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Marc Anthony Biography [1968-2022] The King of Salsa who didn’t want to sing Salsa

marc anthony biography

Marc Anthony’s biography is full of love (he’s been married 3 times and has had many famous relationships), salsa (he has sold more than 12 million albums) and fun facts: he is American, he did not speak Spanish or know salsa when he began his career, he is also an actor … join us on this walk through his life and discography, it will surprise you!

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Marc Anthony in 3 Songs


Marc Anthony Vivir mi Vida

Marc Anthony is the master of Salsa because of songs like “Vivir mi Vida (Live my Life)”. Both the Pop version and this salsa version are Latin hymns to joy and freedom.


Marc Anthony Ahora Quien

Marc brings a lot of emotion to his songs, as well as an incomparable stream of voice, but this song is much more, discover its story behind!


Marc Anthony Mala

Marc Anthony’s latest single is another great salsa song that anticipates his long awaited new world tour ‘Pa’lla Voy‘ 💃

Trembol Card Marc Anthony

  • 🗿 Name: Marco Antonio Muñiz
  • 🎂 Year: He was born on September 16, 1968 in Nueva York. Yes, he is American!
  • 👫 Genres: Salsa, salsa, salsa and Pop music. 
  • 😎 Nickname: He is known as Rey de la Salsa (King of Salsa), but also as Flaco de Oro (Golden Thin) or Esqueleto de la Salsa (Salsa Skeleton). He’s always been very thin.
  • Signature:
Marc anthony signature
  • 💿 Discography: 13 studio albums and 3 compilations.
  • 🎥 Filmography: Marc has acted in numerous films (13). His most prominent role was in ‘El cantante (The singer)’, in which he stars with his then wife, Jennifer Lopez.
  •  🕴 Foundation:  Maestro Cares Foundation. With it he has opened an orphanage and a home-school.
  • 🔗 Official Website:
  • 🗣 Social Media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify

Music gave me life, it was my way of expressing myself when I couldn’t even speak, a necessity.

Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony story

Marc Anthony Facebook Image

Marc Anthony Data

Marc Anthony Facebook Image

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Marc Anthony Biography & Music

marc anthony kid

Marc Anthony Facebook Image

Marco Antonio Muñiz, so named because of his father’s favourite singer, had to change his name to Marc Anthony when he began his musical career.

  • To Puerto Rican parents, Marc was born the last of 8 siblings in 1968 in New York, although many people still think that he is Latin American. Well, his blood is 🩸
  • Marc started singing with his father, who was a part-time singer. The boy was so good that he used to make the audience cry, but he didn’t like. You know! he was only 3 years old and he didn’t understand tears of emotion 😂!
  • By the way, did you know that he stuttered, except when he sang.
  • At the age of 12 he used to sing Mickey Mouse songs with his sister 🐭 when a talent scout discovered him and began to promote him around New York clubs.
  • He grew up listening to the rock, freestyle and rhythm & blues that permeated New York in the 80s.
Marc Anthony first album

Marc Anthony’s first album ‘Rebel

1988. Producer Louie Vega set his eye on Marc and signed him. This year he would release his first album, ‘Rebel.

  • It was a freestyle record that achieved some success on disco charts.

Little Louie & Marc Anthony When the Night is Over

1991. The collaboration between Louie Vega and Marc Anthony continued to the point that they released an album together called When the Night is Over‘.

  • Songs like ‘Ride on the Rhythm‘ had quite an impact.
  • In 1992 his compatriot Tito Puente took him as the opening act in a concert at Madison Square Garden. It was a milestone for Marc Anthony, although his career was yet to start 💣

The 90s | Marc Anthony discovers Salsa and becomes its King 👑

Marc Anthony’s record company offered to make a Salsa record, but he was not fluent in Spanish, he liked hip-hop music and Motown beats, and he had no idea how to sing Salsa, so he dismissed the idea.

I saw lights, it transported me, it changed my life forever and I decided that I had to make music in Spanish and salsa

Marc Anthony Hasta que te Conocí (Until I met You)

1993. He finally released his first Salsa album “Otra Nota (Another Key), which positioned him as a star of the genre straightaway. He had a natural gift!

  • The album includes ‘Hasta que te conocí’ salsa cover, which was a great success.
  • He was lucky that salsa became popular worldwide and Latin music clubs began to open everywhere 💃
  • He was criticized for not knowing salsa and Spanish, but the album was a hit either way.

