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After their success at Eurovision 2021, the Italian group Måneskin is back with an alternative rock and Glam album where the voice of their vocalist and the guitars stand out more than ever. 22 songs that will delight young rock lovers.

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Måneskin’s new album, ‘RUSH! (ARE YOU COMING?)‘, starts off strong with HONEY (ARE YOU COMING?), where the Italians talk about escaping everyday life through an affair between two people who feel an undeniable attraction. In VALENTINE the rhythm is relaxed at the beginning and intensifies at the end with a spectacular guitar solo. The song talks about falling out of love and about the difficulty and fear of getting over that person who marked our life so much.

OFF MY FACE reflects on the toxic nature of some relationships, in which everything is given in an excessive way, as if it were an addiction. The album continues with THE DRIVER with a rhythm almost brought from the Wild West. It sings about the desire to start a wild adventure with another person.

If you’re gonna set fire to the night
Baby, let me be the lighter
If you’re already high and you wanna fly
I’ll be the hit that takes you higher
If you wanna love when you touch the sky
You can be my midnight rider
If there’s nowhere to go and you wanna go wild
I wanna be the driver

With TRASTEVERE, Måneskin exposes us to a ballad that shows fears, vulnerability and the pain that a situation or a person leaves inside you, and that you want to get rid of forever. And from this practically acoustic theme, we go to OWN MY MIND, a song about that person that you can’t get out of your head and of whom you like everything.

Oh, it’s automatic
You know I just gotta have it
I’ll make your body a habit
You know there’s some kind of magic

Maneskin Rush! analisis canción a canción

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In GOSSIP, with the collaboration of the great guitarist Tom Morello, the band talks about a person who thinks he is special, but who is just like everyone else, cut from the same cloth and made from the same mold as all the other stars. We move on to TIMEZONE, a song about a long-distance relationship. Who will it be about? Now that it’s known that Damiano, Måneskin’s singer is dating Dove Cameron (singer of Diplo’s ‘Use Me), could it be a song for her?

Only thing that keeps us apart
Is seven thousand miles, running like a mad dog
Only thing that keeps us apart
Is a different timezone
So fuck what I’m dreaming, this fame has no meaning
I’m coming home
Only thing that keeps us apart
Is a different timezone

BLA BLA BLA is about the fun of revenge when a relationship ends after foul play and how everyone was right about that person, who was not clean. In BABY SAID, the main character shows his need to know everything about the person he is interested in, besides talking about the fantasies he has about this person.

We reach the middle of the album with GASOLINE, a song inspired by the war in Ukraine, where the Italians raise their voice in protest against a situation that continues to drag on in time.

How are you sleeping at night?
How do you close both your eyes?
Living with all of those lives on your hands?
Standing alone on that hill
Using your fuel to kill
We won’t take it standing still

We move on to FEEL, where Damiano wants to be a lover, that lover who gives everything, with whom to share vices, intense nights and secrets. The album continues with maximum intensity, starting with DON’T WANNA SLEEP, a song about getting drunk and dancing non-stop in order to enjoy without limits, until the party is over. In KOOL KIDS they criticize the behavior and stereotypes associated with kids who follow the rules to be considered “cool”.

Fast forward to IF NOT FOR YOU, another ballad with the guitar and vocals almost as the only protagonists. This time, the song is about how things are and how things look when that special person is not around.

There’ll be no summer
There’ll be no spring
If not for this love of mine
Thornes without flowers
Bars with no drinks
If not for this love of mine

In READ YOUR DIARY, the band talks about a toxic relationship, in which the protagonist strives to fit into the other person’s world, with actions that are not entirely advisable, like the one the title track describes.

After an album almost entirely in English, in MARK CHAPMAN we change language and switch to Måneskin’s mother tongue.

With the name of John Lennon’s murderer as its title, it talks about the obsessive and possessive nature of love, of someone without identity who professes his love for the protagonist of this story at all times.

The Italian language is the driving language of the last songs as in LA FINE, which lyrics make reference to how one sees the world, people and how one flees to get away from everything at some point.

We move towards the end of the album with IL DONO DELLA VITA, a song where the main axis are those people who talked about you, pointed at you and how, despite all that, the protagonist is, between guitar riffs, the owner of his own life. With MAMMAMIA, we change the rhythm a little bit, much more animated in this song, where they talk in a funny way about the people who judge the members of the group for the way they are and the way they act, especially after their controversial participation in the Eurovision Song Contest.

Oh, mamma-mia-ma, ma-mamma mia-ah
They wanna arrest me, but I was just having fun
I swear that I’m not drunk, and I’m not taking drugs
They ask me why I’m so hot, ’cause I’m Italiano 

Penultimate song of the album, SUPERMODEL, produced by Max Martin, is about that person who suffered a metamorphosis in his life, becoming a stereotype that you don’t know whether to be friends with or run away from.

We finish the review of RUSH! (ARE YOU COMING?) with THE LONELIEST, a ballad with powerful touches of electric guitar that talks about that love that is no longer there and that leaves us submerged in the deepest loneliness.

Who are Måneskin? | Brief Bio

Måneskin is an Italian origin band borned in 2016 in the city of Rome. Formed by Damiano David (1994) as vocalist, Victoria de Angelis (2000) on bass, Thomas Raggi (2001) on guitar and Ethan Torchio (2000) on drums.

From performing covers in the streets of their city, they went on to record their own songs after their passage through the Italian version of The X Factor, where they came second, which gave them the opportunity to record their first work, ‘Chosen’, released in 2017. It was in this EP where the song ‘Beggin” was included, one of the songs that the group covered during their passage through the program.

After that first EP came the pop rock band’s first studio album, ‘Il ballo della vita’, released in 2018, with tracks such as Le parole lontane or Torna a casa. In 2021 came their second work, ‘Teatro d’ira’, with ‘I wanna be your slave‘ as main single. That year they placed as the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest, with the song ‘Zitti e buoni’, which opened them the doors to the world.

Recognized with several awards and nominations, with ‘RUSH! (ARE YOU COMING?)‘ they continue in their pop rock, glam rock or alternative rock line, with a bunch of songs that you will not be able to get out of your head.

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