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the best of 2023

The best 2023 music | After listening to 13,000 songs, we bring you the most exciting tunes of the year

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best 2023 songs

Lewis Capaldi, Manuel Turizo, Falling in Reverse, Loreen, Fred Again.., BLANCO, H.E.R, Maroon 5, The Beatles, Chayanne, Andrea Bocelli...these are the best songs of 2023. We will discover the story behind each one or if you prefer you can go directly to our playlist, just don’t miss them!

CATEGORY | Special Editions
AUTHOR | JC Trembol

Listening Time | 3h

Top 10 Songs of 2023 (for Trembol 😁)

10. Tu Otra Bonita ‘La Pared (The Wall)

One of the most unique bands of the new spanish music scene gives us this rumba that exudes optimism. The best Spanish song of 2023.

9. Feuerschwanz ‘Berzekermode (Frantic mode)

Jets of energy and good vibes in the most fun song of 2023. It’s time to dance like a Viking!

8. Maroon 5, Mickey Guyton ‘Middle Ground

The song of forgiveness. A song written to appease a turbulent relationship that is in low hours and that bets strongly on forgiveness and love. One of the biggest hits of 2023.

7. Joe Bonamassa ‘The Loyal Kind’

One of the best guitarists of our time demonstrates his live mastery of the instrument in the best Rock song of 2023.

6. Chayanne ‘Bailando Bachata (Dancing Bachata)’

The award for the best bachata of 2023 is undoubtedly for Chayanne. The Puerto Rican returned to music with his usual elegance, making us dance to the sound of his catchy music.

5. Falling In Revers ‘Watch The World Burn

An unparalleled vocal display, a roller coaster of sounds and emotions in the best Metal track of 2023.

4. Cochren & Co. ‘Running Home

A song of communion, of embrace, of feeling accompanied, that offers us a place to go to when we are not feeling well. Undoubtedly one of the best of 2023.

3. Loreen ‘Tattoo

Winner of Eurovision 2023 for the second time, Loreen has the formula for a perfect pop song.

2. Reneé Angel ‘Snow Angel

There are songs that surprise you from beginning to end, and ‘Snow Angel’ is certainly one of them. From the delicacy to the rotundity in 3 minutes of sheer joy.

1. BLANCO, Mina ‘Un Briciolo Di Allegria (A pinch of hapiness)

The greatest Italian artist in history together with the greatest exponent of new music from Italy have created a gem that will make your hair stand on end. The best song of 2023.

best tunes 2023
best tracks 2023
songs 2023

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Spotify Playlist | Best 2023 Songs

best 2023 songs
best 2023 songs

What is your favorite song of 2023? Tell us! 🤩


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