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Here comes our 2nd playlist with Dance, Pop and Rock tunes to enjoy with children. But don’t think it’s just children music, you’ll love these songs too and you’ll discover their stories behind. Ideal to have a great time with the little ones. Let’s go for it! 👣

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Discover the story behind 13 cool kids songs

Spending time with the little ones is always a challenge, but with this kids dance songs you will have a whale of a time. No nursery rhymes, just rock and pop tunes that you will also love. Forget about everything else and press play, fun is guaranteed!

1. CARLY RAE JEPSEN I Really Like You

Emotion‘ Album | Canada| 2015

  • Carly Rae Jepsen conquered the world with her famous ‘Call Me Maybe‘, returning 3 years later with ‘I Really Like You’. Thanks to the sweetness of Carly’s voice and her eighties reminiscences, her music is perfect for dancing with kids.
  • The song was leaked months before its official release in the summer of 2015. A shame, but, thanks to its groovy beat, it became a summer hit ☀️
  • It talks about that confusing moment in a relationship when you don’t know whether to go from a ‘I like you’ to bigger words, even if you have a crush on the other person.
  • Did you know that Carly wrote this song with one of her idols? Yes, the singer wrote the lyrics with Peter Svensson, author of ‘Lovefool’, one of her favorite songs.
  • We really, really, really like it, and I’m sure your kids will too.

2. ASLÁNDTICOS La Receta (The recipe)

Aquí y Ahora‘ Album | España | 2017

  • Not many know the Spanish group Aslándticos but the recipe‘ they have for happiness is something you have to listen to 👨🏼‍🍳
  • Melt away the sorrows! Smile, sing, enjoy life’s good times on low heat. This is the recipe of the Andalusian band, isn’t it a shot of energy?
  • Aslándticos is a band with more than 10 years of career and 3 albums. ‘La Receta‘ belongs to their great album of 2017, ‘Aquí y Ahora (Here and Now)‘.
  • Surely by now you are wondering where the name of the band comes from. It turns out that back in the late 90’s, the band used to meet to play in a cement factory 🏭 do you know the name of the company? Asland, hence the name Aslandticos.


‘Speak Your Mind’ Album | UK & Jamaica | 2016

  • A true smash hit! We give way to ‘Rockabye’, the best-known song of the British Clean Bandit, with which they sounded repeatedly in all the radios worldwide 🌍
  • Such was the success that, despite being a Eurodance song, it had a special relevance during Christmas 2016. What a gift for the band!
  • Its lyrics are all about supporting mothers, especially single mothers, who have a much harder time raising a child. 

The song is about doing anything you can to give your child a decent life, and what you have to sacrifice and go through with to do that.

  • As you surely know, the title of the song is also a reference to childhood, it alludes to the lullaby ‘Rock a bye Baby’. If you want to relax your kids after this dance session, we suggest you use it 💤



4. POST MALONE Only Wanna Be With You

‘Pokemon 25 Version‘ Album | USA | 2021

  • I don’t know about yours, but my son is completely addicted to Pokémon. A fad that started in the early 2000s, came back with a vengeance in the 2020s.
  • The series starring Ash Ketchum is 25 years old, and Post Malone didn’t want to miss the celebration by covering the song ‘Only Wanna Be With You’ by Hootie & The Blowfish. He even did a virtual concert on the so-called ‘Pokémon Day’!
  • But, why Post Malone? Well, because it turns out that the singer is almost the same fifth as Pokémon. He was born a year before the premiere of the series.
  • The song includes video game sound effects in its base. Right tie to dust off the console 🎮, isn’t it?

5. DVICIO ft. Taburete 5 Sentidos (5 Senses)

Impulso‘ Album | Spain | 2018

  • DVICIO and Taburete got together to create the hit ‘5 Sentidos (5 senses)’, after a party.
  • The members of the two bands met during a concert tour in Mexico. Then they forged a great friendship that led to a night of drinking, in which they composed the song, with the help of a box and a guitar 🎸
  • For the videoclip they recreated a party. They explained:

The production team didn’t want to bring any alcohol so that no one could drink too much, and the filming would get out of control. Finally, they brought beers, tequila… and we ended up getting into the role.

  • The song has something for everyone, the older ones can imitate the singers in the videoclip and drink a good tequila 🥃, while the little ones, follow the message of the song, enjoy life without fear of making mistakes!

6. SAVAGE GARDEN The Animal Song

Affirmation‘ Album | Australia | 1999

  • We continue with another cool song for kids. We are talking about ‘The Animal Song‘, by the Australian duo Savage Garden.
  • If you’re not a kid anymore, you probably know the song from the romantic comedy The Other Sister’, released in 1999 🎬
  • The song talks about those problems we all have, how we want to be free, control our emotions and how we struggle to deal with the established rules.
  • Savage Garden had a very successful moment with their first album in 1997 and they could have had even more, given that they were proposed to participate in the soundtrack of ‘Runaway Bride‘, which became a blockbuster, but they rejected it 😲
  • I confess that I love this song, Savage Garden has always given me a good vibe, I hope you feel the same!


