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Travel Music 2 | 13 of the best roadtrip songs and their stories behind

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We’re back on the road with a new travel music playlist! Turn on the player, start the car and enjoy the best songs to make driving even more fun 🚗 Remember, when you stop, check the stories that inspired these great songs.

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Discover the story behind 13 amazing songs to listen to on your travels

As always, in this new music playlist for the car we have genres and artists for all tastes. Our goal is clear, to make you enjoy your next road trip with a bunch of gorgeous tunes made specially to make your car, train or plain travel just fantastic 🛣️ By the way, this is the origin of each song:

1. CYNDI LAUPER I Drove All Night

A Night To Remember‘ Album | USA | 1989

  • We start strong with ‘I Drove All Night’, a perfect song to drive 🌙
  • Lauper herself said about the song that she liked the concept of a woman behind the wheel and in control of the situation.
  • Originally, ‘I Drove All Nightwas recorded in 1987 by Roy Orbison and released posthumously on the album ‘King Of Hearts‘ in the year 1992. The song also has a dance version by Celine Dion, which we love, included in her ‘One Heart‘ album in 2003.
  • Continuing with Cyndi’s version, let us emphasize that it was a worldwide hit. No wonder, because who hasn’t ever driven all night to go to meet your partner?

2. SHAKIRA Inevitable 

¿Dónde Están los Ladrones?‘ Album | Colombia | 1998

  • When we talk about car music, we can’t forget ‘Inevitable‘, Shakira’s heartbreak anthem 💔
  • This Latin rock ballad, worthy of belting out loud on every drive, is part of the Colombian singer’s 4th studio album.
  • Shakira recounts one by one all her shortcomings in the song.
  • Did you know that the English version was never officially released? 🕵🏽
  • By the way, since a few years ago, Shakira has changed part of the song. Where she used to say:

Si es cuestión de confesar, no sé preparar café y no entiendo de fútbol.

If it’s time to confess, I don’t know how to make coffee and I don’t understand soccer.

Now it says:

Si es cuestión de confesar, gracias al número 3, ahora entiendo de fútbol. No pregunten cómo fue, pero desde que lo vi cada día sale el sol

If it’s time to confess, thanks to number 3, I now understand soccer. Don’t ask how it happened, but since I saw him, the sun comes out every day.

  • It’s all in allusion to her relationship with the Barcelona footballer, Gerard Piqué, whose shirt number you won’t forget 😉

3. ALEX GAUDINO Destination Calabria

‘My Destination’ Album | Italy | 2006

  • I must have danced to this song a million times, and almost all of them, just with my arms, while driving 🦾
  • Produced by Alex Gaudino and featuring vocals by Crystal Waters, this tune is a mashup that brings together the instrumental base of Rune RK’s ‘Calabria’, and vocals from ‘Destination Unknown’, released by both artists in 2003.
  • The song is about leaving home without a set plan. Although it may sound sentimental, Gaudino wanted Waters’ vocals to be flat and monotone. Luckily it turned out as a good formula 🥳
  • We already have this club house song in our car but, what about you, do you have it on your driving playlist too?


‘Get A Grip‘ Album | USA | 1993

  • At some point you will have to make a stop along the way, exactly the same as the protagonists of ‘Crazy‘, by Aerosmith 🚦
  • Why did they call the song ‘Crazy’? Because these guys known as ‘The Boston Boys’ wanted to express how nuts you can get when you fall in love with somebody.
  • The lyrics are also about that tug of war in a couple, which can end badly, in which case you end up regretting having lost something you loved so much.
  • Crazy is one of the most famous and iconic songs of the hard rock band, even though by then they had already released 11 studio albums.
  • The video for the song features Liv Tyler, daughter of Aerosmith vocalist Steven Tyler, alongside a famous young actress of the time, Alicia Silverstone. The two embark on the craziest journey of their lives 🌅


Rodrigo y Gabriela‘ Album | Mexico | 2006

  • Moving on to a guitar duet I recently discoverd and was blown away by, Attention to the spped and passion with which they play! I can’t think of a better accompaniment for the car 🎸
  • This is Rodrigo Sanchez (lead guitarist) and Gabriela Quintero (rhythm guitar and percussion). They are a Mexican duo that started playing Trash metal under the name Tierra Ácida, but had to emigrate to Europe in search of an opportunity in music. They found it in Ireland and have already released 7 albums.
  • It is difficult to define them, because they move between the Latin rhythms of their homeland, rock and also introduce elements of flamenco, folk or rumba.
  • In fact, among their songs you can find acoustic versions of groups like Led Zeppelin or Metallica 🤘

6. BIFFY CLYRO Instant History

A Celebration of Endings‘ Album | Scotland (UK) | 2020

  • The Scottish band returned in 2020 to the music scene to present their latest album, ‘A Celebration Of Endings‘, full of anthems like this ‘Instant History‘ or ‘Space‘ protagonist of the best songs of 2020.
  • With a poppier sound than the rest of their discography, we are sure it will make you tap the steering wheel of your car, keeping time to the drums.
  • About the track, Simon Neil, frontman of the band, explained:

The song is about embracing progress without completely dismissing everything that we’ve learned from the past. You can’t just go on blindly and ignore everything that’s happened, but equally you can make your own history ahead of time.

  • Although the band doesn’t want to politicize their music, after a long career, they have evolved and introduced social themes into their fantastic songs 🤫

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Jerico‘ Album | Spain | 2018

  • If we were talking about music that touches intrinsic problems of our society, ‘Jerico’ is another representative. It’s a most vindicative song, with a bewitching rhythm
  • What is this song by Brisa Fenoy about? The singer from Algeciras talks about immigration and the inequalities that exist between Spain and Africa, lands separated by only 14 kilometers by the Strait of Gibraltar 🌊
  • Brisa has lived this situation since she was a child, as she explained:

I’ve been seeing this reality up close for as long as I can remember. I composed the song and shot the video in Algeciras with people who have crossed the Strait.

