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You will certainly appreciate good music for your travels, the kind that cheers you up, relaxes you, entertains you. We have compiled 13 songs for driving, travelling by train or plane, to suit all tastes.

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Discover the story behind 13 of the best songs for travelling

We bring you a new compilation of songs to make the hours on the road go by faster. Stay with us and discover the stories behind 13 sensational songs to make your travels a pleasure 🛣️


Just Push Play‘ Album | USA | 2001

  • We start our journey with Jaded, by the legendary band Aerosmith. What is the meaning of this song? The term ‘jaded’ refers to being fed up or disconcerted 😪
  • Surely now that you know this, parts of the song like the following make sense:

You got your mama’s style
But you’re yesterday’s child to me
So jaded

  • Who is the girl in the song? The song was written by vocalist Steven Tyler. He confessed he wrote the track with his daughter Liv Tyler in mind, whom he didn’t get to see grow up because of his constant touring and drug problems. Because of this, he feels that his daughter grew up sad and bewildered by his absence.
  • Jaded is that it is part of the album ‘Just Push Play‘, the first produced by the band itself.
  • Of course, Aerosmith sang this great song in their 2001 Super Bowl halftime performance 🏈

2. SIAMÉS The Wolf

Bounce Into the Music‘ Album | Argentina | 2016

  • We move on to track 2 of this playlist and come across The Wolf 🐺, by the Argentine electropop and rock band Siamés (discover them in the link).
  • The Wolf is part of Bounce into the Music, the duo’s first album. In fact, it was the start of the career of the two Argentinians, who chose the song as their first single.
  • The music video for the song is a work of art, as each of the frames was handmade using traditional 2D animation techniques, as can be seen in this making of video.
  • It is the first anime video made in Argentina.
  • They have achieved such fame with this song, that they have had the opportunity to tour both inside and outside their country 🌎

3. TOM PETTY Free Fallin

‘Full Moon Fever’ Album | USA | 1989

  • We continue our list of driving music with Free Fallin by Tom Petty. A song that Petty himself wrote with Jeff Lynne, with whom he worked on his album Full Moon Fever. In fact, Lynne accompanies him on backing vocals and bass on the studio version of the song.
  • It took them two days to write and record the song, a record-breaking time.
  • Free Fallin was the third single from Petty’s debut solo album Full Moon Fever – what a start!
  • The song was a huge success, being one of the most relevant songs in the artist’s career, however, over the years Petty confessed that this was something he didn’t like very much:

‘Free Fallin” is a very good song. Maybe it would be one of my favorites if it hadn’t become this huge anthem. But I’m grateful that people like it.

4. VANESSA MAE Destiny

‘Subject to Change‘ Album | Singapur | 2001

  • Want more travel music? Then we continue without pause with Destiny by Vanessa Mae. It’s a lively track, so watch out for thyour speed.
  • Even though it’s a disco and dance track, the violin takes centre stage, as Vanessa is known for bringing together the classical and modern with this magnificent instrument 🎻
  • As a classically trained violinist, she became famous for mixing this branch of music with pop and techno.
  • She rose to fame with her album The Violin Player, released in 1995, but Vanessa Mae has worked in everything from acting in films and series, to modelling, and has even been an Olympic athlete (not without controversy).
  • It’s been years since Vanessa Mae last released a new album, but this track deserves to be remembered.

5. R.E.M. Losing my Religion

Out of Time‘ Album | USA | 1991

  • Losing my Religion is probably the most recognisable song on this list of travel music, but do you know what this famous R.E.M. track is about?
  • Behind the catchy, upbeat mandolin chords, the result of guitarist Peter Buck’s efforts to learn the instrument, lies a song about obsession and unrequited love.
  • Loving without being loved is a feeling that no one likes to suffer and, during the song, the vocalist opens up, showing his hopelessness and how the denial is driving him mad.  

I love the idea of writing a song about unrequited love. About holding back, reaching forward, and then pulling back again. The thing for me that is most thrilling is you don’t know if the person I’m reaching out for is aware of me. If they even know I exist .

  • It’s without a doubt R.E.M.’s most famous song. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to it in the car, haven’t you? But there’s something about it that makes you can’t get enough of it.

6. VETUSTA MORLA La Vieja Escuela (Old School)

Mismo sitio, distinto lugar‘ Album | Spain | 2017

  • We take a little detour in this car music playlist towards Spanish pop. We do it with Vetusta Morla and their great song ‘La Vieja Escuela‘ 🏫
  • With this song, the indie-rock band from Madrid pays tribute to musicians from different eras with something in common, their immortal creations.
  • Some of the references that can be found in this song are to The Doors, David Bowie and Leonard Cohen. It is, in short, a review of those artists or groups that were mythical and are in our hearts.
  • The video clip, recorded live, makes this tribute even more evident.

