Lord Huron Long Lost | The band that sounds like no other you’ve heard before.

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Long Lost is Lord Huron’s new album, but not only that, it’s also the name of their best song. It’s an ode to freedom from a band whose sound is tailored to a long drive to nowhere 🚙 Find out who Lord Huron is and the mystery of their music.

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Lord Huron Long Lost

Have you listened to Long Lost? If you haven’t yet, scroll up a bit and press Play, that way you’ll enter the fuzzy, cinematic and wonderful world of Lord Huron.

In case you don’t know them very well, here is a short biography of Lord Huron before we get right into their new album:

  • Lord Huron is an American indie folk band founded originally as a solo project by Ben Schneider, who recorded his first EPs on his own: Into the Sun and Mighty in 2010, and Time to Run in 2012.
  • Gradually, some musicians he knew from his childhood in Michigan joined Ben in his live performances, and thus the band was formed with Mark Barry, Miguel Briseño and Tom Renaud.
Lord Huron The Night We Met

Lord Huron


Lord Huron takes great care of their private life, even in their promotional images and videos you usually see them blurred, a bit like their music 😉

It’s all part of their timeless aesthetic, which creates a kind of mystery around their music.

Why are they called Lord Huron?

The band’s name was inspired by Lake Huron 🗻 Ben Schneider, the founder, grew up near the lake and he spent many evenings at the lake playing music around the campfire.

Lord Huron The Night We Met

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The band’s debut album, Lonesome Dreams, was released in 2012.

  • All the narrative for the record revolved around the 70s’ westerns.
  • Some of the songs, like Ends of the Earth or Time to Run, started being used in series such as Shameless, Walking with dinosaurs, A walk in the woods or Community; becoming very popular.

In fact, the final burst to fame in 2017 happened also thanks to a series called ‘13 Reasons Why‘ that used ‘The Night We Met‘ as leitmotif.

  • The song was part of their 2nd album ‘Strange Trails, released almost two year earlier in 2015 and with which they reached No.1 on the Folk albums chart.
  • You can find many good tunes in the CD, but we like Meet me in the Woods specially.

In 2018 we had their third and long-awaited work, Vide Noir, based on detective stories 🕵🏽 wrapped in a very expressive and stylized atmosphere.

Lord Huron Long Lost | New 2021 album

How to define Long Lost? It’s hard to find the words because it’s simply a new sound, not comparable to anything we’ve heard before. They confessed it themselves:

It’s nostalgic… the tones and the way it’s recorded, the song structures, the rhythms and the melodies remind you of something, but… it’s just out of reach.

I was reading in Atwood Magazine that it’s like an album trapped in time, and it’s true, from the studio where they recorded it, Whispering Pines (image below), where they have been working for 7 years and which is already almost one more member of the band, to the production of the album, which as always, they have done themselves, everything is nostalgic, but at the same time it opens the way forward. In other words, a mystery 🧐!

Lord Huron studio

Lord Huron Whispering Pines Studios © 2014

The album is warm, sometimes a little psychedelic but in all it has an evocative character.

Don’t go without listening to the only collaboration on the album,I Lied‘ featuring Allison Ponthier. Another treat for the senses.

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