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eurovision 2023

From May 9 to 13, Liverpool (UK) hosted the greatest song festival, Eurovision 2023, in its 67th edition. After Ukraine’s victory in 2022, which due to the war with Russia, could not host ESC 2023, it was Sweden that took over winning and making Loreen the first woman to win Eurovision Song Contest 2023 twice.

Eurovision 2023 Winner | Loreen Tattoo

Eurovision Song Contest Sweden


Artist: Loreen
Song: Tattoo

Nobody expected Loreen to return to Eurovision, in fact, she hadn’t even thought about it. So, why did Loreen come back to represent Sweden with Tattoo? We tell you the reason and聽the meaning of Tattoo in a special article.

What is true is that the song was great and so thought the juries and audience, making Sween the winner of Eurovision 2023.

  • Loreen become the only woman to have won the festival on two occasions 馃ぉ
  • Sweden tied Irland as the country with more victories, 7 in all.

Favorites in Eurovision 2023 Bets, other than Loreen

Eurovision Song Contest finland


Artist: K盲盲rij盲
Song: Cha Cha Cha

K盲盲rij盲 is famous for performing shirtless 馃憰, which he also did at ESC 2023.

This Finnish rapper mixes in Cha Cha Cha, rap, with some metal and dance music in a spectacular and somewhat crazy performance.

  • The track talks about gambling, even its name alludes to it, K盲盲rij盲 means winning money in betting.

With an album under his arm released in 2020, Fantastista, the bets place him as Loreen’s biggest competitor to win Eurovision 2023 and they were right as he was the runner-up.

Eurovision Song Contest Ukraine


Artist: Tvorchi
Song: Heart of Steel

The reigning champion was back in the Top 3 in the betting to win Eurovision again with the duo Tvorchi.

Jeffery and Andrii, are two super popular friends in Ukraine, so much so that they have placed their 4 albums at number one in the country.

Their song, Heart of Steel, it could not be otherwise representing the Ukrainian people, is about bravery 馃挭

  • As the winning country of Eurovision 2022 they went straight to the final.
Eurovision Song Contest norway


Artist: Alessandra
Song: Queen of Kings

With more than 25 million streams, Alessandra Watle Mele, who makes her music debut with Queen of Kings‘, has become a phenomenon, especially on TikTok 馃摫

Half Norwegian, half Italian, Alessandra declares herself bisexual and in love with music. She has co-written this song that she describe as follows:

It conveys a message of self-love and that she wants to inspire listeners of all ages and genders to embody the queen of kings within them.

Eurovision Song Contest United Kingdom


Artist: Mae Muller
Song: I Wrote a Song

Holly Mae Muller, got her early start in music appearing at the age of 10 in the video for Mika’s wonderful song ‘Grace Kelly‘.

Discovered on SoundCloud and Instagram for the singing videos she posted, this twenty-something Brit accumulates over 2 billion plays of her songs, which she describes as honest and cheeky 馃槤

  • Her 2021 collaboration with NEIKED and Polo G, on the track ‘Better Days, took her to the US top 10 and to the release of her first album in 2023.

Best Eurovision 2023 Songs (for Trembol 馃槞)

esc suiza


Artist: Remo Forrer
Song: Watergun

After Loreen’s, Watergun iwas our favorite song of ESC 2023.

Being only 21 years old, Remo Forrer’s deep voice is surprising, even though he used to play folk music and accordion as a child. In 2020 he would win The Voice Switzerland.

  • Watergun tells us about the difficulties the world is facing.

Eurovision Song Contest Australia


Artist: Voyager
Song: Promise

Voyager has tried to go to Eurovision several times, finally making it in 2023!

Promise is a symphonic metal song that has everything from melodic parts to guttural vocals. As a whole it is a hugely attractive song for the festival and it excites everyone who listens to it.

  • Do you like it?

Eurovision Song Contest Italy


Artist: Wild Youth
Song: We are one

Without knowing it was a Eurovision song, some time ago we included Wild Youth’s We Are One in our list of the聽best songs of 2023, so you can already deduce how much we like it.

These 4 friends from Dublin have already opened for big names like Niall Horan, Lewis Capaldi, Westlife or Zara Larsson, as well as having a good number of catchy and successful singles.

Being so well known, we don’t really know why they have decided to go with masks 馃槀

Eurovision Song Contest Israel


Artist: Noa Kirel聽
Song: Unicorn

Noa Kirel is a star in her country 馃敐, so much so that she has even had her own TV series, and is a judge in several music contests.

