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The discography of Disturbed has varied over time from a stronger style, nu-Metal, through classic Heavy Metal, to the current Hard Rock. We have selected the greatests hits of this journey in the definitive Playlist with the 15 best songs of Disturbed, Enjoy it!

Top 15 Best Songs by Disturbed

  1. Voices [The Sickness, 2000]
  2. The light [Immortalized, 2015]
  3. Stricken [Ten Thousand Fists, 2005]
  4. Shout 2000 [The Sickness, 2000]
  5. Inside the fire [Indestructible, 2008]
  6. The vengeful one [Immortalized, 2015]
  7. Land of confusion [Ten Thousand Fists, 2005]
  8. Open your eyes [Immortalized, 2015]
  9. Stronger on your own [Evolution, 2018]
  10. What are you waiting for [Immortalized, 2015]
  11. Indestructible [Indestructible, 2008]
  12. You’re mine [Immortalized, 2015]
  13. A reason to fight [Evolution, 2018]
  14. Down with the sickness [The Sickness, 2000]
  15. The sound of silence (El sonido del silencio) [Immortalized, 2015]
The best songs by Disturbed

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The Guy disturbed

Disturbed Mascot “The Guy”

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YouTube Playlist the Best Songs by Disturbed

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Spotify Playlist the Best Songs by Disturbed

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best songs by disturbed
best songs by disturbed

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