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We are back to give it all with a new playlist with the best music for training. No matter if you do zumba, run on the treadmill, work out at home or at the gym, because all these songs will be your ideal companion in your routines 🚀

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Discover the story behind 13 great songs to train and run

As you’ll notice, Dance, EDM and electronic music rule this playlist. The best gym songs from all eras!

Just let yourself be carried away by the music to run, to exercise at the gym or at home and enjoy your daily workout routine. Give it a go! 💪

1. SAFRI DUO Played-A-Live

‘Episode II’ Album | Denmark | 2001

  • I still remember when as a teenager I heard this song, it was the first time drums were mixed with electronic music and its rhythm flooded Europe.
  • This great track was the starting pistol for the Danish duo Safri Duo, becoming the 4th fastest selling single in Europe 😲
  • Played-A-Live uses tribal drums which give the song even a cooler vibe. Maybe due to that the song sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide.
  • The tune was released more than 20 years ago, at the time it was impossible to go to a disco without listening to it. Nowadays it is widely used for spinning sessions or any other workout, because it is highly motivational.

2. ALAN WALKER Diamond Heart

Diamond Heart‘ Album | UK | 2018

  • We keep on working out Alan Walker’s ‘Diamond Heart‘. For this track, the British-Norwegian born DJ teamed up with Swedish songwriter and singer Sophia Somajo, also known as Tiffany Amber.
  • Somaja’s voice is reminiscent of Sia, don’t you think?
  • Diamond Heart first performed at the world’s biggest electronic music festival, ‘Tomorrowland‘ in 2017. It was a hit both live and in sales.
  • The video for the song served as the finale of The World of Walker, a trilogy of short films that tell a story set in a post-apocalyptic world 🌆
  • Alan Walker is one of the most important DJs in the world today, as evidenced by what for us is his best track, Ignite featuring K-391, which story will surprise you.

3. BARTHEZZ On The Move 

‘On The Move’ Album | The Netherlands | 2000

  • Barthezz is going to make you give it your all while training, with this irresistible beat.
  • The real name of this Dutch DJ is Bart Claessen, who, after many years using the pseudonyms Stereoshaker and Barthezz, currently produces his music crediting his real name 🎧
  • Produced in a small studio in the 90s,On The Move‘ was the DJ’s first work and, after its release in 2000, it played non-stop during the summer of 2001.
  • Despite Barthezz’s long career, this is still his best-known song, although he also has other great tracks like Infected.

4. HURTS Better Than Love

‘Happiness‘ Album | UK | 2010

  • If you are one of those who use the treadmill to run, this song will set you on fire.
  • We’re talking about ‘Better Than Love’ by the English duo Hurts, made up of Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson. The song is part of ‘Happiness’, their first studio album, released in 2010 and which immediately put them at the top of the charts. The album is a collector’s item!
  • The song was originally performed by Daggers, which is the name of the band Theo and Adam had before Hurts.
  • The music video was the first of their career. It is set in an audition room where they are surrounded by women dressed in outfits like theirs.
  • Every time I hear the beginning of the song, I get emotional.

Every second is a lifetime
And every minute more brings you closer to God

5. ALICE DEEJAY Better Off Alone

‘Who Needs Guitars Anyway?’ Album | The Netherlands | 1999

  • We go back in time and come across ‘Better Off Alone’ by the Dutch group Alice DeeJay, another classic of Eurodance music ideal for working out.
  • Did you know that the track was going to be released without lyrics? That was until Sebastiaan Molijn (DJ Pronti) decided to relate a personal experience.
  • That way, the singer Judith Pronk, tells us how it is better to be alone after ending a romantic relationship with your partner 💔
  • By the way, the part of the song that says “talk to me” is inspired by a song by EurythmicsHere Comes the Rain Again.


Motion‘ Album | UK | 2014

  • British Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding have not only shared songs like I Need Your Love and ‘Outside’. Both had a brief romantic relationship in 2013 that, as you can see, has not been an impediment to their subsequent musical collaboration.
  • It’s shocking that Ellie herself years later served as a matchmaker between Calvin and Taylor Swift, who dated between 2015 and 2016 💘
  • However, if we talk about ‘Outside’ we have to leave that kind side because it tells the stormy side of couple relationships.
  • The track features a remix by Marshmello
  • This part of the song is especially good for working out at home:

Look at what you’ve done
Stand still, fallin’ away from me
When it takes so long,
Fire’s out, what do you want to be?

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7. GIGI D’AGOSTINO L’Amour Toujours (Love Always)

L’Amour Toujours‘ Album | Italy | 2000

  • We hop back in the time machine and return with ‘L’Amour Toujours‘, another 2000’s classic courtesy of the super famous Italian DJ Gigi D’Agostino.
  • The song, which is also known as ‘I’ll Fly With You‘ 🐦 was very successful after its premiere in various American dance clubs and, afterwards, it reaped a similar result in Europe.
  • Sung by Ola Onabule, this worldwide hit returned to the dancefloors in 2015, thanks to DJ Tiësto remix ft. Dzeko & Torres and Delaney Jane. If that wasn’t enough, the track also features an alternative rock version, by Brazilian singer Clarice Falcão.
  • What a track! We’re sure you’ll enjoy it whether you’re partying or training.