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7. LINDA BENGTZING Jag Ljuger Sá Bra (I lie so well)

Ingenting att Förlora‘ Album | Sweden | 2006

  • In case you’re wondering, the song is in Swedish, but the language is the least of it because Ljuger Sá Bra‘ always makes the kids have a blast dancing to it.
  • Its melody gets us right into a cabaret and its lyrics tell us about a breakup, which the singer says she has overcome, although it is not entirely true.
  • It was composed especially for the Melodifestivalen, event where the Swedish representative for Eurovision is chosen 🎤
  • The funny thing is that this song was not originally written for Linda, but for Jessica Andersson, who finally entered the contest with the song Kalla Nätter (Cold nights).
  • Linda finished 7th in this festival.

8. 98 DEGREES & STEVIE WONDER True To Your Heart

98º and Rising‘ Album | USA | 1998

  • This beautiful song by 98 Degrees and Stevie Wonder is part of the soundtrack of the Disney movie, Mulan.
  • You’ll think we added it to our list here because kids love it and it’s true, but is not just that, my wife likes it even more 🤣
  • The song was also part of ‘98º and Rising‘, the 2nd album of the American band.
  • Being a Disney song, ‘True To Your Heart’ had its own versions in several countries, such as the Mexican Tu Corazón by Cristián Castro, as well as a promotional version in the United States sung by Raven-Symoné, which was also part of the BSO of the movie ‘Enchanted’.
  • It’s a perfect song for children, but more than for its lively melody, for the beautiful message of its lyrics, be true to your heart ❤️ We can’t think of a better value to transmit to the little ones.

9. R.I.O. When The Sun Comes Down

‘When The Sun Comes Down‘ Album | Germany | 2008

  • Let’s get up and dance! Who can resist the beat of ‘When The Sun Comes Down‘?
  • The track is performed by the German dance band R.I.O. and was released exclusively in digital format in 2008, despite its strong tropical rhythm 🌴
  • In this case the message is very simple, dance until the body holds out, or until the sun comes up, whichever comes first.
  • Due to its great popularity, in 2017 Dutch DJ Kaaze released a remix.

10. DAVID REES De Ellos Aprendí (From them I learnt)

‘Amarillo’ Album | Spain | 2019

  • The Jungle Book, Finding Nemo, Mulan or Beauty and the Beast are some of the Disney titles that David Rees references in De Ellos Aprendí’.
  • David didn’t imagine how life-changing it would be when he posted the song on his YouTube channel in 2019.
  • Catchy lyrics and a magical ukulele made the video viral, it started playing in every school, and from kids it went to parents, evoking those childhood memories we all have associated with Disney movies 🐭
  • Almost 3 years after its release, the track accumulates more than 250 million plays on YouTube, being included in ‘Amarillo (Yellow)‘, the singer’s first studio album, released in 2020.

This song is the reason why I’m releasing an album.

  • This song is perfect if you want your kids to learn some Spanish, so let’s sing along!

11. AVA MAX Torn

‘Heaven & Hell’ Album | USA | 2019

  • This is one of Emma’s, my little girl, favorite tunes. She is 10 years old, so she prefers pop divas. I second her on this track. What a great song Ava Max’s Torn is.
  • The song was the 3rd single from the American’s debut album that catapulted her to stardom with another of her songs, Sweet but Psycho’.
  • In the song we can hear a tormented Ava because she doesn’t know whether to end a relationship or move on with it. You know, love is not easy 💔

The song talks about a woman finding her strength in a relationship that’s unhealthy [and doing] what’s best for her

12. EL CANTO DEL LOCO Besos (Kisses)

Zapatillas‘ Album | Spain | 2005

  • Besos (Kisses)‘, is legendary song in Spanish speaking countries, by a no less legendary band, El Canto del Loco.
  • The group that in their 6 years together (from 1994 to 2010), released 5 albums, became a benchmark of pop-rock in Spanish.
  • The song oozes optimism and desire to eat life, so if you allow me, I will dedicate it to my wife Raquel, ¡Muchos Besos! 😘
  • It invites us to leave appearances behind and enjoy the affection and company of others, just check this fragment:

Y párate a ver (Stop to see)
Que los que ya te quieren no miran eso (That the ones who love don’t care about that)
Sólo quieren ver (They only want to see)
Ese guiño de ojos sin complejos (That wink of eyes without complexes)

13. SMITH & THELL Forgive Me Friend

‘Telephone Wires’ Album | Sweden | 2018

  • We didn’t want to get to this moment, but it’s the end of our 2nd playlist for kids. Of course, we couldn’t do better than with ‘Forgive Me Friend’. My son Izan’s favorite song, here’s to you!
  • Released by the Swedish duet Smith & Thell, whose story is not to be missed, it features a collaboration with Swedish Jam Factory.
  • After its initial release, the song did very well in countries such as Poland and Sweden. In addition, in 2021 it went viral on TikTok, and we already know that succeeding on that platform is not easy at all and it helps quite a lot 😏
  • About the song, ‘Smith & Thell’, said:

The song is about a friendship that has turned sour. About being young and naive and thinking that you will never change. About falling from a black hole and not having the energy to deal with those that matter most to you. Look back, thinking you should do otherwise, even if you know it is too late

  • We sincerely hope you liked it. If so, tell us about it in the Comments and share it with everyone 😘

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