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The best of Sabaton | History told through Heavy Metal songs

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best of sabaton

We have prepared for you a collection of Sabaton’s best heavy metal songs.

A power metal storm, including the famous The Last Stand, the great Bismarck, Great War, Ghost Division live, A Lifetime of War, Panzerkampf and the rest of Sabaton‘s greatest hits. Enjoy it!

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AUTHOR | JC Trembol

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Top 15 Sabaton Songs

  1. Bismarck | Bismarck, 2019
  2. The Last Stand | The Last Stand, 2016
  3. Primo Victoria | Primo Victoria 2010
  4. Resist and Bite | Heroes, 2014
  5. Carolus Rex | Swedish Empire (Live), 2013
  6. Angels Calling ft. Apocalyptica | Angels Calling, 2020
  7. Great War | The Great War, 2019
  8. Panzerkampf | Art of War, 2008
  9. Nigth Witches | Heroes, 2014
  10. Shadows | Metalizer, 2007
  11. To Hell and Back | Heroes, 2014
  12. Ghost Division | Art of War, 2008
  13. Defense of Moscow | Defense of Moscow, 2021
  14. The Attack of the Dead Men | The Great War, 2019
  15. A Lifetime of War | Carolus Rex, 2012
Sabaton best songs

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the best tracks by Sabaton

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YouTube Playlist | The best of Sabaton

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Spotify Playlist | The best of Sabaton

best of sabaton
best of sabaton

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