1994.Vivir lo Nuestro (Live our thing)’, his collaboration with a singer known as India, would become one of the most famous songs of his career, as well as one of his favorites.

  • Despite the success, Marc and India did not get along very well. Marc used to say about her: “she’s a weird girl that I don’t like” 🙊
  • By the way, pay attention to Marc’s hair in the video!

India feat. Marc Anthony Vivir lo Nuestro

1995. Marc Anthony releases his 2nd salsa album called “Todo a su Tiempo (All in good Time)”. It sold almost 1 million copies.

  • The following year Marc was invited to a massive concert in Peru. That performance would establish him as the king of salsa. He declared after the concert:

My life changed today

bio marc antony

Marc Anthony dancing Salsa (Facebook Image)

1997. It was ‘Contra la Corriente (Against the Tide)’ year. The first salsa album to enter the American Billboard chart.

  • His single Y Hubo Alguien (And there was somebody)” would also be No. 1 on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks chart.

Marc Anthony Y Hubo Alguien

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez sing together for the first time and sparks fly ❤️️

Jennifer Lopez No me Ames (ft marc Anthony)

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopéz Image from ‘No Me Ames’ video

Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez No Me Ames

  • Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez first collaboration was ‘No me ames (Don’t love me)‘, from JLo’s album ‘On the 6‘. That was the beginning of their great friendship.

Marc Anthony y Tina Arena I Want to Spend my Lifetime Loving You

Marc would also join Tina Arena in ‘The Mask of Zorro‘ soundtrack. A wonderful adventures film by Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

  • The song is called “I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You” and I have a soft spot for it, do you like it too? Tell us in the Comments section.

1999. Marc would publish an album in English called after him, ‘Marc Anthony‘, it was filled with hit after hit.

  • His single ‘I need to know made him top the North American charts for 11 weeks.
  • The Spanish version of the song, ‘Dímelo’, won a Grammy for Best Latin Song.
  • With the second single, ‘You sang to me’, he repeated the same success.

Marc, who took part in Paul Simon (Simon & Garfunkel) Broadway musical, ‘The Capeman‘, also featured in Martin Scorsese’s film ‘Bringing Out The Dead‘.

Marc Anthony I Need to Know

2000. Marc already had 1 daughter from a youthful relationship with a New York policewoman named Debbie Rosado, but his first marriage was with Miss Universe Dayanara Torres in 2000.

  • They had 2 children 👫
  • The couple broke up after 2 years, then got back together 1 year later, and finally divorce in 2004. What a hassle! 👰
Marc Anthony Salsa

Marc Anthony Facebook Image

2001. He releases a new salsa album called “Libre (Free)”.

  • Its most popular song was ‘Celos (Jealousy)‘, reaping another huge success.

2002. This year Marc Anthony publishes the one that is to date his latest English album, “Mended”. Sales didn’t go that well this time 💵

Marc Anthony Amar sin Mentiras (Love without lies) | Best Album and Hall of Fame

2004. It’s a great year for Marc Anthony.

  • He releases what we reckon his best album, “Amar sin Mentiras (Love without lies). It was awarded with Best Latin Pop Album Grammy.
  • Marc publishes a Salsa version of the same album called “Valió la Pena (It was worth it)”, which also won the Grammy for Best Tropical Album.
  • It’s also a special year for Marc, because in 2004 he married the love of his life, Jennifer Lopez, with whom he had twins. They amicably separated 7 years later, in 2011.

In 2007 Marc Anthony starred with Jennifer Lopez in the movie “El Cantante (The singer)”. It tells Héctor Lavoe life, a legendary Puerto Rican salsa artist. The soundtrack was a bestseller.

Marc Anthony Valió la Pena (Salsa version)

Marc Anthony Y Como Es Él

2010. Marc decides to make a covers album: Iconos (Icons)’, another hit!

  • Our favourite cover is José Luis Perales’Y Como Es El (How is he). One of the best Spanish songs of all time. They sang it together at Viña del Mar, the biggest Spanish song festival, receiving the audience award (the most coveted one) 🥇

2012. Marc Anthony was inducted into the Latin Music Hall of Fame.

  • The same year he created the Maestro Cares Foundation with Henry Cárdenas to help children in Latin America and the United States.
  • He also shook worldwide dancefloors with the single Rain on Meft. Pitbull. You can find it in our Kids Playlist, to enjoy with your little ones

Marc Anthony Vivir mi Vida (Live my Life) | A song that has made the world move

2013. After 10 years without releasing a Salsa album and listening to more than 2000 songs, he publishes ‘3.0’, including his greatest hit “Vivir mi Vida.

