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We Drink You Blood, Army of the Night, Amen & Attack, Demons Are a Girl’s Best Friend, Dancing with the Dead, Killers with the Cross, Blessed & Possessed... all these tracks will make you howl at the moon, joined by the army of the night, the fans of this great Heavy Metal band. Time for Powerwolf greatest hits 🤘

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Powerwolf 15 Best Songs

  1. Werewolves of Armenia | Bible of the Beast, 2009
  2. Sanctified with Dynamite | Blood of the Saints, 2011
  3. We Drink Your Blood | Blood of the Saints, 2011
  4. Amen & Attack | Preachers of the Night, 2013
  5. Coleus Sanctus (Sacred Bag) | Preachers of the Night, 2013
  6. Blessed & Possessed | Blessed & Possessed, 2015
  7. Army of the Night | Blessed & Possessed, 2015
  8. Demons are a Girl’s Best Friends | The Sacrament of Sin, 2018
  9. Killers with the Cross | The Sacrament of Sin, 2018
  10. Where the Wild Wolves Have Gone | The Sacrament of Sin, 2018
  11. Stossgebet (Eulogy) | The Sacrament of Sin, 2018
  12. Nightside of Siberia | The Sacrament of Sin, 2018
  13. Beast of Gévaudan | Call of the Wild, 2021
  14. Dancing with the Dead | Call of the Wild, 2021
  15. Call of the Wild | Call of the Wild, 2021
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YouTube Playlist | Best Powerwolf Songs

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Spotify Playlist | Best Powerwolf Songs

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powerwolf songs
powerwolf songs

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