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History of Sabaton

[1999 – 2022]

The creators of War Heavy Metal


This amazing band called Sabaton leaves no one indifferent. They have developed their own genre within the metal sound, the War Heavy Metal, which lyrics are about wars, heroes and battles. This is the story of the expansion of their empire from Sweden to the world 🌎

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3 Songs to know Sabaton



Sabaton’s most famous song refers to the Bismarck, a German battleship that was one of the largest built in Europe and sadly sank in 1941.

The song, released in 2019, was a surprise for the band’s fans, who had been waiting for it for years 🎁

Get ready for an amazing video!


To Hell and Back tells the story of Audie Murphy, one of the most decorated soldiers of World War II.

The curious thing about his case is that he joined the army when he was only 17 years old and falsified his personal information. That way he managed to fight in battles in North Africa and Europe.


Soldier of Heaven

Soldier of Heaven is the seventh single from Sabaton’s new album ‘The War To End All Wars‘.

The band has been releasing new singles throughout 2021, as an appetizer of what is to come in 2022 💿

Sabaton Trembol Card

  • 🗿 Name: Sabaton.
  • 🎂 Year: The band was founded in 1999 in Sweden.
  • 👫 Genres: War Metal, Power Metal, Heavy Metal and Speed Metal.
  • Logo: An eagle on a coat of arms that accompanies the band’s name, made with a typography similar to that of war video games.
Sabaton symbol
  • 💿 Discography: After 22 years in the music industry, the band has 9 studio albums on the market, to which a tenth one will be added this year.
  • 🕴 Original Members: Daniel Mullback, Rikard Sundén, Pär Sundström, Joakim Brodén and Oskar Montelius.
  • 🎸 Current Members: Chris Rörland, Tommy Johanson, Hannes Van Dahl, Pär Sundström and Joakim Brodén.
  • 🔗 Official Website:
  • 🗣 Social Media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify.

As we expanded Sabaton’s empire to new countries we met new and incredible fans, however, there’s no place like home.


Sabaton bio

Sabaton Facebook Image

Joakim Broden Sabaton

Joakim Brodén, vocalist of Sabaton (Facebook Image)

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Sabaton’s biography | Story and Music

Founded in 1999 in the Swedish city of Falun, Sabaton has become one of the most reputable bands in the metal world, triumphing all over the planet due to their unique style, War Heavy Metal, on which they base their aesthetics and lyrics.

But not everything was a bed of roses. Until 2005 they did not find their style and a record company that believed in them. Of course, since then, they have expanded their reign beyond music, creating a history channel (Sabaton History), a Heavy Metal festival (Sabaton Open Air) and even a thematic cruise

If you want to know more about this band, don’t stop reading because we tell you the story of Sabaton from its beginnings to the present day… and we won’t lie if we tell you that in 2021 Sabaton will come stomping stronger than ever 👣

Chapter 1. The origin of Sabaton

Sabaton beginnings

Sabaton original members (Facebook Image)

The initial thought of the founders was to create a Death Metal band, although they finally took a small turn and opted for Power Metal 🤘 (you will find the definitions of these genres in our Heavy Metal Playlist).

  • The germ of Sabaton emerged in 1999 through Daniel Mullback, Rikard Sundén and Pär Sundström. Joakim Brodén and Oskar Montelius would join the line-up shortly after.
  • On December 12, 1999 they played live for the first time. It was at the Dalarnas Museum in their hometown, Falun (Sweden).
  • Their first songs were recorded at The Abyss studio. With those tracks, they started looking for a record label. It was not easy, but finally they signed with the Italian label Underground Symphony.

In 2001 Sabaton releases ‘Fist for Fight‘, a compilation of all the songs recorded between 1999 and 2000. The album didn’t have a clear thematic line yet.

  • A year later they decide to return to the studio to prepare the next album, but after two years of waiting they realized the record company had no intention of promoting the work, so they break their contract 😟

Sabaton Shadows

Chapter 2. Sabaton takes off

Primo Victoria is released in 2005, considered the band’s first official studio album. All its lyrics are based on historical war events.

  • After the end of their record contract, Sabaton decides to self-produce the album.
  • The success achieved by the record attracts several international labels 🎯 After months of arduous negotiations, the group signs with ‘Black Lodge, a division of Sound Pollution.
  • As a fun fact, Metal Machine, the last song of the album, is a tribute to metal music, being its lyrics composed by the titles of famous metal songs.

