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eurovision 2021

Eurovision Song Contest 2021 (ESC 2021) took place in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) on May 22nd (the semi-finals are on the 18th and 20th) with 39 participant countries, being Italy the winner. Discover in this special edition, the best Eurovision 2021 songs✨

Eurovision 2021 winner

Eurovision Song Contest Italy


Singer: Måneskin
Track: Zitti E Buoni (Quiet and Good)

Italy always brings good songs to Eurovision and in 2021 they don’t fail with a rock song that was bound to succeed. Just like their handsome singer 😉

They made a great performance and even though the jury vote preferred Switzerland and France, the audience gave them the highest score making them win ESC 2021.

Congratulations Italy!

The favourites in Eurovision 2021 betting

Eurovision Song Contest Switzerland


Singer: Gjon’s Tears
Track: Tout l’Univers (The whole universe)

The ultimate favourite sings to the universe 🪐 with epic touches. Whether it’s joy, sadness or melancholy, this song is going to move you in one way or another.

Eurovision Song Contest France


Singer: Barbara Pravi
Track: Voilà (Here you are)

A dramatic tone pervades this wonderful song by Barbara, an activist for feminism and survivor of sexist violence 🙅

Eurovision Song Contest Malta


Singer: Destiny
Track: Je Me Casse (I’m out of here)

Destiny already knows what it’s like to win the festival (in 2015 she won Junior Eurovision). She is among the favourites, although her 2020 song was better 🔝

Eurovision Song Contest Bulgary


Track: Growing Up Is Getting Old

Song dedicated to her family 👵 that  tells a journey towards self-improvement, visiting her roots and the places that make her feel safe.

Eurovision Song Contest Italy


Singer: Måneskin
Track: Zitti E Buoni (Quiet and Good)

Italy always brings good songs to Eurovision and in 2021 they don’t fail with a rock song that is bound to succeed. Just like their handsome singer 😉

Eurovision Song Contest Sweden


Singer: Tusse
Track: Voices

Sweden, which is always a favourite, and rightly so, is bringing a young artist of Congolese origin in 2021, who has her head screwed on straight and cares more about her exams 🎓 than Eurovision.


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Our Eurovision 2021 winners

Eurovision Song Contest Italy


Singer: Lesley Roy
Track: Maps

Our favourite Eurovision 2021 song 😍 comes from an Irish artist who started singing Christian music in her community church and in 2008 released her debut album “Unbeautiful”, by the hand of The Weeknd’s brilliant producer Max Martin.

Eurovision Song Contest norway


Singer: TIX
Track: Fallen Angel

An angel chained by demons 😈 is the bet of Norway and Tix, a musician who suffers from Tourette’s syndrome (a disease that causes sudden tics), which has not prevented him from making a place for himself in music by co-writing international hits such as  Ava Max ‘Sweet by Psycho’.

Eurovision Song Contest Lithuania


Singer: The Roop
Track: Discoteque

Freak! is a word that works very well at Eurovision, but The Roop goes beyond. For the second year in a row they swept the Eurovision song pre-selection in their country and have managed to take advantage of the confinement time to compose a totally danceable song 🕺

Eurovision Song Contest Lithuania


Singer: The Black Mamba
Track: Love Is On My Side

A lot of class in Portugal’s bet, a mix of soul and blues that evokes a night near the Lisbon lighthouse. Fantastic tune.

Eurovision Song Contest Spain


Singer: Blas Cantó
Track: Voy a Quedarme (I’m going to stay)

Spanish audience chose a ballad that in the powerful and wide voice of Blas Cantó sounds truly emotional. For those of you who don’t know him, listen to “Él no soy yo (I’m not him)”, you’ll see!

Eurovision Song Contest finland


Singer: Blind Channel
Track: Dark Side

Heavy Metal must always be part of the festival, or as they define it ‘Violent Pop’ 🤘 The song is perfect to make the whole eurofan community scream.