8. CHRIS BROWN Don’t Wake Me Up

Fortune‘ Album | USA | 2012

  • As the song talks about not waking up, this time we’ll let you swoon a little and do some gentle exercise to the beat of Chris Brown.
  • Chris released this track at the height of his career, which is picking up again in 2021, getting millions of plays worldwide 🌍
  • Don’t Wake Me Up‘ is part of ‘Fortune‘, Brown’s 5th studio album, and in its repetitive chorus lyrics, it refers to a love that only exists in dreams – hence Chris doesn’t want to wake up!
  • The song was supposed to be for Madonna, but due to complications with the Queen of Pop’s schedule, she decided not to record it. They offered it to Chris Brown and he, smartly, accepted it. What a great song to lift weights!

9. LASGO Somethin

‘Some Things‘ Album | Belgium | 2002

  • It’s getting closer, but it’s not time to quit yet, as here comes ‘Something‘ by Belgian trio Lasgo.
  • As you can appreciate, this music has something that, for us, makes it perfect for exercising or dancing Zumba. We don’t know if the members of the group themselves have ever done it, but we do know that thanks to ‘Something‘ they won one of the coveted Belgian TMF awards and had a huge sales success in several countries.
  • Evi Goffin was the front-woman of the band until 2008 when she became a mother and left the band.
  • At that time the other 2 members of Lasgo, Peter Luts and Jeff Martens, organized a contest on Belgian television to find a new singer 📺 The winner was Jelle Van Dael, who in 2013 would record again our song Something‘.

10. PHATS AND SMALL Turn Around

‘Now Phats What I Small Music’ Album | UK | 1999

  • Turn around! Or not, better bear with us and find out what we have to tell you about our next song 😂
  • This track, from the UK duo originally consisting of Jason Phats Hayward and Russell Small, is made up of several samples:
    1. The first verse of the song samples ‘Reach Up’ by Toney Lee.
    2. We can also hear fragments of ‘The Glow Of Love’ by the Italian group Change. In fact, this song was the starting point of ‘Turn Around’.
  • It is the top track in the duo’s discography, becoming a hit in the UK in 1999 and reaching Top 2.
  • Don’t you think the song has an amazing vibe? Perfect for running! 🏃🏾

11. DJ BOBO Together

‘Level 6’ Album | Switzerland | 1999

  • Yes, I know, what a name Peter René Baumann has chosen for his musical career, “DJ BoBo”. In Spanish it means “DJ Dumb”, but being Swiss, he surely didn’t think about how popular he would become worldwide.
  • Together‘ is not the DJ’s biggest hit, Somebody Dance With Me or Chihuahua’ 🐶 had even more impact.
  • Wrapped in an electronic sound, the song gives a message of union:

Together forever for all the time
Together we welcome the secret sign
Together in freedom we take the chance
Together forever we will be friends

  • Call me a geek, but I counted the number of times DJ BoBo says the word ‘Together’, do you know how many? 34 times!

12. 666 Amokk

Paradoxx‘ Album | Germany | 1998

  • You know that 666 is the number of the beast 😈, that’s why the unstoppable beat of their songs sometimes hides a more gore theme.
  • A good example is found in this song, do you know what ‘Amok’ means? The term refers in psychiatry to an attack of spontaneous and indiscriminate rage, which can even end with the death of whoever crosses the path of the sufferer.
  • Behind it all is a German group formed by 2 DJs, Thomas Detert and Mike Griesheimer. By the way, despite being from Germany, their lyrics are always in English and Spanish.
  • ‘Amokk’ was a smash hit on dancefloors all over the world in the late 90s.
Arriba con los brazos, vamos. Amokk (Raise your arms, let’s go. Amokk) Todo el mundo, en este segundo (Everybody, right now) La marcha empieza, la bomba estalla (The party begins, the bomb explodes)
  • If you liked the group you are in luck because this 2021 they are back with more music and re-releases of their old hits.


‘Fortnite Extended Set’ Album | USA | 2018

  • We’ve reached the end of our joint session with the best workout music, and we do it with a final high by Marshmello and Bastille.
  • If you watch the video, starring actress Miranda Cosgrove, you will surely have a few drops of sweat on your forehead and a few tears running down your face 😭
  • Dan Smith, Bastille’s vocalist, wrote the lyrics and Marshmello gave it the motivational touch.
  • Surprisingly, the song was going to be for Justin Bieber, but luckily Bastille decided to record it themselves.
  • It is a pop anthem with electronic vibe, cheerful and melancholic at the same time. Even the composer himself has admitted on several occasions that he doesn’t know whether to cry or dance to the song.
  • Sportsmen, Sportswomen! See you on the next musical race! 🔊

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workout songs
workout songs

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