Siamés | The Argentine indie band that rightly aspires to sell out stadiums


Siamés is an Argentinian ElectroPop band that is gradually expanding its fan base all over the world for two main reasons, their pop-manga aesthetics and their fantastic music that mixes electronic, rock and Soul. It’s time to discover a group destined for success 👨‍🎤

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Siamés My Way

Who are Siamés?

Siamés is an independent band from Buenos Aires (Argentina) created in 2013 by 2 friends: Guillermo Stölzing, who calls himself Stoltz and is the vocalist of the band, and Juan Manuel Kokollo, whose nickname is Blakk, who controls the keyboards and synthesizers.

  • Over the years, other members have joined Siamés: Barbie Williams (vocals), Gonzo Rooster (guitar), Tish Planes (vocals), Lucas Hernández (drums), Hutter Von Fonk (bass) and Walter C. (guitar).

Siamés sings in English 💂 to reach a wider audience (their dream is to fill stadiums all over the world) and because it was better suited to the kind of music they wanted to make.

The first 2 years Siamés was more of a game for them, but in 2015 they decided to push the project seriously by releasing their first single ‘As You Get High‘, a great song.

  • 2016 saw the release of their first magnificent album, a mix of pop, rock and soul, ‘Bounce Into the Music‘. The band members commented:

Inspiration sometimes comes from our own emotional states that we go through, which are somewhat changeable… and sometimes melodies just visit us and we interpret what the song is trying to tell us.

The album included the track that would change their lives, ‘The Wolf’. The song, which is hypnotic, is accompanied by the first Anime music video made in Argentina, which by 2022 had accumulated over 160 million views on YouTube 📺

  • If you notice, the animation of the video is perfectly synchronised with the rhythm of the song.
  • The money they made through streaming platforms with The Wolf started to fund all Siamese activities 🤑

Due to the success, in 2019 they released their next single, ‘Summer Nights‘ with another mind-blowing animated video.

This led them straight into their 2nd album, ‘Home, released in 2020.

The album is inspired by the idea that people want to fight for their dreams and be able to love the things they care about, while fighting the darkness in their lives and their desire for hope.

¿quién es Siamés?

Siamés band

Siamés today

In 2021 Siamés released 3 new singles called ‘All the best‘, ‘Underground‘ and ‘Always the same‘.

They would also start a tour to those cities where they had the most YouTube plays. They visited Chile, Mexico, Argentina and even the United States.

  • This is just the beginning because their audience is growing all over the world 🌏, from Russia to India and Europe.

In 2022 they released 2 new singles: ‘My Way‘ and ‘Frozen Heart‘.

Siamés wants to play in every city where they have listeners to continue their dream of rocking the world. We’re sure they’re going to make it.

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