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Marc Anthony has been making us dance for more than 30 years. Salsa songs, Pop tunes, Ballads… his soul is in each one of them. Enjoy Marc’s 15 best songs and as a gift, you’ll find a playlist with the greatest duets of the King of Salsa.

Top 15 Marc Anthony songs 

  1. When the night is over | Marc Anthony y Louie Vega, When the night is over, 1991
  2. Llegaste a mí (You came to me) | Todo a su tiempo, 1995
  3. Y hubo alguien (There was someone) | Contra la corriente, 1997
  4. I need to know | Marc Anthony, 1999
  5. You sang to me | Marc Anthony, 1999
  6. Tragedia (Tragedy) | Libre, 2001
  7. Te tengo aquí (I’ve got you here) | Mended, 2002
  8. Ahora Quien (Now who) Amar sin mentiras, 2004
  9. Se esfuma tu amor (Love disappears)Amar sin mentiras, 2004
  10. Tu amor me hace bien (Your love does me good) | Amar sin mentiras, 2004
  11. Valió la pena (It was worth it) | Valió la pena, 2004
  12. Y cómo es él (How is he)| Iconos, 2010
  13. Vivir mi vida (Live my life) | 3.0, 2013
  14. Flor pálida (Pale flower) 3.0, 2013
  15. Tu vida en la mía (Your life in mine) | Opus, 2019
best Marc Anthony songs

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the best of Marc Anthony

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Marc Anthony Greatest Duets

  1. Vivir lo nuestro (Live our thing) | India & Marc Anthony
  2. I want to spend my lifetime loving you | Marc Anthony & Tina Arena
  3. No me ames (Don’t love me) | Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony
  4. There you were | Marc Anthony & Jessica Simpson
  5. Escapémonos (Let’s get away) | Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony
  6. Recuérdame (Remeber me) | Marc Anthony and La Quinta Estacion
  7. Rain over me | Pitbull & Marc Anthony
  8. Paraíso prometido (Promised paradise) | Draco Rosa & Marc Anthony
  9. Cuando nos volvamos a encontrar (When we meet again) | Carlos Vives & Marc Anthony
  10. La Gozadera (The enjoyment) | Marc Anthony & Gente de Zona
  11. De Vuelta Pa’ la Vuelta (Back to the turn) | Daddy Yankee & Marc Anthony
  12. Deje de Amar (I stopped loving) | Marc Anthony & Felipe Muñiz (his father)
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La Gozadera marc anthony

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The best marc anthony collaborations

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Top 15 Marc Anthony Songs

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Marc Anthony Greatest Duets

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Top 15 Marc Anthony Songs

Marc Anthony Greatest Duets

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Best Marc Anthony album

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Marc anthony and jennifer lopez

Marc Anthony 'El Cantante (The Singer)'

Marc Anthony plays the legendary Puerto Rican artist Héctor Lavoe. The film's soundtrack contains ten songs by Hector on the voice of Marc Anthony.

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marc anthony songs
marc anthony songs

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