  • It spent 18 consecutive weeks at Billboard No. 1. It was the longest-running top-1 single of all time.
  • Marc Anthony has stated on occasion that his favorite song from the album is ‘Flor Pálida (Pale Flower). What do you think?

Marc Anthony Flor Pálida

Marc Anthony I need to know

Marc Anthony Facebook Image

Marc Anthony ft. Gente de Zona La Gozadera

2015-2016. Time of collaborations and worldwide hits

Marc Anthony & Alejandro Sanz Deja que te Bese

2019. OPUS‘ was Marc Anthony’s long awaited comeback after 6 years.

  • It was his eighth salsa album since he released ‘Otra Nota‘ 26 years ago.

Marc Anthony Tu Vida en la Mía

2021. Marc Anthony became the male artist with the highest number of Lo Nuestro awards, 24 in all.

  • To celebrate, he released with Daddy Yankee ‘De Vuelta Pa’ La Vuelta‘. Sorry, I don’t really know how to translate this title 😅 …maybe something like ‘Back for the turn

In April 2021 Marc Anthony performed what he called the ‘first and only global digital live streaming concert‘.

  • Fans from all over the world bought tickets to watch this concert online, but due to high demand, the connection was saturated and didn’t work 🖥️.
  • To make it up to the audience Marc refunded the money and published for 24 hours the concert for free, but still generated a disappointment among his followers.

In 2022 Marc released a new album called ‘Pa’lla Voy‘, presented with a single of the same name, and going on tour in 2022 and 2023 in his ‘Viviendo Tour‘.

  • In 2023 Marc Anthony joined Maluma in the song ‘La Fórmula‘.
Marc Anthony live

Marc Anthony live (Facebook Image)

Marc Anthony is the best-selling tropical salsa artist in history, but more importantly, he is the one who has made most people dance.

As his song says, “Vivo mi vida (I live my life)”, and in the meantime, he makes ours happier

🤔 Google most searched questions about Marc Anthony

How tall is Marc Anthony?

I don’t know why Marc has a reputation for being short, he’s 1.73 m (around 5ft 6) tall, which is fine, right?

How many partners has Marc Anthony had?

I got astonished when I compiled this information 😅

Let me start with something Marc says jokingly:

My father told me that we weren’t very attractive, so we had to work on our personality

Marc Anthony has been married 3 times but has had many more famous partners. In a nutshell:

  • His first love, before he was famous, was ex-New York cop Debbie Rosado. He has 1 daughter from that relationship.
  • From 2000 to 2003 he was married to former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres. He had two children with her.
  • His most famous wife is Jennifer Lopez, Marc’s great love, to whom he said upon meeting: “one day you will be my wife”. That’s confidence 😎! They were married from 2004 to 2011 and had twins.
  • His 3rd wife was model Shannon de Lima. They started in 2012, however, they broke up, he was dating the designer Chloe Green, then they came back together, got married, and finally separated 2 years after.
  • Later he dated model Mariana Downing and I’m afraid we’ve lost track of him 😅

Here are some images of Marc Anthony with his partners:

Marc Anthony couples

Marc Anthony Partners (Image from Hola Mexico)

Mark Anthony, mark antoni, mack antony... How do you spell his name?

I know, it’s a mess.

It’s spelled Marc Anthony, even though his real name is Marco Antonio. As it always happens when we Google a name, funny combinations come up. The most searched ones are:

  • Mark Antoni
  • Mar Antony
  • Marc Ant
  • Marco Antony
  • Mack Antony
  • Mart Antony
  • Marck Antonio
  • Marc Antony
  • Mark Anthony

If you spell his name right, you get a prize.  😁

What is Marc Anthony's filmography?

Marc Anthony is a very versatile artist and has participated in numerous important films. This is his filmography, which includes performances on Broadway and television:

  • Carlito’s Way (by Brian De Palma)
  • Natural Causes (by James Becket)
  • Hackers (by Iain Softley)
  • Big Night (by Stanley Tucci)
  • The Substitute (by Robert Mandel)
  • The Capeman (by Paul Simon)
  • Bringing Out The Dead (by Martin Scorsese)
  • In the Time of the Butterflies
  • Man on Fire (by Tony Scott)
  • The Singer (by Leon Ichaso)
  • Night Stalker (by Frank Spotnitz)
  • In the Heights (by Jon M. Chu)
marc anthony biography
marc anthony biography

You tell me, I always do the talking 🙂


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