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DISTURBED Divisive | 90% heavy 10% ‘The Sound of Silence’

4 years after their previous album Disturbed returns with ‘Divisive. The most famous Nu Metal (New Metal) band brings back the sound of their origins, but with nods to what made them so popular, ‘The Sound of Silence‘ style.

What is Divisive about?

Los 4 chicos de Chicago elegieron el título ‘Divisivo’ porque es como sienten que la sociedad se encuentra ahora, buscando aquello que nos separa, en vez de lo que nos hace iguales.

Esta temática la despliegan durante todo el álbum:

  • Hey You, el primer y mejor tema del Divisive es un toque de atención que nos dice que nos hemos vuelto adictos a estar indignados con los demás 🤬
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Disturbed ‘Divisive’ album cover

Divisive entered at number 1 on Billboard’s Alternative Albums, Hard Rock Albums and Digital Albums charts.

What will we find in Divisive?

Disturbed’s eighth album, in the band’s own words, is “90 percent heavy as fuck“, with 10 percent goodness.

Although with more contemporary mixes, Divisive’s approach is that of the hard rock that made the band the most successful of the so-called ‘nu metal’. A record that is underpinned by the riffs of Dan Donegan and the vocal power of David Draiman.

The only glimmer of a mainstream band to be found on Divisive is ‘Don’t Tell Me‘, which features a collaboration with Ann Wilson. It’s a track inspired by guitarist Dan Donegan’s divorce after 18 years of marriage 💔

Another highlight is ‘Bad Man‘, a hard-hitting track, inspired by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The song features a video created using 10,000 frames linked by artificial intelligence.

. People are addicted to outrage. They’re addicted to finding the next thing that will piss them off so they can rave about it on social media. Everything negative was given a shot of steroids.

David Draiman (Disturbed frontman)

Video | Disturbed Hey You

Divisive tracklist

  1. Hey you
  2. Bad man
  3. Divisive
  4. Unstoppable
  5. Love to hate
  6. Feeding the fire
  7. Don’t tell me – con Ann Wilson
  8. Take back your life
  9. Part of me
  10. Won’t back down

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