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Some people discovered Ben Platt thanks to his role in the Broadway musical ‘Dear Evan Hansen, some more for the Netflix series ‘The Politician, we did thanks to his latest album ‘Reverie, where he embodies everything he learned on stage 👨🏽‍🎓

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Ben Platt Happy to be Sad

Who is Ben Platt? | Biography and Music

Benjamin Platt was born on September 24, 1993, in Los Angeles, California, into a Jewish family.

With his father producing plays such as La, La, Land and Wicked, it is not surprising that Platt began playing roles in plays such as The Music Man at the age of 9. By 11 he was touring the U.S. with other plays and at 17 he got a main role in Les Miserables (Youth version).

In 2011 he moved from Los Angeles to New York to enroll at Columbia, but it was short-lived, because he got a role in the play ‘The book of Mormon‘, which took him for 1 year to Chicago. Still, he found time to join the campus a cappella group Nonsequitur.

The following year he got a supporting role in the movie Pitch Perfect, which he would repeat in the second part in 2015, receiving a Teen Choice award.

Dear Evan Hansen Ben Platt

Ben Platt (Facebook Image)

His big moment would come in 2016 when he landed the titular role in the Broadway musical ‘Dear Evan Hansen. Critics said:

It’s historic, one of the greatest male performances ever seen in a musical.

In fact, at 23, he was the youngest Tony Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role in a Musical solo winner. He would also go on to win a Grammy for Best Musical Theatre Album.

By the way, he has recorded Dear Evan Hansen movie at 28 years old, surrounded by controversy, because they say he is too old to play a high school boy. The truth is we can’t imagine anybody else singing the main theme of the musical, ‘Waving through a window‘.

In November 2017 he would leave Broadway to sign a record deal with Atlantic Records, which would lead him straight to his first album in 2019, ‘Sing to me instead.

This is a very musical and personal album, with deep and slow songs such as:

  • Ease My Mind: In it he talks about his homosexuality, which he made public in 2019, shortly before he started dating Noah Galvin, who replaced him in the musical Dear Evan Hansen.
  • Run Away: Beautiful track in which he tells his parents’ love story and asks his partner to replicate it 👨🏼‍❤️‍👨🏽
  • Grow as we Go: One of his most popular tracks in which Ben Platt tells how, even though couples need space to form and evolve, that growth can be done together. Here is the video:

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He soon began his first tour of the United States that would culminate in a concert in New York at Radio City Music Hall recorded for Netflix.

After that, he would begin his career in the same network in the famous series ‘The Politician, which soundtrack reached for 4 consecutive days the No. 1 in iTunes sales.

Also in 2019, filming began on Richard Linklater’s musical movie ‘Merrily We Roll Along‘, which will be shot over 20 years. By the time filming ends, Ben Platt will be 45 years old and the director 80 👴🏽

2020 would be another big year for Platt with the release of his single ‘So Will I‘, as part of the Deluxe Version of Sing To Me Instead.

  • He would also release ‘Everything I Did to Get to You‘, winner of NBC’s Songland contest.

And with all that baggage as an actor and singer, in 2021 he released…

… Reverie | New Ben Platt album in 2021

The title of the album Reverie‘ perfectly reflects the feeling you get after listening to it.

Recorded during the pandemic, it has a more electro pop style, not as melodic as the first, but still equally focused on very personal lyrics.

It also includes a nod to musicals 👯 with the 3 pieces called ‘King of the World’, arranged at the beginning, middle and end of the album.

From ‘Happy to be sad‘ with which we opened the article, and which talks about feeling sorry for not being with that person who means a lot to you for a while, to ‘Leave my mind‘, which is his favorite song to go for a run, all the tracks are worth it.

The album was introduced with Imagine, a song for the person in your life that makes the ordinary a lil bit magical. In Ben’s case, it’s his boyfriend Noah.

It also includes our favorite track, ‘I wanna love you but I don’t. Here is the video, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do:

Ben Platt doesn’t stop, and has just released a version of “Yoü and I” to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way album. He’s also preparing new movies like ‘The People We Hate at the Wedding‘. We’ll keep you posted!

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