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No Me Sueltes | ALIS’ Best Song. The Spanish Musician that other Musicians Listen to


__ Music is the engine that shakes emotions, life without music will be a mistake __ ALIS

In Trembol we totally share that feeling. No wonder musicians listen to and admire him. Today, we tell you about “No me sueltes (Don’t let go)”, the best song from ALIS universe.

Alis No Me Sueltes (Don’t Release Me)

Alis No Te Vi Venir (I didn’t see you coming) is the first of his new album in 2020/21, Fracciones (Fractions)

| Alis has been very active during the time of confinement for COVID-19, releasing an album with home-played versions of his hits “Versiones Confinadas (Confined Versions) .

| But it doesn’t stop there, because he has already prepared his new album Fracciones (Fractions), of which he will release a new song every month from October 2020 to June 2021. Cool!

| The first singles is “No Te Vi Venir (I Didn’t See You Coming). Enjoy the video.

Cover Image Single Alis No Te Vi Venir

Trembol | Why is ALIS admired by other musicians?

When an artist is faithful to what he feels, does not follow a style beyond his own and is so complete that he sings, composes and produces for himself and other artists, he begins to be admired by other musicians.

That’s what happens to this musician from Jaen (Spain), Pachi Garcia ALIS.

After moret than 400 concerts, 8 albums until 2020 as ALIS and 2 more as Pachi García, you will be wondering…

… why “No me sueltes” is our favourite tune?

It has to do with the conexion witha a song and its meaning. In 2006, when Alis released his first album , i ended a personal losing streak, thanks to a girl, that made me feel good again.

No me sueltes (Don’t release me)” talks about the balance towards the light that another person can represent in your life.

The lyrics are as meaningful as Alis’ tone of voice, which tears the heart apart. The melody provides exactly what the song needs, balance between beauty and fear of emptyness.

Nowadays (2020), Alis and Mikel Izal succeed with Bailando el Viento (Dancing the Wind), but No me sueltes, is still Trembol’s favourite song.


Alis explains the meaning of No me sueltes and his first album:


Tenía la necesidad de vomitar las canciones y que me sirvieran de ayuda psicológica. Si le pueden echar un cable a cualquiera que las escuche, perfecto.


I had the need to throw up the songs, so they helped me psycologically. If the album can give a hand to anyone like me, perfect.

You can’t miss ⭐️ The best of No me sueltes

1. ‘Sígueme por el camino de la piel, y arráncame de cuajo el corazón (Follow me on the skin path and rip my heart out)’Wow!

2. The almost natural falsetto in the chorus “no me sueltes (don’t let me go)“, is fine, delicate and heady

3. The trumpet and horn in the instrumental part after the chorus. It’s time to take a deep breath and move on.


This is what it says | Lyrics and English Translation of ALIS, No me sueltes (Don’t release me)

Spanish Lyrics


Sígueme por el camino de la piel
y arráncame del cuajo el corazón
que todos los colores que te dije ayer
han coloreado el camino a recorrer
y no dejan de crecer

en mi mente,
los fantasmas y lagañas de mala muerte

y déjame crecer, a tu lado estaré bien
no me sueltes, no me sueltes
y déjame creer, en que todo saldrá bien
no me sueltes, no me sueltes

Mírame y no digas nada esta vez
Que el silencio nos ayudará a entender
Que todas las palabras que se dicen sin saber
Deberían ser borradas del papel
para que no vuelvan otra vez

a mi mente,
los fantasmas y lagañas de mala muerte

y déjame crecer, a tu lado estaré bien
no me sueltes, no me sueltes
y déjame creer, en que todo saldrá bien
no me sueltes, no me sueltes
y déjame crecer, y déjame creer
no me sueltes, no me sueltes

no me sueltes, no me sueltes, no me sueltes

Lyrics in English


Follow me on the skin path
and tear out my heart
that all the colors that I told you yesterday
have colored the way to go
and they don’t stop growing

in my mind,
the phantoms and seedy lizards,

and let me grow, i’ll be fine by your side
don’t let me go, don’t let me go
and let me grow, i’ll be fine by your side
don’t let me go, don’t let me go

Look at me and don’t say a thing this time
as silence will help us understand
that all the words that are said without knowing
should be erased from the sheet
so they won’t come back again

to my mind,
the phantoms and seedy lizards,

and let me grow, i’ll be fine by your side
don’t let me go, don’t let me go
and let me grow, i’ll be fine by your side
don’t let me go, don’t let me goand let me grow, i’ll be fine by your side
don’t let me go, don’t let me go

don’t let me go, don’t let me go, don’t let me go

How does Trembol write the lyrics, translation and meaning or story behind?

