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Volbeat has just covered Metallica with ‘Don’t Tread On Me‘, another step for this amazing Danish band, whose new album will be released in 2021 plenty of songs that mix Heavy Metal and Rockabilly, such as ‘Wait a minute my girl‘. Discover the story and best songs of a band already acclaimed in Europe.

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Volbeat Wait a minute my girl

Volbeat is on everyone’s lips these days for 2 reasons:

1. The Danes are part “The Metallica Blacklist” album with ‘Don’t Tread On Me‘. The giant record collects versions of all 12 songs that form Metallica’s “Black Album“, done by no less than 53 artists. All benefits will be donated to charity 👏🏽

2. To liven up the summer they have released 2 fantastic singles:

  • Wait a minute my girl: A classic Rock n’ Roll that tastes like the 50s and is perfect for fun.
  • Dagen før: A Pop song (the only one on the album) featuring Stine Bramsen that has really good vibe.

Volbeat’s 2 new songs are fresh and very upbeat, but don’t be fooled! The band has already confirmed that the album, coming at the end of 2021, will be the heaviest they have recorded so far 🤘🏽

Volbeat biography in a nutshell

Volbeat is a Danish band founded in 2001 by Michael Polusen (ex-Dominus). It is known for its interesting mix of Rock and Roll and Rockabilly with Heavy Metal, which has made them very popular, mainly in Central Europe.

What is Rockabilly?

It is a musical genre born in the 50s in the United States based on the combination of Rock and Hillbilly (Folk in a harder version). It is characterized by its speed and the rhythm that is typically carried by a double bass.

If you remember the movie Grease, you can get a clear picture of how a Rockabilly dresses 👖 although the members of Volbeat do not wear those clothes.

Volbeat metallica

Volbeat Website Press Image

From their first demos back in 2002, to their latest and successful album in 2019, ‘Rewind, Replay, Rebound‘, they have played year after year in all the major Rock festivals around the world, have opened for Metallica on several occasions, have climbed to the Top 1 on a recurring basis and have released 6 gorgeous albums, placing them at the top of the international metal scene.

This is Volbeat’s discography:

  • The Strength / The Sound / The Songs (2005) – Good start, significant sales and award for Best Album in the Danish Metal Musik Awards.
  • Rock the Rebel / Metal the Devil (2007) – No. 1 in Denmark, followed by European tour and opening tour for Metallica and Megadeath.
  • Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood (2008) – Without changing their peculiar style, they start to grow in the pop market thanks to this record.
  • Beyond Hell/Above Heaven (2010) – After the album’s good reception they toured for 1 year and a half 🥵
  • Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies (2013) – They are joined by Robert Caggiano, former Anthrax guitarist who merged with the band incredibly well.
  • Seal The Deal & Let’s Boogie (2016) – A huge international hit. It reached number one in countries like Austria, Canada, Denmark, etc.
  • Rewind-Replay-Rebound (2019) – The album is inspired by the series Peaky Blinders. Michael Poulsen (the singer) used to wear the legendary cap from the series at their concerts.

Best Volbeat Songs

What does Volbeat mean?

The name of the band comes from the title of the third album by Dominus, the previous band of Michael Poulsen, its creator. The album was called Vol.Beat, which is an abbreviation for ‘Volume Beat

You only have one thing left to do, join ‘Rebels + Angels‘, that’s how the biggest band supporters are called 😇 You can do so at Volbeat official website.

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