She started in music very young, at the age of 14 she was already uploading music to YouTube, being in 2020 the first Israeli to sign a contract with an American record label, Atlantic Records.

In the summer of 2022, Noa performed in front of 35,000 people in Tel Aviv in an open concert that ratified Noa’s breakneck career (‘Movement‘ in Hebrew).

Eurovision Song Contest sERBIA


Artist: Luke Black
Song: Samo mi se spava (I’m just sleepy)

Known as the ‘Serbian pop alchemist‘ 馃И, Luke Black, is a young artist with a lot to say.

Serbia performed in Liverpool mixing Pop, electronic music and a very experimental style that we love.

It’s a shame for Luke that the Chinese didn’t vote for him because he just came from a sold out tour there.

Eurovision Song Contest Italy


Artist: Marco Mengoni
Song: Due vite (Two lives)

Marco Mengoni knows Eurovision well, not in vain he came 7th in 2013 with the song L’essenziale.

With 7 studio albums and 69 platinum records, Marco dazzled the Eurovision audience with a love song.

Cartoonist, actor, director and model, Marco is quite an artist.

Songs that could be a surprise at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023

Eurovision Song Contest Spain


Blanca Paloma

As 7th in the betting Spain went to ESC 2023 with a tune with flamenco roots, but mixed with avant-garde sounds.

Blanca Paloma seeked to explore the parts of our soul that go beyond words.

Eurovision Song Contest Austria


Teya & Salena聽
Who The Hell Is Edgar?

These 2 artists, who have come together specifically for Eurovision 2023, composed ‘Who The Hell Is Edgar?‘ based on their experiences as female composers in an industry that does not give women enough credit for their work and experience.

Eurovision Song Contest Czech republic


My Sister’s Crown

Vesna is a female group led by acclaimed singer and songwriter Patricia Ka艌ok.

They recently gave a benefit concert in support of Ukraine where they sang this amazing song ‘My Sister’s Crown‘.

Eurovision Song Contest Georgia


Iru Khechanovi

Iru already knows what it’s like to win Eurovision, albeit the Junior edition, which she conquered in 2011 when she was only 11 years old, as part of the group Candy 馃嵀

A powerful song and a good performance for Georgia at ESC 2023.



Future Lover

Brunette is a star in her country, both solo and with her girl band En Aghjiknery (ThoseGirlz).

She says she’s been singing since she was 4 years old, maybe that’s why she does it so well 馃槃

Eurovision Song Contest Azerbaijan


Tell Me More

Inspired by the music of the 60’s and 70’s, these twin brothers 馃懍 Tural and Turan, made their debut on a big stage at Eurovision’23, even though they already have a band called ‘The Red Jungle‘.

We really like ‘Tell me More‘, do you?

Eurovision Song Contest Estonia



This break dance passionate keeps winning contests, Estonian Idol, The Baltic Voice…

Bridges is a piano song that Alika performs fantastically.

Eurovision Song Contest France


La Zarra
脡videmment (Obviously)

La Zarra tried to conquer the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 with glamour.

In true Audrey Hepburn style, France presents ‘Obviously‘, co-written by her.

Eurovision Song Contest Greece


Victor Vernicos
What They Say

Victor is the youngest representative Greece has ever sent to Eurovision, but he is not lacking in talent, coming from a family of musicians.

‘What They Say‘ is a powerful pop song.

Eurovision Song Contest Cyprus


Andrew Lambrou
Break A Broken Heart

With a strong beat and a catchy chorus Andrew was a very good bet for ESC.

Andrew is very popular on social media and already has a record deal under his arm, so he has a bright future.

Eurovision Song Contest THE NETHERLANDS


Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper
Burning Daylight

Two beautiful voices and music that rocks, that’s how the Netherlands tried to win Eurovision in 2023.

Former winner Duncan Laurence has contributed to ‘Burning Daylight‘, which is a seal of quality.

Eurovision Song Contest ICELAND



This Eurofan, as Dilj谩 calls herself, is a fan favourite because of the message of her track, ‘Power‘, which pushes us to self-improvement and empowerment.

This pop-dance track is sure to get people talking.

Eurovision Song Contest Germany


Lord Of The Lost
Blood & Glitter

The popular metal band Lord of the Lost are making waves in Europe with their latest album, which includes the track they are performing at the festival, ‘Blood & Glitter‘.

