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Music for kids 3 | 13 songs to dance and learn from with children

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We bring you a playlist with songs that will make the whole family jump off the sofa. Discover the stories behind each song and tell them to the kids to enjoy the music twice as much. Will you join us? 🤗
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Discover the story behind 13 fantastic songs for children

Enjoying moments in the company of the little ones is priceless. If we also find some time to fill the house with music, what can be better than living fun and unforgettable moments with the children? Here you have an incredible collection of songs that you will enjoy as a family.

1. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE Can’t Stop The Feeling

‘Trolls OST’ | USA| 2016
  • We start our kids music playlist with Can’t Stop The Feeling, by the versatile Justin Timberlake and produced by Max Martin, the man behind The Weeknd ‘Blinding Lights. It’s a song expressly created to lift your spirits.
  • Timberlake, who was the lead singer of the boy band N’Sync, surprised us in 2016 by participating in the original soundtrack of the children’s film Trolls 🍭
  • Such was the success of the song that the American singer included it both in his performance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 and in his Super Bowl 2018 show. Both performances were full of good vibes and energy.
  • Not only did it triumph in terms of numbers, Can’t Stop The Feeling won a Grammy for best song written for a film and was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for best original song.

2. LUCRECIA Mi Gente (My People)

Agua (Water)‘ | Cuba | 2001
  • Mi Gente‘ is extremely popular song in Spain! Lucrecia, a Cuban singer who landed in Spain almost 3 decades ago, has been spreading joy wherever she goes since then.
  • The situation in Cuba, her native country, is the inspiration for the lyrics of Mi Gente. Everyone wants the country to find the peace it deserves and for its inhabitants to be able to dance and enjoy themselves without any problems.
  • A close friend of kids puppets called The Lunnis 📺, with whom she has sung on countless occasions, the singer with the most famous coloured braids fills us with vitality with this great song.
  • Mi Gente transmits a zest for life. A lot had to do with the fact that Lucrecia was pregnant when she composed the album.
  • In 2021 Lucrecia teamed up with rapper and reggaeton artist Ariel de Cuba on Mi Gente remix.
  • It’s definitely a song to liven up our party with kids.


‘Gam Bam’ | Italy | 2018
  • We switch languages with Gam Gam. Can you guess the language of the song? Hint, it’s neither Spanish nor English 🤔
  • Categorised as electronic music, it is part of the repertoire of Italian DJs Marnik and Smack.
  • It has a light melody at times and a powerful one at the end.
  • Sung by children, it reminds us of the typical nursery rhyme.
  • Let’s solve the question … the song is written in Hebrew. Although the rhythm of the song may make us think is cheerful, the reality is just the opposite.
  • Gam Gam is a modern adaptation of the song of the same name, which was part of the soundtrack of the 1993 film Jonah Who Lived in The Whale. The film, directed by Roberto Faenza, was itself an adaptation of Childhood, an autobiographical novel by writer Jona Oberski.
  • Both the film and the song are about the Nazi holocaust. In addition, one of its verses includes the fourth verse of Psalm 24, which was sung by Jews on the Sabbath 🕎


‘Rise Up‘ | Switzerland | 2007
  • Time to lift children’s spirits with Rise Up by Yves Larock.
  • This dance track with tropical touches🌴is a resounding yes. Both its rhythm and its lyrics charge the batteries of any child and adult.
  • The song invites us to fly high over the rainbow. This is exactly what this Swedish DJ achieved with Rise Up, reaching number 1 in several countries such as India.
  • Rise Up, a track on which the singer Jaba provides vocals, was a hit in clubs all over the world during the summer of 2007.
  • To continue enjoying the good vibes with your children, nephews, nieces, grandchildren… you can try Rise Up remix, released by Yves Larock with Jaba and Steff Da Campo in 2021.

5. FRAN PEREA Y RAQUEL DEL ROSARIO Uno más uno son siete (One plus one equals seven) 

Single‘ | Spain | 2003
  • Los Serrano was a series that left its mark on the hearts of thousands of teenagers in Spain. In fact, it is doing so again thanks to streaming platforms.
  • ‘Uno más uno son siete (One plus one equals seven)‘, composed by Mikel Erentxun and performed by Fran Perea 🎸, was the theme song of the legendary series.
  • Its title reflects exactly what happened in the story, 2 divorced parents, one with 3 boys and the other with 2 girls, get married, forming a new family of 7 people (1+1 are 7).
  • In 2004, a new version of Uno Más Uno Son Siete was made with the vocalist of the Spanish group El Sueño de Morfeo, Raquel del Rosario.
  • The success of the series, the song and Fran Perea’s character was so great that the singer admitted that he ended up hating it. Although, with the passing of the years, he has been able to appreciate once again the great opportunity it meant for him and his career, singing it again at every concert.
  • There were accusations of plagiarism for this song that were eventually dismissed.