Hablan los que ya no están (Those who aren’t with us anymore talk)
No han dejado de girar (They haven’t stopped touring)
Todo el mundo necesita un ‘sí’… (Everybody needs a ‘yes’)
tres minutos de complicidad (three minutes of complicity)
una receta que alivie su dolor (a prescription to ease their pain)
con cuentos de verdad (with true fairytales)

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7. BILLY IDOL Bitter Taste

The Roadside‘ Album | United Kingdom | 2021

  • The pandemic stirred many people’s memories, not unlike Billy Idol. During the months of social isolation, the American pulled from his memory chest an incident he had been unable to write about for decades.
  • What is it about? The story begins in 1990 when, in February of that year, Idol was involved in a serious traffic accident 🏍️
  • After jumping a STOP sign, the singer crashed his Harley Davidson into a car, ending up with a metal bar forever in his right leg.
  • This accident was like a wake-up call for Billy, a warning that luckily ended well and allowed him to go on with his life, taking care of his family and succeeding on stage.
  • As you can see, the video of the song makes an explicit reference to the accident.

8. ZAZ Je Veux (I Want)

ZAZ‘ Album | France | 2010

  • We’re past the halfway point of this roadtrip music list and we’re stopping now at Je Veux by the French artist ZAZ.
  • This song became the first single for the singer-songwriter, whose real name is Isabelle Geffroy.
  • Although she was already playing on the streets, this song was ZAZ’s starting point in the music industry, as it was part of her eponymous debut album, released in 2010.
  • ZAZ has the title of rebel of the French song, as he mixes with ease gypsy jazz with the traditional French song or chanson.
  • Written entirely in French, Je Veux was a huge success both inside and outside France, where it won the song of the year trophy at the 2011 Victoires de la Musique awards 🏆
  • The lyrics refer to the unimportance of material things.
  • It is a shot of energy to keep going on our journey.

9. HARRY NILSSON Everybody’s Talkin

‘Aerial Ballet‘ Album | USA | 1968

  • We cross the pond and continue with our travel music. This time, the chosen song is Everybody ‘s Talkin, performed by Harry Nilsson.
  • The song has a long history behind it. It was written by songwriter Fred Neil in 1966, who actually recorded and released it on an album of the same name in 1967.
  • Months later, Nilsson discovered the song in his quest to find a real hit, and included it on his album Aerial Ballet, released in 1968.
  • At first, Nilsson’s luck didn’t smile on him, as Everybody’s Talkin wasn’t much to talk about.
  • However, things changed when the song was chosen as the main theme for the soundtrack of Midnight Cowboy… Then its popularity spread like wildfire 🤠
  • Everybody ‘s Talkin not only earned the performer a big hit, but also a Grammy.
  • Then, what happened to the original author Fred Neil? Well, thanks to the copyright of this song, he was able to retire. It was a win-win!

10. NEGRITA & JUANES Gioia Infinita (Infinite Joy)

‘HELLDORADO’ Album | Italy | 2008

  • Over the years we have seen Colombian singer Juanes team up with artists from all over the world and in all languages. In 2008, he teamed up with the Italians Negrita, in their track Gioia Infinita
  • The name of the single, performed in Italian and translated in English as ‘Infinite Joy’, is about resurgence and how joy flows 😊
  • An upbeat rhythm that fuses reggae and trumpets in the purest Mexican mariachi style.
  • Life is a journey, and that’s why this song had to be on this list of 13 songs of music for travelling that we have prepared for you.

11. ESTOPA Estación del Olvido (Station of oblivion)

‘Estopa 2.0’ Album | Spain | 2011

  • Estopa are two Spanish brothers from Cataloni, famous for their rumba-rock.
  • Their carefree style has accompanied them throughout their career, although on this occasion they surprised us with a somewhat calmer and more intimate rumba… at least until the chorus.
  • The song talks about loneliness and how time flies.
  • It is one of our favourite Estopa songs, and I confess that we like many of them, because the music is magnificent, the lyrics are beautiful and the rhythm is perfect for  a fun journey.

12. DUCK SAUCE Barbra Streisand

Quack‘ Album | Canada & USA | 2010

  • Penultimate stop on this journey through the best car music with the funky Barbra Streisand.
  • This kind of tribute to the American singer and actress Barbra Streisand is a collaboration between DJs A-Trak and Armand Van Helden.
  • The song is part of disco house, a very characteristic genre of the 70s and 80s, and samples Gotta Go Home, one of Boney M‘s biggest hits.
  • The video for the song is very chaotic and unique. It features celebrities like Pharrell Williams, Kanye West and Ryan Leslie, but not Barbra Streisand 😅
  • The lyrics are easy to remember, just a repetition of the song’s title spiced with the catchy ‘Woo-ooh, ooh-hoo, ooh-hoo, ooh-hoo, ooh-hoo‘.

13. MARK RONSON & MILEY CYRUS Nothing Breaks Like a Heart

‘Late Night Feelings’ Album | USA | 2018

  • Now we’ve come to the last stop in our selection of car music hits 🚘
  • Daughter of the author of Achy Breaky Heart, it’s no secret to anyone, least of all Mark Ronson, that Miley Cyrus is good at country music. After other successful collaborations with female artists such as Amy Winehouse or Dua Lipa, it was Miley’s turn, who at the time was really getting into her musical roots with the Younger Now era.
  • Nothing Breaks Like a Heart, we are immersed in a country-disco track with somewhat sad lyrics.
  • In fact, the track seems like a premonition of the devastating fire that ravaged the home of Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, her now ex-partner, in November 2018, 6 months after the lyrics were written.

This burning house, there’s nothing left

  • Undoubtedly, it is the best way to end this list of songs for travelling, as the car and the road are the main protagonists of the song’s video clip, recorded at the New Darnytskyi Bridge in Kiev (Ukraine).

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