Translations in Trembol are handmade with a lot of care and love, because we want to explain you the real meaning of the song and the story behind it, with the author words and in different languages. For this reason, we do not use automatic translators, which translate word by word, without understanding the background of the lyrics. In Trembol we believe in emotions and spreading music, that is why we also translate manually all lyrics, like the English translation of No me sueltes, the best song of Alis. Click on the box of the language you want to see, and it will open. If your screen is large enough (typically a PC) you will be able to view the two lyrics in parallel, the original and the Spanish translation at the same time. Cool, isn’t it!

Songwriters: Pachi García ALIS | Background Image: Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Did you know...?

Pachi García Alis was nominated for a Goya in its XXVI edition, for Best Original Song in the movie ‘De tu ventana a la mía (From your window to mine) ’ by Paula Ordíz. The song: “Debajo del Limón (Under the lemon)”.

In an interview (in Spanish) he was asked “You dislike the indie etiquette, nonetheless, you like the term independent. Why?”. This is his answer, to frame:

Indie means, the fashion of the moment, and trying to follow the fashion means always being late. A musician and a person dedicated to art, must remain oblivious to fashion. I have always wondered who screens what is good and what is bad, what to listen to and what not. I believe in the taste of the individual, not in the earmuffs that radio stations put on you.

🤔 Google most searched questions about ALIS

What is ALIS name?

Artist, composer and producer from Spain, Pachi García is the name of the musician known as “ALIS”.

Who is ALIS?

ALIS, is a superlative musician, with more than 10 records, each better than the previous.

Pachi Garcia Alis, has done lots of collaborations and produce great Spanish bands like: Leiva, Ivan Ferreiro, Lori Meyers, Zahara, Supersubmarina, Second, Cristina Lliso, Guadi Galego, Miss Cafeina, Suso Saiz, Fon Roman, Juan Aguirre (Amaral), etc.

Much more | Official website, interviews, song versions….

  • If you want to learn more about Alis, this is his Official Web site (in Spanish).
  • If you want to follow him on Social Media, these are his accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Spotify.
  • Finally, for those who love the song like me, we suggest listening to these versions: with Leiva (former singer of the Spanish band “Pereza (Laziness)”) and a rock version on live.
  • Interviews with Alis are usually very good, because he is very honest answering. Among them, we recommend: Nostromo Magazine (in Spanish).

Technical Note of the best of Alis | No me sueltes

  • As Alis recounted in one interview, his favourite chord is: D major with trite expression (first and fifth notes of a scale, played together in the bass part, with any rhythm) in F sharp (Fa#).
Alis chords - D Major Triad

Bach was a pop artist.

If you listen to it, you realize that is true. Bach composed melodies adopted by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. In pop music the best thing is to detach the vocal melody from the harmonic chords. If you play “C” on the guitar, with your voice, you have to sing a different note. Pop is the most open music that exists. And that is what Bach used to do

Pachi García Alis

ALIS Best Songs 🥇

1. I could have perfectly written another Post with this song (and maybe I will), but in order not to keep you waiting, I present: Alis ft. Mikel Izal Bailando con el viento (Dancing with the Wind) . An amazing tune.

2. Cuando el sol nos dé calambre (When the sun cramps us) ” is a work of art, specially the chorus: “Y ser brillantes, brindando con la copa llena arte (And being brilliant, toasting with glass full of art)”

3. Another of those ‘Titulares Indiscutibles (Undisputed Starting Lineup)’, as Alis calls his 2019 compilation album, “Déjame en la Calle (Leave me on the Street) ”. Pay attention to the way he sings the chorus.

Alis most famous songs

We bring you “Titulares Indiscutibles (Undisputed Starting Lineup)” album, where Alis compiles the best of his career .

From his first album, Mínimo (Minimum), to the latest, that have already introduced to you with Izal, Bailando el Viento (Dancing the Wind). Enjoy it!

To listen to all the songs, you need a a free Spotify account.

Some of Alis favourite tunes

Richard Hawley

Coles Corner –

Website |

The Divine Comedy

To the Rescue –

Website |

Rufus Wainwright

Release the Stars –

Website |

James Bay

Pink Lemonade –

Website |


Cuéntame tú, que siempre hablo yo 🙂

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