6.  DNCE Cake By The Ocean

Swaay‘ | USA | 2015
  • We continue our playlist for kids with Cake By The Ocean 🍰, by DNCE. Surely its vocalist is familiar to you, Joe Jonas was a teen idol with the Jonas Brothers, where he shared the stage with his brothers Nick and Kevin Jonas.
  • Joe made his fame in the Disney factory, where he took part in multiple projects such as Camp Rock or Jonas L.A.
  • After a break in the continuity of the family band, Joe Jonas began a new journey in 2015, forming the group DNCE. With this formation he released the hit single Cake By The Ocean, a song that took them to stardom.
  • The song invites you to always be at a party, but is that what it’s about? The song is lively but, to tell you the truth, it’s not a very childish song, as it talks about having sex on the beach or, according to Joe Jonas himself, whatever you want to imagine:
It could mean the actual act of having sex by the ocean, or it could mean eating pastries by the boardwalk. It’s whatever you want it to be. We think of it as a party anthem for any occasion
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7. NAIARA Adelante (Go on)

‘Caja de Música (Musicbox)‘ | Spain | 2004
  • We take a step back in time with ‘Adelante‘, a beautiful song performed by Spanish Naiara Ruz.
  • This song was the first single from the official album of the participants of the fifth edition of the TV contest Operación Triunfo, in 2006 📺
  • Naiara’s version is sweeter and with Celtic touches. It was made for an advertising campaign for the BBVA bank.
  • The song was composed by Xabier San Martín, one of the members of the Spanish band La Oreja de Van Gogh.
  • Naiara, who has a degree in psycho-pedagogy and is a dancer, began her career in the music industry with this song.

8. Katy Perry Hot N Cold

One Of The Boys‘ | USA | 2008
  • Katy Perry burst onto the music industry in 2008 like a full-colour hurricane. Her carefully crafted aesthetic revolutionised the world 🌈
  • After a teenage years in which her world revolved around the church, Katy made a 180º turn, leaving aside her angelic image.
  • With I Kissed a Girl and Hot N Cold, she took a big step forward and showed the world who the new Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson was, a woman who wasn’t afraid of anything or anyone. Both songs were part of One of the Boys, her debut album, with which she reaped great success.
  • Hot N Cold is about an indecisive boy who never takes the plunge into a relationship.
  • Katy Perry said that the song was inspired by a real boy, one of her ex-boyfriends whom the singer could never understand. It is rumoured that the protagonist of this song is the vocalist Travie McCoy, with whom Katy dated between 2007 and 2008.
I didn’t know what was wrong with him, if he was bipolar, or if he was wearing a mood ring. I took the theme and the song kind of spilled out of me.

9. CHUMBAWAMBA Tubthumping

Tubthumper‘ | UK | 1997
  • We continue our playlist for children with Tubthumping, released in 1997 by the English rock band Chumbawamba. Undoubtedly, it is a perfect song to get any child dancing, and it has a very catchy and danceable rhythm.
  • Chumbawamba are known for their irreverent and anarchic attitude, although our track is the least politically charged on the album.
  • Tubthumping is the band’s most successful song, both in terms of sales and popularity.
  • The song is about resilience and getting back on our feet when someone wants to knock us down 💪
  • The title of the song has two different aspects:
    1. On the one hand, the verb Tub-thump which is very informal and refers to a somewhat loud way of giving opinions.
    2. On the other hand, the adjective Tubthump is used to describe a person who does something wild and violent.

10. INDRAS Canción Optimista (Optimistic Song)

‘Lejos del Altar (Far from the altar)’ | Spain | 2007
  • Canción Optimista (Optimistic Song)‘ by Indras is a must-have on every children’s music playlist, plus one of my little weaknesses, I love the song! 😊
  • As the lyrics say, “time is an unopened gift“, and this song invites us to make the most of life.
  • Indras started with their alternative pop-rock in 2001 when they were still at university.
  • Due to their good vibe they were proposed to sing the official tune of the Spanish National Football Team in the 2008 World Cup, Listos para ganar (Ready to win)‘.
  • Do you want to know where the name Indras comes from? Indra is a divinity in Hindu culture, as well as being the name of the bar in Hamburg where the Beatles gave their first concerts.

11. MCFLY Transylvania

‘Motion in the Ocean’ | UK | 2006
  • The British group McFly took the youth of half the world by storm in the 2000s. Although they are not so popular today, it is our duty to rescue one of their best songs, perfect for children.
  • With Transylvania, the band take us on a journey through time, back to the Renaissance era and the England of Anne Boleyn 👑
  • The song explores the dreams and longings of the one-time Queen of England. Unfortunately, the monarch’s life does not have a fairytale ending, as her husband, King Henry VIII, ordered her execution after discovering that his wife had a clandestine affair with a peasant.
  • As you can see, the video has a gloomy atmosphere. In black and white, it honours the title of the song and the most famous inhabitant of the mythical Romanian city.
  • Although there is no mention of the mythical vampire in the lively melody, he is represented in the video clip, where he puts an end to the life of the monarch in this reinterpretation of history 🧛

12. SIGALA Easy Love

Easy Love‘ | UK | 2015
  • We continue with a great song that was played everywhere in 2015. The mastermind behind it, British DJ Bruce Fielder, better known as Sigala.
  • We recommend you watch the video of Easy Love with the kids, because they’re going to love it! And it’s not just us saying so, it’s the little ones who are the stars of the video clip, filmed entirely in the city of Los Angeles ☀️
  • Sigala sampled one of the most famous Jackson 5 songs, do you know which one? ABC. He even received the blessing of one of the Jackson brothers, namely Tito Jackson.


‘Oh My My’ | USA | 2016
  • We come to the end of our playlist to enjoy with kids with One Republic and their amazing ‘Kids’, inspired by the French electronic music band M83.
  • In Kids, Ryan Tedder, lead singer of One Republic, talks about his youth.
  • The singer reminisces about those youthful moments with a friend where, although they were both a real mess, they were happy with nothing to worry about but enjoying the summer together 🌞. Ryan describes it like this:
It’s about being 19 or 20 and the summers in between school and college when you feel invincible and you’re doing whatever you want to with whoever you want, and you feel invincible.  
  • We hope you liked the playlist and the stories. If so, support Trembol on Patreon and we’ll be able to make many more. Thank you!

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music for children

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