If you haven’t heard them, the voice of lead singer Chris “The Lord” Harms will blow you away.

Eurovision Song Contest Denmark


Breaking My Heart

With 11 million followers on social media, Reiley brings us a fresh pop performance aimed at a younger audience.

Denmark couldn’t surprise at Eurovision 2023

All ESC 2023 Songs (the remaining 12)

Joker Out are one of the most successful Slovenian bands with their ‘shagadelic rock and roll’ and their desire to live for the moment (Carpe Diem).

This quartet of Latvian friends come to Eurovision with a message: “Witnessing dark events in the world and people’s lives ruined by evil, we could not remain indifferent“.

Albina Kelmendi has a great voice, which she displays in Duje (You Want), a song about the role of love in the family and overcoming life’s challenges.

After singing backing vocals in two previous Albanian Eurovision performances, Gustaph has found his moment after a 20-year career in music.

Eccentric Croatian punk-rock band with more than 10 albums and performances of all kinds, including nudity. They performed in underwear at Eurovision.

Second chance for Monika Linkyt臈, who already competed in Eurovision in 2015 with ‘This Time‘. The song is based on local folklore.

The Busker holds the title of ‘Best Album of the Year‘ in their home country for their mix of pop, soul and funk. With ‘Dance (Our Own Party)‘, they explore social anxiety.

Pasha Parfeny, who uses music for her activism in defence of freedoms, was already at Eurovision in 2012. He was back with even more enthusiasm.

Eurovision Song Contest Poland


From her first song at the age of 14, to open mic sessions in Los Angeles, to Eurovision. Blanca’s road to ESC 2023 has been quite an experience.

Mimicat (Marisa Mena), hoped with her cheeky stage presence to convince the Eurovision 2023 audience, albeit with a soulful voice and a catchy melody.

After presenting their latest album by parachuting from a height of 4,300 metres, they went to Eurovision to give their all for San Marino.

Theodor presents a rocking and daring song, just like him, who has been singing and performing in his native Romania since he was very young.

馃 Most searched questions on Google about Eurovision 2023

When was Eurovision 2023?

These were the days and times of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 (ESC 2023):

  • 1st Semi-final ESC 2023: Tuesday, 9 May 2023 at 21:00 CEST
  • 2nd Semi-final ESC 2023: Thursday, 11 May 2023 at 21:00 CEST
  • ESC 2023 Grand Final: Saturday, 13 May 2023 at 21:00 CEST

Which countries made it to the final of Eurovision 2023?

There are 5 direct qualifiers: Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, France and the winner of Eurovision 2022, Ukraine. The final line-up was:

  1. Austria | Teya & Salena – Who The Hell Is Edgar?
  2. Portugal | Mimicat – Ai Cora莽茫o
  3. Switzerland | Remo Forrer – Watergun
  4. Poland | Blanka – Solo
  5. Serbia | Luke Black – Samo Mi Se Spava
  6. France: La Zarra – 脡videmment
  7. Cyprus | Andrew Lambrou – Break A Broken Heart
  8. Spain: Blanca Paloma – Eaea
  9. Sweden | Loreen – Tattoo
  10. Albania | Albina & Familja Kelmendi – Duje
  11. Italy: Marco Mengoni – Due Vite
  12. Estonia | Alika – Bridges
  13. Finland | K盲盲rij盲 – Cha Cha Cha
  14. Czechia | Vesna – My Sister’s Crown
  15. Australia | Voyager – Promise
  16. Belgium | Gustaph – Because Of You
  17. Armenia | Brunette – Future Lover
  18. Moldova | Pasha Parfeni – Soarele 艧i Luna
  19. Ukraine: TVORCHI – Heart of Steel
  20. Norway | Alessandra – Queen of Kings
  21. Germany: Lord of the Lost – Blood & Glitter
  22. Lithuania | Monika Linkyt臈 – Stay
  23. Israel | Noa Kirel – Unicorn
  24. Slovenia | Joker Out – Carpe Diem
  25. Croatia | Let 3 – Mama 艩膶!
  26. United Kingdom: Mae Muller – I Wrote A Song

Where did Eurovision 2023 take place?

The 67th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2023 was held in Liverpool (UK). Specifically in a venue called the Liverpool Arena.

Which countries took part in Eurovision 2023?

This is the list of 37 countries participating in the 67th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2023:

Albania, Australia, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and United Kingdom.

eurovision 2023
eurovision 2023

What was your favourite Eurovision 2023 song? 馃ぉ


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