one.
  • David, after another 30 auditions, goes to Brawl’s dressed in sandals, shorts and a white T-shirt, in front of 3 heavy musicians in full swing. Imagine the scene!
  • Despite the outfit and the fact that they had different musical styles, they felt something special together, so they changed the name to ‘Disturbed‘, because it was the way they felt about people’s conformity, and their career began.
Disturbed biography

2000. First album The Sickness

  • Unbelievable debut for an unknown band at that time. Direct to number 20 on the American Billboard 200.
  • It includes the fan favourite song “Down with the Sickness.

Disturbed Voices

2002. Believe, their first number one

  • This album would be the first of 5 in a row that Disturbed has placed at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 (American hits chart). Milestone only reached by Metallica and David Matthews Band.

Disturbed Land of Confusion

2002. Ten Thousand Fists

  • They fire their bass player because of some “discrepancies” 😉 and John Moyer joins the band.
  • In this album they begin introducing guitar solos: Stricken, Land of Confusion

Disturbed Stricken

2007. Indestructible would be the first album they produced themselves.

2010. Asylum

  • The spell of good luck continued, fourth No.1, with legendary tunes like “The Vengeful One”.

Disturbed The Vengeaful Ones

2015. They return with a new sound and the best album of their career, Immortalized.

Disturbed Immortalized

Disturbed Your Mine

Disturbed A Reason To Fight

2018. Evolution

  • The group had already transformed their sound but with this album they ratified it. Powerful songs like “Stronger on your own” and melodic ones like “A reason to fight”, a beautiful song conveying the message that:

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug/alcohol addiction or having thoughts of suicide look for help

2020. Following their successful series of covers Disturbed releases a new single “If I Ever Lose My Faith In You, a song by Sting.

In 2022 Disturbed returned with a new album ‘Divisive‘.

Disturbed If I Ever Lose My Faith In YOU
Biography Disturbed

Disturbed is a Heavy band, but they have evolved into a music that, as their followers say, “you can finally listen to with your mother”, are you going to try? 😄

If you want more, we’ve prepared the definitive Playlist with the best songs by Disturbed

disturbed band
disturbed band

I always talk, it’s your turn 🙂

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