Sabaton Primo Victoria

primo victoria

Sabaton before a concert (Facebook Image)

2006 was the year of ‘Attero Dominatus‘, an album in the line of its predecessor.

  • This work includes songs such as Back In Control, about the Falklands War, Attero Dominatus, about the taking of Berlin by the Soviet army, or Angels Calling, which verses refer to the trench warfare that took place during World War I 🎖️

As it happened with Primo Victoria, this CD makes another tribute to the most famous metal bands in its last track, Metal Crüe.

In 2007 Sabaton re-records Metalizer, the album that was not promoted back in 2002 ✒️

  • The release of this LP happened thanks to Black Lodge that bought from Underground Symphony the rights to all Sabaton’s songs, including their first demos.

After some wait, the new and forceful album, The Art of War, is published in 2008.

  • There is a special tune in the album called 40:1. It’s about the Polish Battle of Wizna, and it achieved great success in Poland, being the band invited to play at the Polish Independence Day celebrations that same year.

They are so popular in Poland that the then Archbishop of Gdansk presented the band with an authentic Polish saber, for the support their country’s soldiers receive in Sabaton’s songs ⚔️

Sabaton ft. Apocalyptica Angels Calling 

Chapter 3. Touring, the only thing that keeps Sabaton from recording new material

The Art of War was a revolution for the band. It took them around Europe jumping from one festival to another over 2009. Sabaton also opened for Hammerfall and Dragonforce on their European tours.

  • Life on the road forces the band to delay the recording of their next album, which was scheduled for October 2009.
  • Finally, in December 2009 the band announces the title of their next album, Coat Of Arms.
Pär Sundström

Pär Sundström, founder of Sabaton (Facebook Image)

We could finally enjoy Coat of Arms in 2010. Most of its lyrics referred to the Second World War.

  • The album was released under a new record label, Nuclear Blast, with whom they are still working.
  • The first single was Uprising, featuring Peter Stormare, a famous actor.
  • This year they also reissued Sabaton’s first four albums, including unreleased tracks 💿

Sabaton Uprising

Chapter 4. Changes in the line-up and more success with ‘Carolus Rex

In early 2012 Sabaton announced that four members were leaving the band. All except Joakim Brodén and Pär Sundström.

  • Just one month later, a completely renewed line-up was presented:
    • Chris Rörland as lead guitarist 🎸
    • Thobbe Englund as backing guitarist 🪕
    • Robban Bäck on drums. After becoming a father, he would be substituted by Hannes Van Dahl 🥁.
    • In addition, Joakim Brodén, the band’s vocalist, starts playing keyboards as well 🎹

Sabaton Carolus Rex

The cut Carolus Rex releases Sabaton’s 6th album. It is inspired by the rise and fall of the Swedish Empire, being its last monarch, Charles XII, who gives name to this song.

Sabaton Night Witches

In 2013, at the height of their career, Sabaton releases ‘Swedish Empire Live’, their first official live album 🎤

Later, in 2014, the war heroes inspire Sabaton’s new album called ‘Heroes’, with which they reach number 1 in Sweden.

  • Their success took them on a world tour.
  • This album is also the first one recorded with the band’s new signings, Chris Rörland, Thobbe Englund and Hannes van Dahl.

We decided on the idea of writing about people instead of big battles. People of whom we basically believe that they went beyond what their duties impose on them. Putting themselves in the crosshairs of suffering for the sake of others (Joakim Brodén) ✊🏽

Joakim Brodén Sabaton's vocalist

Sabaton’s Joakim Brodén live (Facebook Image)

The album includes one of the most acclaimed songs by fans, To Hell and Back (the story behind will surprise you).

  • Smoking Snakes 🐍 was another hit. It tells the story of Three Brazilian Heroes, and was performed on Brazil’s Armed Forces Day as a tribute to the three heroes and Sabaton.

One of the best Sabaton’s albums, The Last Stand, is released in 2016. A work that according to the members of Sabaton meant a new chapter in their career.


Sabaton Shiroyama (Samurai)

Sabaton The Last Stand

2018. As a celebration for the quadruple platinum record achieved in Sweden with Carolus Rex, the band decided to release a commemorative edition that includes the English and Swedish versions of the album, plus the live recording of the performance at the Woodstock festival in Poland.