Popular singers in Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Eurovision Song Contest San Marino


Singer: Senhit ft. Flo Rida
Track: Adrenalina (Adrenaline)

San Marino suprised everybody when they announced they will count on famous American rapper Flo Rida. Together with Senhit they form an explosive couple singing a powerful track 💪

Eurovision Song Contest Belgium


Singer: Hooverphonic
Track: The Wrong Place

Hooverphonic has been making good music since 1995, with many different singers. To Eurovision 2021 they are presenting the same formation responsible for the unforgettable Mad About You”. A Trembol song 🧡

Eurovision Song Contest United Kingdom


Singer: James Newman
Track: Embers

The Brits send a heavyweight to the contest. James Newman is a multi-platinum, Brit Award and Grammy-nominated songwriter 🏆

Other good ESC 2021 tunes

Eurovision Song Contest Island


Singer: Daði og Gagnamagnið 
Track: 10 Years

One of the favourites at Eurovision 2020 is back, perhaps without the surprise factor of his first appearance, but still with his particular style.

Eurovision Song Contest Azerbaijan


Singer: Efendi
Track: Mata Hari

Azerbaijan has changed Cleopatra (their 2020 song) to Mata Hari. Both equally Eurovisive, with a very similar sound and oriental touches.

Eurovision Song Contest Ukraine


Singer: Go_A
Track: Shum

Go_A (Go_Alpha) makes a modern reinterpretation of Ukrainian folklore packaged in electronic sound. Pay attention to the end, very high!

Eurovision Song Contest Croatia


Singer: Albina
Track: Tick-Tock

The young Croatian Albina comes from the world of musicals. The song she presented for Eurovision 2021 convinced her whole country, so here she is.

Eurovision Song Contest Greece


Singer: Stefania
Track: Last Dance

Singer, actress and Youtuber, Stefania touches all styles, although music has always been a main part of her life. We really like her 80’s ‘Last Dance‘.

Eurovision Song Contest north Macedonia


Singer: Vasil
Track: Here I Stand

Vasil was a child pop star and in his career has performed more than 50 operas. At Eurovision he returns to his Pop origins.

Eurovision 2021 voting template | To play with family and friends

Eurovision 2021 vote stencil

Sample Eurovision 2021 voting template

The template includes the 26 countries that have reache the final. You can print it as many times as you want to play with all your friends and family.Who will win? 😃

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Eurovision 2021 Voting Template


🤔 Google most searched questions about Eurovision 2021

Which country won Eurovision 2021?

The winner of 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021 held in Rotterdam (The Netherlands) was Italy, with a song called ‘Zitti E Buoni (Quiet and good)’, by the rock band Måneskin.

When did Eurovision 2021 take place?

These are the dates when Eurovision Song Contest 2021 (ESC 2021) took place:

  • 1st Semi-final ESC 2021: Tuesday, May 18, 2021 at 21:00 CEST
  • 2nd Semifinal ESC 2021: Thursday, May 20th, 2021 at 21:00 CEST
  • ESC 2021 Grand Final: Saturday, May 22nd, 2021 at 21:00 CEST

Which countries reached Eurovision 2021 final?

This is the list of countries that took part in Eurovision 2021 final:

  1. Albania
  2. Azerbaijan
  3. Belgium
  4. Bulgary
  5. Cyprus
  6. Finland
  7. France
  8. Germany
  9. Greece
  10. Iceland
  11. Israel
  12. Italy
  13. Lithuania
  14. Malta
  15. Moldova
  16. The Netherlands
  17. Norway
  18. Portugal
  19. Russia
  20. San Marino
  21. Serbia
  22. Spain
  23. Sweden
  24. Switzerland
  25. Ukraine
  26. United Kingdom

Where was Eurovision 2021 hold?

The 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021 was hold in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). Specifically in a venue called Ahoy Rotterdam.

Where will Eurovision 2021 take place?

Eurovision Song Contest design projected in Rotterdam Ahoy arena. NPO / NOS / AVROTROS

Which countries took part in Eurovision 2021?

This is the list of countries participating in the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021:

  1. Albania
  2. Australia
  3. Austria
  4. Azerbaijan
  5. Belgium
  6. Bulgary
  7. Croatia
  8. Cyprus
  9. Czech Republic
  10. Denmark
  11. Estonia
  12. Finland
  13. France
  14. Germany
  15. Georgia
  16. Greece
  17. Island
  18. Ireland
  19. Israel
  20. Italy
  21. Latvia
  22. Lithuania
  23. Malta
  24. Moldova
  25. The Netherlands
  26. North Macedonia
  27. Norway
  28. Poland
  29. Portugal
  30. Romania
  31. Russia
  32. San Marino
  33. Serbia
  34. Slovenia
  35. Spain
  36. Sweden
  37. Switzerland
  38. Ukraine
  39. United Kingdom
eurovision 2021
eurovision 2021

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