What does Jerico mean?

The name of the song refers to the Rose of Jericho, a plant of North African origin that, after years without being watered, revives in just two hours when submerged in water 🌹

8. FOUR TOPS Reach Out I’ll Be There

Reach Out‘ Album | USA | 1967

  • Let’s change subject and get nostalgic going back to the late 60’s, with the Four Tops and their ‘Reach Out I’ll Be There‘.
  • Despite being considered the most popular song of the group, the members of the band even forgot that they had recorded it, because they thought it was not going to have a major impact. Well, it also has to do with the fact that this magic quartet recorded the song in only 2 takes. This is very uncommon; artists usually do dozens of repetitions. Mind you, it turned out great! 🍩
  • The  cut was so successful that even Diana Ross recorded her version in 1971, giving it a totally different style than the original. Something similar happened in 1975, when Gloria Gaynor released a disco version.

9. MELENDI Caminando Por La Vida (Walking Through Life)

‘Que el Cielo Espere Sentao‘ Album | Spain | 2005

  • No matter how old you are, if you’ve been to a Spanish speaking country, I’m sure that this rumba by Melendi has accompanied you on more than one car or bus trip.
  • I still remember driving holding my girlfriend’s hand and how we looked at each other smiling every time Melendi said “de copiloto llevo al sol (the sun is my copilot)” 🌞
  • The lyrics and rhythm ooze optimism and joy, in spite of that, Melendi has changed his musical style a lot and as he himself says now “it gets on his nerves to sing it”.
  • The song was a great success, being one of the emblematic tunes of the Asturian, who, by the way, was soon to devote himself to soccer. Before becoming a singer, he was a member of the Real Oviedo team (Spanish soccer league), until 2001 ⚽
  • It is said that the track could be inspired by ‘Nights in White Satin’ by The Moody Blues. What do you think?
  • Be that as it may, we are going to continue “cantando por la carretera (singing along ther road)” to the sound of ‘Caminando por la vida (Walking through life)‘.

10. THE HOOSIERS Goodbye Mr A

‘The Trick To Life’ Album | UK | 2007

  • Next stop on our musical journey, United Kingdom, The Hoosiers and their hit, ‘Goodbye Mr A‘.
  • The song is a tribute to Jonathan Anderton, who was the English teacher of Irwin Sparkes, leader of the band, during his time at high school.
  • In Irwin’s own words:

Said this song is about the man who knew everything, but he goes mad with his own power. Because he corrects everyone, but nobody wants to know their faults, because then the world becomes a very complicated place and less happy. So it’s that thing of how everyone knows someone who knows too much.

  • Thanks to its upbeat and catchy rhythm, ‘Goodbye Mr A’ was the soundtrack for the FIFA 2008 game, and has been used in trailers for movies like Toy Story 3 or Juno.
  • By the way, it is worth mentioning the resemblance of this song with ‘Mr. Blue Sky’‘, by Electric Light Orchestra. There’s something there, isn’t there? 🤔


‘A Tribute to Trance’ Album | Czech Republic and Switzerland | 2006

  • It’s time to turn up the volume! 🔊
  • Czech DJ Tatana Sterba, who is quite an icon of Swiss Trance music, released this track together with Sarah Vieth as a single from her 12th album.
  • Yes, just as you read it, DJ Tatana has released 15 albums! From 1998 to 2011, and today he is still playing concerts.
  • I don’t know the number of times I will have danced to this song, but what I do know is that it has a very special rhythm that will surely make you escape on your trip.
  • By the way, if you are still hungry for more “Silence“, here you have the extended version..

12. DAVID BISBAL Camina Y Ven (Walk and come)

Bulería‘ Album | Spain | 2004

  • In Spanish speaking countries David Bisbal needs no introduction, since he rose to stardom thanks to a TV musical contest in Spain in 2001, his career on both sides of the Atlantic has been spectacular.
  • There are dozens of songs by the Spanish that I have played in my travels, but Camina y Ven‘ has an unmatched power, that of Bisbal’s torrent of voice and the Andalusian rhythm that accompanies it.
  • The track is a desperate and impatient chant to meet his partner 👩🏽‍🦱
  • With his curls, his turns and his famous air kick he conquered the hearts of the public, achieving a Diamond record for Bulería (more than 1 million sales), his 2nd album. He would later increase that figure in countries like Argentina or the United States.
  • By the way, much of that success is due to his producer at the time, Kike Santander, with whom he signed the most brilliant part of his career.

13. BON JOVI Runaway

‘Bon Jovi’ Album | USA | 1984

  • This is the first time I’m talking on Trembol about my favourite band of all time (and it won’t be the last 😉 ).
  • Bon Jovi’s Runaway is that exciting song that gets your adrenaline pumping and your foot on the gas.
  • It tells the story of a young girl who runs away from her parents’ house and has to do whatever it takes to survive on her own.
  • The song is composed by Jon Bon Jovi himself. He recorded it in the early 80’s with a band called ‘The All Star Review‘. At that time he had not yet formed his own band and these musicians were available in the studio where Jon worked.
  • Runaway is for many the father of Glam metal. It became the first single from Bon Jovi’s debut album – what a way to start!
  • In 2008, an electronic remix of the song was released by DJ Freddy Retro and Jim Davis 🙄
  • We hope you had a happy journey. If you liked it, please, share the experience!

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