Chapter 5. Latest from Sabaton and new music on the horizon

The First World War is once again the protagonist in their 2019 album, The Great War.

  • That year, to commemorate the band’s 20th anniversary 🎂 4 different editions of the album were released.
  • 82nd All the Way lyrics present a small historical error, the wrong attribution of Sergeant Alvin York to the 338th Regiment instead of the 328th Infantry Regiment, a detail that the band modifies in each of their live performances.
  • The album reached number 1️⃣ in German and Swiss charts.

Although it was finally not included on the album, Sabaton released as a gift to their fans their most famous track, Bismarck (video here), which talks about the German battleship that, after sinking in 1941, lies forever at the bottom of the sea.

Sabaton The Great War

This is the biggest album we’ve created so far. There’s a lot of depth and history around the songs that we’ve never had before.

As part of Sabaton’s new work in 2022, The War to End All Wars, 7 singles were released:

  1. Livgardet: A track with which they honor the Swedish Royal Guard, in operation since 1521.
  2. The Royal Guard: It focuses on the history of Sweden 💂
  3. Defence Of Moscow: It commemorates the victory of the Russians over the Nazis in World War II.
  4. Kingdom Come: A cover of Manowar classic song.
  5. Steel Commanders: Featuring cellist Tina Guo, the video has been developed by World Of Tanks videogame company.
  6. Christmas Truce: It tells the story of the British and German soldiers who, during World War I, stopped fighting during Christmas to play a soccer match.
  7. Soldier of Heaven: High in the Alps, some men fought and died protecting the borders during the First World War.

Sabaton Defence Of Moscow

Sabaton Heavy Metal

Sabaton live (Facebook Image)

Sabaton is committed to history and does not want us to forget the war conflicts that have been part of human life. Music and history go hand in hand so, undoubtedly, Sabaton still have many battles to tell.

🤔 Google’s most searched questions about Sabaton

Does Sabaton own a tank?

Sabaton own a digital tank. In 2017, the band reached an agreement with the creators of World of Tanks game, and a limited-edition of the Swedish Centurian tank, STRV 81 Primo Victoria, was included in the game.

World of Tanks is a multi-player game for mobile devices where Sabaton are the crew of the tank. Furthermore, players can decorate their tanks with Sabaton emblems and inscriptions.

Aside of this, Sabaton usually brings to his concerts a mockup of a tank as part of the stage background, even sometimes, they decorate drums like tanks.

Perhaps because of all these, Sabaton has become the founder and only representative of a new musical genre, Tank Metal 😉

What does Sabaton mean?

Sabaton is a part of an armor. Typically from the medieval era.

It was used to cover the foot. It was also called “solleret” and was made of mail.


Sabaton 7734 and Sabaton 1 6 4 8, what are these numbers?

7734 and 1648 are Sabaton tunes, each one with a different story behind.

7734 means “HELL”. The relationship comes from the fun fact that typing 7734 in a calculator and flipping it over, you’ll see:


7734 belongs to “Metalizer” album by Sabaton.

1648 is the year when the Prague battle was held, as part of the Thirty Years War. Sabaton, as they do in all their tunes, chose that war historic fact and composed, as part of their album “Carolus Rex” this great song “1 6 4 8” (it’s written with space between each digit).

Which are Sabaton members?

It’s a really good question, because Sabaton, as all heavy metal and power metal bands, shift members frequently.

Current band members (in 2020) are:

  • Joakim Brodén – Lead singer
  • Pär Sundström – Bass
  • Chris Rörland – Guitar
  • Tommy Johansson – Guitar
  • Hannes Van Dahl – Drums

Only Joakim Brodén and Pär Sundström, have been in the band since they started, along with: Rickard Sundén (guitar), Oskar Montelius (guitar) and Richard Larsson (Drums).

Other musicians that have played with Sabaton are: Robban Bäck (drums), Daniel Mullback (drums), Daniel Mÿhr (keyboard) and Thobbe Englund (guitar).

Just in case you are wondering where Sabaton are from due to their names, they are from Sweden.

Is there a toy called "Sabaton Lego Tank"?

Almost. There is a Sabaton toy and it is a building blocks tank, but it isn’t from Lego brand but Cobi Blocks.

The toy or collector’s item, as you like, is called “Sabaton Primo Victoria Tank Cobi Blocks”.


You tell me, I always do the talking 🙂


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